1. Mihaitz222222

    Hikvision analog camera signal issues.

    I have an analog camera connected via ethernet cable using something like this. A few weeks ago i bumped the cable slightly and it started having issues. I made sure everything is connected properly but there are still issues. What confuses me the most is the fact that 50% of the time it works...
  2. C

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P blinking green power light/blinking red LED on motherboard.

    Hello fellow security camera techies. I own one Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P NVR which works great. I purchased a 2nd Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P used. However the 2nd one won't boot up. Upon plugging it in and flipping on the back switch, the front panel "power" LED blinks. Upon opening the...
  3. LoneEdge

    DS-2CD2386G2-ISU LED always on at night?

    Hello I purchased a new camera 8MP DS-2CD2386G2-ISU I was wondering if its possible to keep the LED light on during the night instead of using IR. I have a DS-2CD2347Gl-LU and the LED light stays on all night and turns off in the morning is there anyway to do this with my other camera...
  4. narutoninjakid

    ECI-D14F4 Dome Camera ( No Rotate option in iVMS-4200 or Camera Config), Rotate lense/Image Possible?

    Hello Everyone, I bought this camera and installed it. Where it is mounted I am trying to rotate the image so it an be seen properly at a glance. I logged into the Camera itself but there is no rotate option within the firmware of the camera. No updated firmware on Hikvisions site either. Any...
  5. M

    Doorbird+Hikvision poe not working?

    Hello, Has anyone already connected a doorbird to a hikvision nvr via poe ? I am not managing to maje a doorbird d201b work with the hikvision nvr ds7600. It s not switching on. Any idea? Here is screenshot..
  6. V

    SOLVED - Need help with integration of Pakedge/Lilin camera with Hikvision NVR

    I am struggling with the integration of some Pakedge/Lilin CK-CAM-TU652 cameras with the Hikvison NVR DS-7608NXI-I2 / 8P/S. I try to add with ONVIF but nothing happens. All I get is "Offline(Network Abnormal)" I have enabled ONVIF under Network -> Advanced Settings -> Integration Protocol. Im...
  7. C

    Annke Firmware to Hikvision Firmware: HOW TO

    Wanted to post this for anyone that wanted to switch to Hikvision firmware. ---CHANGING FIRMWARE WILL NOT ADD NEW FEATRUES.. these are coded separately from the firmware. If you don't already have smart events it will not add them.--- It may fix or enhance existing functions or even stability...
  8. S

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-Q2/8P Can't remote configure image settings from iVMS-4200

    Hi, We have multiple Hikvision NVRs all connected through Hik-Connect. Everything is working correctly except: With two separate DS-7608NI-Q2/8P NVRs, using iVMS-4200 v3.5.0.7, on one I'm able to configure video and audio settings for each camera via: Maintenance and...
  9. janusvi

    Hikvision Video Intercom Monitor admin password reset tool

    Model HIKVISION DS-KH6320-TE1. What tool to change or restore the default administrator password?
  10. H

    Upgrading my surveillance system

    in case of upgrading my surveillance system to get rid of all my 8 NVR TO one equipment. which equipment should i use. is the hikvision blazer pro all in one is the best choice alone or i need to use hikvision NVR with 128 channel along the blazer pro thanks in advance
  11. M

    Hikvision DVR API

    I want to be able to control the on screen display on a Hikvision DVR DS-7204HQI-K1 via IP commands (e.g. going from multi camera view to a single camera, nothing fancy). I've tried various approaches and can't seem to figure it out. I know it can be done on most Hikvision NVRs using...
  12. T

    2 x HIKVISION DS-2CD2T87G2-L 4MM 8MP AcuSense ColorVu 4K Cameras For Sale [UK]

    I have two UK Spec BNIB and Sealed for sale; HIKVISION DS-2CD2T87G2-L 4MM 8MP AcuSense ColorVu 4K Cameras For Sale. I am located in South Wales UK, so ideal can do a cash on collection or alternatively I have these also listed on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353479218080
  13. sfitz527

    Catalytic Converter Theft

    With the uptick in catalytic converter thefts, it was only a matter of time until they reached our neighborhood. Two thieves made the mistake of targeting a neighbor’s vehicle parked in view of a few of my cameras. Below is the footage merged together, unfortunately the ANPR only captured the...
  14. D

    HikVision KD8003 Door Selection

    I recently installed a KD8003 with the DS-KD-KP keypad module at a clients home. I have 2 exterior gates wired up to the KD8803 and everything is working fine. I can open either gate from the phone app or from the indoor station. I am having a tough time trying to get the gates to operate...
  15. P

    Quality IP Cameras

    Hello, I have been using Reolink cameras for a while now but from time to time they tend to go out of focuse, offline and just stop working. Are these a good quality camera or should I invest in another brand? I have been hearing alot about Hikvision, dahua, and amcrest. Can anyone please...
  16. AveryFreeman

    Looking for similar features to Wyze cameras in a conventional Camera+NVR setup

    Hey, So I have this friend, he really likes his Wyze cameras, mainly because they're cheap, easy to stick up + move, and he really likes the software's features Problem is, he's got like 50 of them on his Wifi, and they're starting to cause issues with some of his portable credit card machines...
  17. tmirb

    Firmware? Which one? Where?

