1. J

    Blue Iris Compatible setup for Dahua HW5442TM-AS-LED

    Just picked up a Dahua 5442 from EmpireAndy, and I'm using BI as my NVR. BI doesn't recognize the camera other than a generic ONVIF camera. Seems BI only has six models of Dahua. I have a bit of a video lag. Just wondering if there is a more compatible profile I could be using. So far the...
  2. R

    UK delivery from Andy @ EmpireTechnology

    Hello Everyone As a newcomer to IP cameras I've spent the last couple of months absorbing all the information on this site in the hope of making an informed decision about which cameras (have a search for cliff notes, they are very good!) and where to buy them. I've a limited budget and to put...
  3. C

    Hello from NSW Australia

    Well G'day, I have been reading these forums at various times over the last few years waiting for the time I could get myself some / a decent camera. About 7-8 years ago (maybe longer my memory could be slipping), when Foscam stuff first hit the market with sub $100 cameras I got a few. Since...
  4. Tinman

    Custom Parapet mount install

    I finally got that PFA111 adapter welded on my old parapet arm that I had for over 8 years in attic :) I had to make a frame out of 20 ga. for the arm to hook into inside the attic. I wanted the arm to penetrate the roof exactly at the peak and be against the gable frame. It is solid as a...
  5. D

    What the bleep is wrong with AliExpress?

    I keep attempting a camera from AliExpress through andy at EMPIRETECANDY. Every time order is ok then I get an email saying: Thank you for shopping on AliExpress ! We are sorry to inform you that we have to cancel your order for security reasons. To make sure your transaction is secure, please...