1. P

    Fisheye doorbell cam only showing top left quadrant

    I'm new to BI and IP cams. I bought an EZVIZ db1c doorbell cam and got it set up on BI. Seemed to be working fine, but then randomly I can only see the top left quadrant of the fisheye lens in BI. On the EZVIZ app I can see all 4 quadrants. I saw a thread about this (Camera Gotchas - Blue...
  2. S

    Ezviz BC2 available to IVMS4200 - or remote backup?

    Hi guys - Been running a number of Hiks at my busness for many years - from my early 2032's up to my newest 2387G2-LU's. A couple years back we moved on-site with the business; after a brief adventure with the horrible WIZE cams that everyone seemed to love at the time I finally settled on...
  3. G

    EZVIZ CS-C6N: advanced settings available?

    Hi everybody, I've purchased on Amazon a brand new EZVIZ CS-C6N smart home camera. I've successfully installed EZVIZ Studio on a Windows PC and configured the camera to be visible from remotely via internet. Now, I need to enable the advanced settings to manually change brightness/contrast in...
  4. M

    Flash Ezviz C3N IP camera to Hikvision firmware

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if it's possible to flash an Ezviz C3N outdoor IP camera to (a suitable) Hikvision firmware? Has anyone tried/achieved this before on this type of camera? I know Ezviz cameras are basically rebranded Hikvision, and I've added them to Hikvision NVRs just fine using the...
  5. M

    Hikvision/ezviz firmware

    Hi, I've got an Ezviz X5C-8 DVR and a couple of C3Ws cams. I've got root on the DVR and I'm interested if anybody knows how the core software on it works (hicore, I think). As far as I can tell it's basically identical to the normal one bundled with other hikvision products but with certain...
  6. B

    Ezviz PTZ Blue iris

    Hello all, I was just checking a interior camera, not very big, like the metal ones I usually install for exteriors of Dahua/Hikvision, and just found the Ezviz C6 that might be what I am searching for. However, I do not see anywhere, that says that camera is compatible with onvif, and wanted...
  7. E

    EZVIZ DB1C motion dection not woring with Hikvision DS7600

    I cannot get motion detection recording working everything is running stock firmware. The NVR says the camera does not support motion detection (it is in the Hikvision mass configuration tool for the camera). Any suggestions on how to get it to work?
  8. M

    Ezviz (hikvision) cameras disconnecting from NVR WiFi network

    I've got an ezviz nvr and a ezviz c3w. The c3w is mounted outside, but should be within the wifi range, however occasionally it disconnects from the wifi and needs restarting. Clearly this isn't great from a security device (although I understand wifi isn't ideal). Anybody else experience these...
  9. W

    EZViz uart socket

    Hi, I want to connect via UART to EZViz C4W camera, but connector is quite different than in Hikvision camera. Does anyone know what type of connector it is?
  10. I

    Any ideas for integrating Ezviz DB1C doorbell with Home Assistant?

    I have a DB1C video doorbell with the Ezviz wireless chime. The wireless chime is far too quiet, so we often don't hear it (we have a 3-storey house). I was thinking about getting a separate hard-wired chime for the DB1C, and then wondered whether it would be possible to integrate it with my...
  11. Z

    Ezviz DB1 and Z-Wave Fibaro connectivity

    Hi I see that you guys are real experts with the DB1. I need a little help. I have a complete new install of a DB1 and I have used the powerkit to power a mechanical relay (12V AC relay) as I need to switch GND into a Fibaro smart implant. The idea is to take the DB1 signal into the Z-Wave...
  12. D

    EZVIZ C6N camera

    I purchased a (supposed) new in box C6N camera on FACEBOOK marketplace..original box, manual etc but when went to register and install.....error that is registered to another email ( calls to EZVIZ is no help)...any way to "unbind" from previous unknown user?...otherwise the camera is un-usuable.
  13. R

    Converting EZVIZ C6TC from Chinese to English

    Hi, TLDR; I have installed US firmware on CN hardware but unable to connect to EZVIZ service. I purchased a couple of C6TC (CS-C6TC-32WFR) IP cams from TaoBao in an attempt to save a few dollars. What I didn't realise was that the cameras are region locked and it requires a Chinese phone...
  14. S

    Dec 2020 - Comparison of RTSP Doorbells

    Update Dec 2020: Cleaned up specs table. Added EZVIZ DB1C. There are also many more options available now compared to back when this thread started. If you have one you'd like to add, PM me along with specs and sample video. The purpose of this thread is to share my findings comparing RTSP...
  15. M

    EZVIZ Detailed Manual?!

