Dec 2020 - Comparison of RTSP Doorbells

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Feb 7, 2019
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Am I correct in that, if I want a PoE doorbell with RTSP / ONVIF, Yousee SD-M5 is my only choice?
All of the cameras offer a RTSP feed. Only the Yousee offers POE. The others use traditional doorbell wiring which is only two wires running back to a voltage transformer and ultimately a chime unit. ONVIF simply gets you additional features like on-camera motion detection (see my notes below).

The DB1 with the correct firmware on it gets you ONVIF, but not POE. The camera is sold by a variety of companies and they all have their own firmware (which are interchangeable). I believe the LaView firmware has ONVIF working correctly.

That being said, I had a DB1 and just "upgraded" to the DB1C. The images from the DB1 were always a little soft while the images from the DB1C are much sharper. I didn't run ONVIF on either camera and simply use the motion detection system built into BI. Honestly I was able to dial in the motion settings better with BI anyway, so even if the cameras had ONVIF I wouldn't be using them for motion detection. You have to understand that the software in these doorbell cameras aren't that great. Personally I would recommend the DB1C and just deal with not having ONVIF. It's not the end of the world.
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