    Does anyone know where I can find firmware updates for the following product: IPCT-NITECOLOR-DM2 When I go into the web interface for the camera I can see the following model number: HNC344-XD/LU When I go to HikVision's website, there is not mechanism by which I can narrow the firmware down...
  18. nileshkr

    Exported video aspect ratio 4:3 instead of 16:9

    Hii, I have a hikvision DVR and hikvision cameras of three 1mp and one 2mp camera. Everything is fine in live view but the problem is when I export the video in my usb and then play it then the aspect ratio comes out to be 4:3 instead of 16:9 and so the video seems compressed. Pls help
  19. A

    Upgrade Camera Version

    I have two HikVision DS-2CD6986F-H cameras that did not successfully update their version and I'm now unable to make any changes to these devices in SADP tool along with use them in general. They are defaulting to the IP and I'm unable to change the IP as it just keeps saying...
  20. K

    Hello! New swedish member here :-)

    I just purchased my first ever camrigg. I hope this will be a great starterkit. DS-2CD2347G2-LU-4 Hikvision | DS-2CD2347G2-LU | 4MP ColorVu Turret IP Camera 4mm | White 3 pc. DS-7608NXI-I2-4S Hikvision DS-7608NXI-I2/4S 8 channel AcuSense NVR, up to 12MP, 2xHDD 1 pc. Maybe i put...
  21. T

    Trigger Blue Iris recording when an event happens on Hikvision DS-2CD2347G2-LU

    I've been tearing my hair out trying to use Hikvision events to start Blue Iris ( x64) recording but have had no success. I have the latest V5.5.160 build 210108 firmware working fine so I'm able to trigger the LED to come on from line crossing fine for instance so I know that is...
  22. T

    Recommended Hikvision Driveway Camera (4MP or 8MP, ColurVue or Accusense G2?)

    I currently have an outdated Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS 3MP Mini Dome with 4mm lens, but it really sucks at night. The street light glares off the mini dome and all detail is lost. My turret in the backyard is much better. I know there is the ColorVue vs Accusense G2 options, and the 4MP vs 8MP...
  23. 4

    Hikvision DS-7204HQHI-F1/N no display and not showing up in SADP etc.

    Hi all, I recently got given a Hikvision DVR model DS-7204HQHI-F1/N and the problem I’m having is it has no display output on the HDMI or VGA ports, also I cannot get it to show up in SADP or Hikvision batch configuration tool. I was thinking it was bricked by a firmware update so started the...
  24. vikasjkn

    Connected to Internet but access is not getting enabled

    Hello, I have connected my hikvision camera with the internet using LAN, and I can see in lan detect it is sending and receiving signals. But When I check PlatForm access from Configuration -> Network, to Enable its access, it is showing "Offline" always. What can be the possible issue? I...
  25. M

    Smart events, Intrusion Detection, Region Entrance Detection or Motion Detection, what to choose?

    Hi, I'm struggling with combining 2 types of smart events, Intrusion and Region Entrance. May be this is not possible and do i have to choose another approach. I do believe that the 4 regions you can select are as per smart event. So for 1 location i selected intruder detection (yellow) and...
  26. M

    Need Help With Hikvision 4k Camera

    Hello all, This is my first post here so please pardon me if this is not the right place and feel free to move to the appropriate section. I have a Hikvision 4k dome camera installed in frot of my house and I have been super disappointed at the video and picture quality. I got it long before I...
  27. Y

    Hikvision PTZ RTMP stream

    We are looking for a outdoor PTZ camera with RTMP for livestream at youtube (weathercam) recommendations please. / Tommy
  28. aPpLeS

    Legit hikvision nvr to suit Australian region?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping to buy this nvr off ebay. New in the box. One photo is the label on the box and the another underneath the nvr. Just need the green light from you knowledgeable peeps. Really appreciate the help. Thank you
  29. 58EE77EC-FBFF-4C3B-B772-928092370D5A.jpeg


    2mp bullet ip cameras
  30. Bizentech

    Mac User (and most clients are)... Cannot view live stream, full screen, via web page (chrome, safari, firefox, etc) Hikvision NVR

    Hello all, I have tried everything to help my clients view their video feed via the web page. It actually works when viewing all cameras at once on sub stream. but the moment they select just one camera and "blow it up" full screen, sub or main, all is seen is a gray screen and no video...