security camera

  1. Us058252

    Can't remember what brand this is.

    I bought this camera for my home about 5 yrs ago. But, do to the fact that I traveled for work most of those years since I installed it. I changed internet suppliers and can't for the life of me remember what brand it is is. so I can't download the app unless I do. Does anyone recognize it?
  2. K

    On Guard Version 3.0 Release

    On Guard Version 3.0 works with almost any IP/network camera and adds artificial intelligence designed to identify security related pictures. More specifically, it uses DeepStack as an AI to intelligently identify objects in still (.jpg) pictures. It allows the user to monitor as many cameras as...
  3. nekodarake

    Hello everyone, does anyone know about brillcam outdoor camera?NOTE I AM A SPAMMER

    I AM A SPAMMER WORKING FOR BRILLCAM - STAY AWAY FROM THIS JUNK. Brillcam UHD 4K 8MP Outdoor Camera, Security IP Camera with 130ft Night Vision, H.265, 2.8mm Lens, Onvif, PoE, IP67 Weatherproof, Built in Audio and MicroSD Slot with Surveillance/Motion Detection...
  4. K

    On what factors camera installation charges depends?

    I want to know that on what factors installation charges depends? I want to know the installation camera charges price in karachi, pakistan?
  5. M

    Doorbell / Security camera / Synology Surveillance station

    Hi All, Im looking for a smart doorbell thats working fine as doorbell but also can be used for 24/7 surveillance. At this point i only found 1 doorbell that fits everything and thats the Doorbird 101. Are there more options that works well as doorbell and security camera ? Thanks in advance !
  6. malik.seo619

    Spammer from

    After emailing with the company who hired using upwork it appears they were unaware of his actions. They were also apologetic and didnt try to lie like many other spammers we have seen. I am therefore deleting the post.
  7. G

    Security camera for construction site

    Hello, I'm Rico from Germany and I need your help! I want to install a security camera for a construction site. The camera is going to be mount on a crane and needs a 360 degree vision. Electric power is not the problem. But the wifi is. I need a security camera which can send live video data...
  8. Eraking

    Dahua VTO2000A doesn't work (light starts blinking, it disappeared from the network).

    Hello, ipcamtalk members, this is the first time that I'm posting here. I have a Dahua VTO2000A outdoor station connected to Dahua VTH1550CH indoor monitor the VTO was working well I can view the outdoor camera from the monitor and the phone but just a 10 - 15min after, the VTO namespace light...
  9. Renzokuken

    NVR and Router Setup

    Brand new to all this, so any detailed help would be super appreciative Building a home that's approximate 5000 sqft, builder prewired for all tv locations and external cameras with Cat6/Coax wiring to the utility room (front of the house). I wanted to setup modem (CM1000) and router (Asus...
  10. J

    Need to replace an outdoor hikvision dome camera

    I have 3 dome hikvision cameras outside my house (Hikvision NC324-TD cameras Serial# NC324-TD20180412AAWR204390718). TWO of them are suffering from the IR issue (where at night, i can't see anything with the camera, very blurry). I am looking at replacing these 2 problematic cameras with a...
  11. L

    Need help

    Hi i am new here. My name is Luna Dean and i want to buy best security camera so please suggest best one thanks.
  12. Papi

    Larkkey camera - issue with viewing SD stored videos

    Recently acquired a Larkkey camera, which - for the price - provides very decent functions. Unfortunately I have not been able to view the recordings without the Android app connecting to the camera, as the SD card stored files (multiple 8-900K .image files, stored in folders apparently...
  13. H

    Hello from DC suburbs

    hello all .. I am a newbie when I come to home security. I am building a new house and running wires through the walls to have everything wired. Cat6 solid utp is what the vendor provides. I am trying to figure out where all to put drops for the video cameras around the house and what cameras to...
  14. T

    Help picking versatile IP cam

    My wife and I are having a baby in February and I was tasked, quite happily I might add, with picking a video capable baby monitor. Due to my education and work in computer science, I have a heightened security awareness which caused me to steer away from standard baby monitor cameras. Thus, I...
  15. reneee

    Newbie wants wireless security system

    Newbie needs help! I have read a few posts on this website and I understand that the general advice is to stay away from wireless solutions. We want a system urgently for a 1970s house we bought, and not in the situation to run wires as of now. I am at a point where I need a wireless/wifi...
  16. David L. Gelb

    WTS Axis Communications P1427-LE outdoor bullet style security cameras

    Selling 3 like new Axis Communications P1427-LE outdoor bullet style security cameras. All three cameras are in like new physical and operating condition. 2 come in original boxes. I purchased these at B&H for $677.22 each, selling all 3 for $1500. Axis Communications P1427-LE Overview The...
  17. J

    Help with thinking I'm being watched

    Hi to anyone reading this... so I just created an account today because after a bit of searching, I don't feel like I'm any closer to a real answer. I've suspected for a long while that my boss' husband might be video or audio recording the shop that I work at. It's a small mom and pop shop. A...
  18. S

    Security camera set up required after home burglery attempt

    * * * * WARNING - security camera newbie alert * * * * (Please be wary of low flying noob questions) Good morning Gurus, Looking to add some well needed security cameras around the home after a thief attempted entry. Require four weatherproof cameras with excellent image quality and...
  19. C

    New York City Here

    NYC (and northeastern USA), West Palm-Island/South Florida, and Baltimore installers here. Happy to help in any way we could, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.