1. C

    No more HIK available for Mechanical Door Chime ?

    Hi There, Hi got a Mechanical Door Chime at home with an AC adapter, and was then looking for a DS-KB6003-WIP to complet my HIKVISION installation. BUT ! I can't find anywhere this product. It looks like it has been discontinued. Is there any HIK doorbell compatible with an AC door chime ...
  2. Ron C

    Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP

    Hello, a bit ago I bought a Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell (it actually is a Uniden U-Bell, but internally it seems to be the exact same thing. Initially I had some issues connecting it to an unsecured wifi network (I use cisco accesspoints, and MAC filtering, package inspection...
  3. B

    DS-KB6003-WIP bug when viewing remotely

    Hi, The HIK-Connect app is working fine for me. I can stream footage from the SD card I have put inside the doorbell. Over wifi or 4G, it works perfectly. But today I discovered that when I'm at my dad's place, the streaming doesn't work over his wifi network. I think it's because his home...
  4. seans1985

    DS-KB6003-WIP Firmware

    Bought a ds-kb6003-wip off of Nelly's and want to put stock Hikvision firmware on it. Talked with Nelly and they wont give me the firmware that came on the cam. The problem is I cant find the firmware on the Hikvision website. Can someone post the most up to date digicap.dav file for the...
  5. S

    Hikvision DS-KB8112-IM IP Video Intercom Vandal-Resistant Door Station

    Hi All, Anyone had experience with this new door station? Hikvision Australia was looking at the DS-KB6003-WIP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell but has no door release. In my case going to be triggering a sliding gate. I had a Doorbot Wifi intercom and that was terrible, prefer something hardwired for...
  6. herbsmartins

    Hikvision Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

    I recently purchased a Hikvision Wifi Doorbell DS-KB6003-WIP and unfortunately have run into some problems with the device that hopefully some of you could help me with. Everything works fine apart from the very short signal that is delivered to the doorbell buzzers. I have two of them in my...