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  1. Rich Luth

    Pic in Pic. I have a 3 screen setup and need to go pic in pic.

    Pic in Pic. I have a 3 screen setup and need to go pic in pic. I have them set up as one larger than the other 2 but it would make much more sense if I could go full screen on one and put the other 2 on top of that. Is this possible and if so how?
  2. CPO

    [videos] [install] LOREX (Dahua) LNR6826K 4K System from Costo

    I just bought my first IP Camera system and will be installing it within the next few weeks. I've never done this before, so I am learning as I go. I've spent a lot of time researching and learning (which is my MO) and found myself here on ipcamtalk a lot. I figured this was the perfect place...
  3. A

    Turning on IR Automatically/On a Schedule

    I have a Logisaf PZT x4 zoom IR equipped camera. I'd like to turn on the IR at dusk and off near sunrise, despite the switch over to B&W. I can see how to do this manually with the button on the Blue Iris display screen. Is there a way to do this automatically based on light levels or scheduled...
  4. I

    I need help to connect a microphone! DAHUA HDBW4421R-AS

    Hello group, I bought a camera DAHUA HDBW4421R-AS ( and this NVR4108H-P recorder...
  5. RyanODan

    Nelly's Youtube Page - How To Videos, General Info, Cam Demos, Customer Submitted

    We have a lot of general information, how to videos, camera demos, and customer submitted videos all on our Youtube page. Click the picture to check it out.
  6. RyanODan

    Nelly's YouTube Page

    We have a ton of videos on our youtube page from basic camera promos all the way to advanced system configurations. We regularly update this with new tutorials and informational videos. Here are a few of them to checkout: Smart PSS Software Tutorial How to set up email alerts on a...