ip camera

  1. M

    How to upload video from an ip camera to telegram?

    Do you know software that automatically uploads video from ip camera to the telegram messenger in case of detection of people in the frame. Thanks!
  2. saniaowner

    Hikvision backdoor IP camera

    Hello With the help of Mr. alastairstevenson and a few instructions ( WormChickenWizard/hikvision-xor-decrypter), I managed to create a tool a few months ago to reset the password of Hikvision IP cameras with firmware 5.4.4 and below. I was a little surprised when I noticed that this tool has...
  3. GentlePumpkin

    [info thread] Searching "the" best IP Camera Module

    I'd like to ask you to tell your experience with IP Camera modules from Aliexpress, Banggood and Co. I would like to collect all useful information and - with your aid - continously update this post with important things to look for, sources to buy and realistic sample images. Everything...
  4. S

    Dahua IP Camera Reset

    How to rest Dhaua IP camera ( Model Num: DH-IPC-HFW2320RP-ZS-IRE6).
  5. B

    Blue iris, why not virtualized?

    Hello guys, I have been sometime looking around the forums, posts about why virtualization is not recommended for blue iris, or any other CCTV system. But I want to ask about my point of view in this. Up to what I can see, virtualization is just not simply recommended because of not having the...
  6. AveryFreeman

    Can Hikvision OEM devices be force-updated vanilla firmware using TFTP?

    Hey, I've been wondering about this and would love to know if anyone's tried it I've updated an old DS-7332-HGHI DVR using the Hikvision TFTP tool with International firmware before just to try it because it was a newer version than the USA firmware. It seemed to work just fine Which makes...
  7. 1jafarpour

    Change the MAC address

    I had an IP camera that wouldn't boot.Company name for this camera tvt. I got a camera with the same model. I copye ic flash camera flash using the programmer. I copied it to ic flash defective camera Camera repaired, But a new problem arose :oops: I have 2 cameras with one MAC address, Unable...
  8. rialk

    Hikvision camera model for facial recognition

    Hello, I would like to find a camera model for facial recognition for my case below. For my use-cases: - Capture only a face image if person is in detection region. If this person are still in this current region, it does not capture image to storage into SD Card. Do you have any suggestion...
  9. ermac

    Night vision settings for Dahua PTZ

    Hi, I would like some recommendations for adjusting my PTZ's night vision. I have a SD49225T-HN. Currently all running on default settings. Daytime images are fine, it's the night vision that I want to sort out. My main issues is that reflective number plates are over exposed by the IR light...
  10. Jacksonspop1

    Bicycle Thief

    Thief Steals both of my kids bikes in the middle of the night. Please Critique my camera system.
  11. Ioannis Zagkaretos

    .pic files

    Hello all. Is it a possible to view .jpg files which are in a .pic file from sd card of a hikvision ip camera? Redards
  12. juanev

    Snapshot Automation

    Hi everybody, We are using a DAHUA WiFi camera and we are visualizing it via SmartPSS. Our aim is to get automatically snapshots of the image each minute. We followed the steps given here https://dahuawiki.com/NVR/Recording_Setup/Snapshot However, the option to enable snapshots (the one in step...
  13. A

    Record with Privacy Mask and other recording without privacy mask

    Hi. I have a Dahua DVR and some ip cams. I search a method for: Camera IP recording in DVR with Privacy Mask and this camera ip recording directly a FTP server without privacy mask. Is possible with any specific camera ip / dvr? Thanks u
  14. F

    Black screen when connecting IP camera to XVR Dahua

    Hello everyone! I'm Facundo, from Argentina, and I'm new into this forum. I'm looking for some help with an IP Camera and a XVR Dahua. I have bought two cheap IP dome cameras in AliExpress. One of them, (the external dome) could be connected via ONVIF to my XVR and I can also control len's...
  15. wolfheart1981

    Ezvis Guard + set up help please?

    Hi, I have 2 x Ezvis wifi cameras conected to an ezviz nvr via lan, my problem is where in the earth do you turn on the siren and strobe light please, as the manual is useless and I cannot find any information anywhere on how to do this?
  16. sydnew

    iVMS, Guarding Expert App, Hik Connect are exclusive for Hik Product?

