1. J

    Hikvision DS-KH6320-WTE1 (indoor station) not connecting with DS-KV6113-WPE1 (door station)

    Hi, I have recently configured my indoor and door stations those are Hikvision DS-KH6320-WTE1 and DS-KV6113-WPE1. These are directly connected to a PoE switch and I am able to find them on my local network. Both are configured with HK-Connect and are accessible. But the problem is indoor...
  2. D

    Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-LU BI config

    Guys can you share the config of your cameras? Mine just arrive and during night I only get 12.5 fps and a keyframe of 0.25, just upgrade for the last firmware and still can't get a consistent fps and keyframe. I also can't see the sub-stream option only default. Thanks
  3. N

    HiKvision DS-2CD1743G0-iz browser support problem

    Hi, I bought recently a used DS-2CD1743G0 (european market). I programmed the latest available version: V5.5.89 build 210429 found at...
  4. T

    No audio through Dahua XVR when connecting Hikvision cams via ONVIF

    I have added 2 Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW cameras on a Dahua XVR but there is no audio as wells as 2-way audio. I tried to add the cameras also on Synology's Surveilance Station and there' still no sound but 2-way audio is operational. Is there any recommendation/setting to try? Thanks in advance!!
  5. F

    Hikvision Camera arbitrarily changed its presets

    Yesterday, my Hikvision DS-2DE1A404IW-DE3 just decided to change its presets in the middle of the day. and I can't figure out what to do to fix it. First let me say that I have been running this system with Blue Iris since 2019 I believe and don't change any settings unless something goes hay...
  6. J

    Barrier Gate Guidance

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I have a Hikvision DS-2CD7A26G0P ANPR camera that is integrated via ISAPI with our software (we have a listening server that is capturing all images and detection details). I would like to buy a Barrier Gate so that it opens automatically with the license plate...
  7. C

    Plug and play NVR - is there such a thing?

    I'm trying to avoid making more of a science project out of my security system thank it already is, and so asking for advice in choosing an NVR that will be reasonable to setup and reliable. I have (had) cameras 1, 2 below somewhat workign with Surveillence Station but the settings don't seem...
  8. O

    New to this site, been using IP cams for a while

    Greetings, I'm brand new to ipcamtalk, but have been messing around with video, ipcams and streaming for many years. I'm also not sure where on the site to start asking my questions. I had an Axis PTZ dome camera on a radio tower, streaming live to youtube using the camestreamer app for over...
  9. P

    extract/export metadata from a HikVision NVR

    We have an NVR that puts a date time stamp on the footage recorded as well as a long/lat coordinate. Do any methods exist to export these pieces of information from the device in a csv format or similar?
  10. T

    Hikvision DS-2CD2052-I teardown

    Hello, I thought that after 5 years of service I might need to break the warranty seal and see if there are any bulging capacitors inside or, who knows, maybe the IP66 rating was just on the paper and some small dust particle might still get inside after almost 44.000 hours of continuous...
  11. B

    Hikvision or Dahua doorbell?

    Hello guys, I was currently checking to buy a new doorbell and saw these 2: https://www.hikvision.com/en/products/Video-Intercom-Products/IP-Series/Pro-Series/DS-KD8003-IME1-Flush/...
  12. Hadriwa

    Can’t get Hikvision Doorbell to work

    Hi I have a Hikvision DS-KV6113 connected to a monitor DS-KH6320 via Ethernet. The live view function also works fine, but if someone rings the bell it only says Calling Failed. Also, I can't connect the bell to the app or the software for the PC. Does Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
  13. M

    Motion sensor not working

    Hey all! Have recently upgraded my set up to the following NVR-104MH-C-4P Plus 2 xIPC-T250H-G The issue I am having is that I cannot get the event to trigger at all! When I look at the area settings in the normal event section if I get someone to move around outside none of the red squares...
  14. H

    Any developers here use the Hikvision Network SDK?

    I have an EZVIZ DB1 doorbell (a rebranded Hikvision DS-HD1) and have used the Hikvision Device Network SDK (SDK) and their C++ examples to write some code to adjust things like camera exposure time and WDR enable/disable. But I haven't been able to find documentation or any info on changing some...
  15. T

    Hikvision RTSP port closed IP Cam: DS-2CD2142FWD-IWS

    I've recently got addicted on home assistant and want to get the rtsp stream into home assistant so I can send image notifications. I have 4 cameras and 3 I can view the RTSP stream in VLC. One camera I cannot view the RTSP stream as vlc times out. I have my router set up so I can access the...
  16. E

    EZVIZ DB1C motion dection not woring with Hikvision DS7600

    I cannot get motion detection recording working everything is running stock firmware. The NVR says the camera does not support motion detection (it is in the Hikvision mass configuration tool for the camera). Any suggestions on how to get it to work?
  17. M

