1. S

    Camera Choices

    I have a rental home next door that I need to keep an eye on as it's a magnet for vandals when not occupied. The furthest distance I need to clearly see a face at night is about 120ft. There is a single light source that marginally illuminates about the first 60ft of that. The HFOV I need is...
  2. S

    Looking for feedback : Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU (Colorvu) or Hikvision Darkfighter DS-2CD2345FWD-I

    Good Morning! I have been reading a lot on these forums. I have determined I don't want to self-install, and therefore my options are limited. So far - the security camera companies near me really only deal with Hikvision/LTS and don't really mess with dahua, unfortunately. I have narrowed...
  3. T

    Darkfighter X DS-2DF8225IH PTZ Opinions?

    Had a search on here, and on google, but very little opinion...just wondered if anyone has one and would be able to give any thoughts, in comparison to ‘old’ Darkfighters or the cheaper Hikvisions, or other PTZ cameras? Ie. Especially good in low light like they claim? Is daytime quality any...
  4. L

    Choosing Hikvision cameras: Lines and Darkfighter

    Is there a huge difference between sensor image quality between 1, 2 and 2plus lines? I went to the local Hikvision shop/distributor and asked for a 3MP Dome camera for indoor use (no need for night vision). The cheapest one was 1-line, he said for the same price I can have 1.3MP 2-line, and...
  5. D

    PTZ Recovery

    Hi I recently updated my NVR and PTZ (darkfighter) camera to the latest firmware. NVR firmware was installed successfully. However the PTZ upgrade failed, it had done before but I managed to recover using TFTP. On this occasion I have tried restoring firmware using TFTP but it is showing to be...
  6. wopi82

    Sensors used in Dahua cams

    Hello everyone, I did a diagram showing all the sensors used in Eco Savvy 3.0 and Ultra series from Dahua. The diagram shows sensor size in relation to other sensors as well as camera models, using certain sensor. No PTZ models included and no box cameras – apart from IPC-HF8835F, which is the...
  7. Octagon

    Switch off IR in Hikvision camera's

    Does anyone know how to switch off IR on these camera’s: ds-2cd2035fwd-i ds-2cd2135fwd-is I especially bought "Darkfighter" camera's in order not to have IR reflection problems, only to find that IR can not be switched off. There is nothing in the NVR (DS-7608NI-12/8P) software and with...
  8. M

    Firmware 5.3.9?

    Hi, i would like to buy an darkfighter DS-2CD4526FWD-IZ as english or chinese version. On ali i can buy an english version, the seller told me it has firmware 5.3.9. The latest version for this cam i found on the internet is 5.3.5. Does 5.3.9 really exist? Do you know this firmware? thank...
  9. Korgoth

    DS-2DF6236AEL - live stream

    Hello If anyone is interested, here is live stream of DS-2DF6236V-AEL, using Youtube. I want to record some fireworks during New Year in Warsaw so it will point in different direction soon :)
  10. Kawboy12R

    Blue Iris 4 "IR Light" button control issues and undocumented features

    I posted this elsewhere but thought I'd post it here too to help anybody having trouble with the IR Light button on the PTZ menu on the main BI screen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully this will help...
  11. K

    Darkfighter 6026FHWD

    Hello guys, i need a little help. I have DS-2CD6026FHWD aka Darkfighter with basic firmware 5.1.4. I need to upgrade it to 5.3.4 to have LPR recognition inside it, but when i try upgrade failed. So i took Hikvision TFTP autoupdate, followed all instructions and still i am not at upgrade...
  12. Korgoth

    Laser PTZ DS-2DF7230I5-AEL IR Range test

    Hi! I thought that some ppl will be interested in some video sample from this camera. I know that it's not as popular as like 2 cameras (because those are cheap), but still fun to watch :) Here is range test: Here is comparison with Darkfighter PTZ - 200m IR LED range (but still can see at...