    Hi All, Is iVMS-xxxx, Guarding Expert App. Hik-Connect can only use by Hikvision/Hik OEM IP camera? they look like they have the same GUI. I m going to buy a cheap 1mp branded IP cam to replace my old TOP-201 Cam and it happen that there is a sale in nearby Store that mostly sell OEM Hik...
  17. S

    Hikvision Ip camera Device error Status Code 3

    Hello ! Ip camera model - DS-2CD122P-I3 4mm 2mp I have 2 Ip camers 6mm & 4mm. I have integrated this camera with my weighbridge management software. So whenever truck or a vehicle comes on platform the software captures snapshot or picture using URL. But sometimes it happens that top camera...
  18. D

    help for Hikvision IR LEDs faulty (5 faulty leds)

    Hi guys, I disassembled the minidome camera DS2CD2112F-IW because the light IR does not work. I have tested with multimeter all IR leds and I found 5 faulty leds. Other 25 leds are good. Where I find it the replacement leds? what are the characteristics? voltage and wavelength? Thanks for...
  19. nofali

    IPC color problem

    Hey guys good to see you around.. I have recently bought two IPCs branded Provision (I1-340IP5S36) 4MP I need your help with colors are not correct, it's nearly yellow in night and it's dark in daytime picture itself is amazing and full hd i am using 48v poe injector i have the camera reset to...
  20. U

    IP Camera Design Question

    Hey guys I am working on installing 16 channel IP cameras (external) and have questions about POE/Extenders. I have three building and I know I will need some type of extensions. So I came up with two designs and wanted to check if it would work. I will be using different cameras (4MP, wide...
  21. C

    I wish to purchase a Hikvision IP Auto Tracking camera

    I have had a bad experience with my Dahua IP Auto tracking camera (Great to follow people but not cars) & wish to try a Hikvision Auto Tracking camera hopefully under a thousand dollars Au, Can anybody suggest a model that will give me good Auto Tracking cars. I notice in my search some...
  22. C

    Need advice please.

    Hi! I am trying to set up a city wide cctv system with the farthest camera at 7km away. I will be using a 4MP bullet ip cam on this location. And within 3km range i will be putting 6 units 4MP PTZ cameras. I would like to ask for an advice on to what hardware (camera brand and model/NVR/AP...
  23. FrankNicklin

    Hikvision NVR coax and IP Cameras

    We have a DS-7216 NVR from Hikvision which is working well. All the cameras connected are via COAX (Actually CAT5 and a Ballun). I have added a DS-2CD263F-I IP camera which has connected fine and recording fine. I have updated Live View to add the IP camera to the display in location 11, the...
  24. P

    AnpViz Model: HC-IPC3445-HS Questions ...

    Hi, I purchased this cheap POE IP Camera just to tinker with. I've not used IP cameras before and I have a QNAP NAS with QVR Pro installed on it. I knew I had to purchase a ONVIF compatible IP Camera and that's about all I know. I plugged in the the Ethernet cable to my POE switch and...
  25. S

    Lorex NR916X-N set up IP camera

    Hello, I have recently purchased Lorex NR916X-N NVR 16-channel system. When I received the system, I plugged all the cameras in nvr slot, nvr is connected to router, using upnp (default setting, just changed date and time). All the cameras are working except 2 case, Case 1: after plugging all...
  26. Deadeye

    Is it possible to access IP cameras on LAN from NVR with different POE subnet?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to IP cameras, and I just picked up a Hikvision DS-7716NI-SP / 16 NVR and I've also purchased two Hikvision dome cameras that connect to the NVR POE switches and they set up like a breeze and work just fine. Now, I had heard that you can use other IP cameras on an...
  27. Sam Spade

    Hikvision DVR/NVR connects only to Hikvision cameras?

    I recently purchased a Hikvision DS-7208huhi-k1. This is an 8 channel BNC + 2 ip camera recorder. I have tried to get this box to connect to my existing Dahua IP turret camera but no luck. It does detect the camera but cannot access it (the little yellow triangle symbol goes beside it)...
  28. G33RT

    Anran AR-24NB-IP partial funtion after FW update

    Hi to all, After I update the firmware of a Anran AR-24NB-IP this camera only partial funtion afterwards. It works very slow when login to web-if and no video anymore only black video window. Also it display two available video channels I never had that before. I downloaded the firmware...
  29. I

    MEISORT - YT342206A -

    Hi I purchased this camera on Ali Express and it works fine in their app but I would like to use it in conjunction with Blue Iris and I cant find a way to get it working. I used NMAP to scan its IP Address and it has very little open port 23 - telnet port 23456 - aequus port 34567 -...
  30. Yazen333

    Onboard Wifi camera

    Hey everyone, I would like to find wifi ip cameras that can be deployed in a vehicle and that communicate data over RTSP or in any other way that allows me to access it from a linux system.