    Ezviz (hikvision) cameras disconnecting from NVR WiFi network

    I've got an ezviz nvr and a ezviz c3w. The c3w is mounted outside, but should be within the wifi range, however occasionally it disconnects from the wifi and needs restarting. Clearly this isn't great from a security device (although I understand wifi isn't ideal). Anybody else experience these...
  18. B

    Help needed setting up Hikvision Hilook camera on Dahua NVR

    I have migrated from using a Dahua NVR (DHI-NVR4108-8P-4KS2 2T) to using Blue Iris, but still use the NVR to power the Dahua cameras with the built-in POE to save buying a separate POE switch. This has worked well for a while now and I have recently purchased a new Hikvision Hilook camera...
  19. vbhoj74

    Can my I-Series NVR record & playback at 60/50 FPS ?

    Hi, I've a very specific requirement for recording 4MP @ 50FPS and synchronous playback of upto 4 channels. I'll be using iDS-2CD7146G0-IZS camera, and I've been suggested DS-7608NI-I2 NVR by my local Hikvision rep. But I can only see the below specs under decoding of the NVR: Synchronous...
  20. Stealthor

    Unable to get Live View in IVMS-4200

    Hi, My first time posting here so please let me know if wrong area/format .. etc I can no longer get a Live View of my HikVision door station. DS-KV6113-WPE1 in IVMS-4200. When I click on Live View in IVMS-4200 i see two messages: Door station_intercom controlling PTZ failed. It is not...
  21. W

    EZViz uart socket

    Hi, I want to connect via UART to EZViz C4W camera, but connector is quite different than in Hikvision camera. Does anyone know what type of connector it is?
  22. T

    LPR Planning - Hikvision DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZHS8

    I am considering installing dedicated LPR cameras around my property, and am currently in the planning stages. My current system is made up of 12 Hikvision Colorvu cameras, and a Hikvision NPR. I live in a single plate state, at the corner of a T intersection. Due to this, I'm planning on...
  23. D

    Hi. Here to learn about Hikvision and other doorbell cams

    Howdy. Dave here. Glad to find this forum. I need to learn more about doorbell cams. I was looking at a Hikvision small PoE Door Station (DS-KV8113-IME1). I'd like to buy from my regular electronics store (which carries a lot of stuff/ and almost every brand), so I can get help if anything...
  24. M

    Hikvision DS-2DE3A400BW-DE ColorVu - hardware reset button

    Hope this thread is helpful to someone. I ordered a used Hikvision camera from a reputable, authorized US dealer (I'll leave them anonymous for now) and found that it had not been factory reset! It had a non-standard IP address and had an administrator password set. I was essentially locked out...
  25. M

    Hikvision DS-7204HGHI-K1/7208HGHI-K1 HILOOK 104G-K1/108G-K1

    Attention to these models, they belong to a new platform that has a very important hardware limitation: There is no transmission capability in different streaming, this is uncomfortable when the client uses the Hik-Connect application and also makes use of the iVMS-4200 software for windows, or...
  26. A

    Hikvision PoC DVR Firmware V4.20.002 Build 210705

    I noticed there’s a newer firmware, V4.20.002 build 210705, for the Hikvision PoC DVRs. Prior to this the most recent firmware was V4.20.001 build 190430. The firmware is not available on the portal sites yet but is instead on the global Hikvision site, just listed under the product...
  27. Alexandre Martins

    NVR DS-7108NI-Q1 / M RTSP get picture

    Hi, I'm trying to capture image from cameras that are already being shared by RTSP. How do I get only one preview of each camera? I tried multiple URLs: http://user:pass@ip/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/102/picture?snapShotImageType=JPEG http://user:pass@ip/ISAPI/Streaming/Channels/102/picture...
  28. S

    <SOLVED> Notification for whenever a home router is switched off - is there an easy method?

    Our Hikvision IP cameras are installed at remote properties and the easy way to disable them is to simply switch off the router. Is there any simple method of creating an alert when a router is switched off?
  29. R

    Hikvision NVR with Axis IP camera/ONVIF Issue

    Hello I have a Hikvision DS-7732NI-I424P and an Axis P1405-LE MK II The main stream is working fine but I can’t get the sub stream to work. Does anyone know the details of the built in Axis Protocol? I can create a custom one but will need the original one as reference. Alternatively, the...
  30. charles321

    ANNKE NVR B48PBB - cloud storage and change firmware to Hikvision.

    Hello. I bought Annke PoE set with NVR N48PBB. I am disappointed because I can't find the option of recording on the cloud , e.g. google drive. For me, there is no "cloud storage" tab, which is on other Hikvision devices. If there is no such option for this recorder, is it possible to install...