camera configuration

  1. G

    Camera advise for a double storey.

    I am very new to the forum. Please be nice. My electrician has done the easy job of installing cat 6 cables on the eaves of a new double storey.(around 6 meters high). I know this is not ideal height after going through this forum. Electrician was too lazy to drill the bricks during...
  2. J

    Blue Iris Compatible setup for Dahua HW5442TM-AS-LED

    Just picked up a Dahua 5442 from EmpireAndy, and I'm using BI as my NVR. BI doesn't recognize the camera other than a generic ONVIF camera. Seems BI only has six models of Dahua. I have a bit of a video lag. Just wondering if there is a more compatible profile I could be using. So far the...
  3. L

    use hikvision indoor station as web cam?

    hello good ppl, ive got a [DS KH8301-WT - fw: 1.4.70 build 170222], when using the ivms mobile app, i can hear audio from the indoor station - is there a way to use the built in camera also? tia
  4. BarkityBark

    Simple laptop app for initial installation setup/angle of cameras?

    Is there some simple app I can temporarily install on my Windows laptop so that I can carry it to my proposed IP camera install locations around the house for checking viewing angle and permanent drilling locations easily? I'd prefer not to deal with moving my Blue Iris license back and forth.
  5. N

    hikvision MicIn and LineIn issue

    Hello, I would like to hook up a mic to these two cameras: 2CD2135F-IS (firmware 5.3.6. build 151221) 2CD2942F-IWS (firmware 5.3.3. build 151016) Unfortunately I cannot switch the audio from LineIn to MicIn On my third camera (2CD21FWD-IS, firmware 5.3.8. build 151224) I do have the choice...
  6. I

    Hikvision NVR DS-7616 & iVMS Substream

    Hi Everyone, I have 6 Hikvision cameras. 3 have FW V5.2.3 and 3 have V5.2.5. The NVR has V3.0.10. Problem is: When using the iVMS app I cant choose fluent mode for the streams on all but one of the cameras. The only options available is Clear (Main Stream) and Custom (Editing the main stream.)...
  7. S

    Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I PUT-request failed to import configurationFile

    We use Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I cameras. I have a problem with importing configurationFile with camera settings using the PUT request. I've tried performing the PUT request from Ubuntu terminal using curl: curl --basic -u admin:12345 -X PUT httpL// --data...