    I recently bought and installed a four camera kit from EZVIZ. I'm impressed with the video considering the $200 price of the kit. All they provide is a quick-start guide, but I need a real manual. I want to set up the motion detection but I can't figure it out. Can I set it up to record...
  16. P

    EZViz NVR setup without a monitor

    Edit: Well, you can't set this thing up without a monitor. Once I did, and entered the password I set with SADP, I suddenly could get a video feed from the local LAN. However it only works in EZViz, not ivm 4200, and the password used for the NVR isn't accepted from the ivms4200 software. It...
  17. wolfheart1981

    Ezvis Guard + set up help please?

    Hi, I have 2 x Ezvis wifi cameras conected to an ezviz nvr via lan, my problem is where in the earth do you turn on the siren and strobe light please, as the manual is useless and I cannot find any information anywhere on how to do this?
  18. Abdallah

    Cannot find verification code for EZVIZ everyday 1080p?

    I just bought the ezviz everyday 1080p, comes with 4 cameras and a DVR, i connected everything together, now i went to the website here: ius.ezvizlife.com, and setup an account and I am trying to add my device, the DVR is being detected automatically but when I click to add it, I am asked to...
  19. B

    Why does EZViz Mini O create hundred's of port forwards?

    I noticed that the IP of my EZViz Mini O had literally hundreds of port forwards on my router. It is creating them automatically. As soon as I delete them, it starts to recreate them. This seems to be a security issue.
  20. Joao Bortone

    Installing Hikvision DS-2CD1001-I on EZVIZ NVR. can be done?

    hello all, I bought the EZVIZ NVR (CS-X4-108P) with 4 cameras and I need to install a fifth one. I bought this Hikvision bullet and I'm having a hard time making the EZVIZ NVR to connect to it. Already read the threads here, tried ONVIF configs, but no success. tried also RTSP custom protocol...
  21. jflint

    ISP Blocking Ports For Recordings

    We have a Hikvision DS-2CD2032F-I (running 5.3.0 build 151016 firmware) mounted in a building across the street from our office. Up until a few months ago, we could use the EZVIZ app to view the stream and recording history (motion capture). We have the exact same camera in our office for an...
  22. Alf_NL

    Ezviz C3s difficulties with Wifi setup-connection

    Hello, this camera can be connected either PoE or Wifi. There is an app which should manage all easy. With the app the camera is introduced with an QR code - OK Then you can choose for LAN or Wifi connection. I want Wifi and the camera tells you to have 2.4Ghz active on your router and phone and...
  23. N

    EZVIZ Cameras

    Hi, Does anyone know if these EZVIZ cameras are any good, or perhaps only mediocre? http://www.samsclub.com/sams/ezviz-8ch1080p-ip-hd-secsys-6cams-2tb-hd/prod19340581.ip ... I read somewhere that they are re-branded Hikvision, but they appear to only be 2mp. If they are decent I would...
  24. Noziroh

    Does DS-7616NI-I2/16P have Ezviz support?

    http://overseas.hikvision.com/europe/Products_accessries_212_i8840.html As title says: Does the DS-7616NI-I2/16P NVR have Ezviz support? I cant find anything about it in its datasheet, or any other Places. Does anyone have experience with this NVR?
  25. J

    EzViz on iPhone

    Hello I use EzViz on my Android phone all the time, but now I've had a client with an iPhone ask me something I can't answer or test. Does the iPhone app allow you to view a previously recorded video? Not a clip you recorded live on the phone while watching and saved, but to go back to a...
  26. S

    Remote Viewing With EZViz: What Should We Expect?

    We have just had 5 HikVision DS-2CD2042WD-I 4Mp cameras and a DS-7608NI-E2/8P NVR installed. Initially, viewing the output from the cameras on iVMS was very disappointing because, as I understand it, we were only seeing the substream which was something like 630 x 360 so the supplier returned...
  27. Noziroh

    How to get DS-7716NI-SP on Ezviz?

    Hi I got a DS-7716NI-SP NVR that I would love to have visible on Ezviz. Problem is that the DS-7716NI-SP does not have the Ezviz check box option in the settings. Is there are workaround to get it to register at Ezviz? All help will be appreciated :) Edit: It shows up when I search on Ezviz...
  28. B

    ezviz hikvision cs-c2s-21wpfr

    i've just bricked my ezviz ip camera cs-c2s-21wpfr(http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Broadlink-Hikvision-EZVIZ-Smart-Camera-CCTV-Night-Vision-Internet-Camera-Webcam-HD-with-MIC-Recording-monitor/509100_32286107735.html). Neither i could tftp some digicap firmwares, the led stays in red...
  29. A

    Ezviz CS-C2-21WPFR language problem

    Hello, I buyed Ezviz CS-C2-21WPFR camera in China and of course there is it Chinese language. How I can change it to English? Also date is “yyyy mm dd” In camera - V5.1.4 build 141210 I asked Chinese tech support - but they just answering - no solution yet, sorry.... :( I downloauded...