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EZVIZ Detailed Manual?!

I recently bought and installed a four camera kit from EZVIZ. I'm impressed with the video considering the $200 price of the kit.

All they provide is a quick-start guide, but I need a real manual. I want to set up the motion detection but I can't figure it out.

Can I set it up to record only when motion is sensed?

How do I find the motions detected on the stored footage without watching the whole thing from beginning to end?

I think I've reached the end of the internet searching and have found nothing, There are a LOT of settings in the software.


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Thanks for the reply but.....

A manual?
Welcome @Mainsail

I believe looney was referring to various links to the products, which will bring up a page with a link to a manual for that product.

Note, I did not see the ezviz kit which was recently posted as a deal on SDs listed as a product. So it will take some more search to find an appropriate manual.

Hopefully, some finds it and replies here.

( would be nice to see people share ways to get that kit more functional... there has to be a way... )


All they provide is a quick-start guide, but I need a real manual.
Try this manual which is linked off their Support Site under Download Center | User Manuals | NVR User Manual. Please note that they list it as their X4 NVR which isn't exactly like ours, but when I looked thru the pages it seems to cover most all or all the major functions you may be interested in.

Hope this helps considering this question was asked 1mo+ ago.