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Looking for LPR software for Blue Iris


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been trying Openalpr for days and cannot get it to read. So far it has only picked up 2 license plates. I am using a good dahua Z12.


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Recognize license plates from many countries in real time without triggers;
Work with different sources: IP cameras, WEB cameras, analog cameras connected through video cards, video files (AVI, MP4) and photos;
Control devices (barriers, lights, etc.);
Send emails and display alarms in user screen on events;
Communicate with GSM device;
Send data with POST or GET commands to your web server;
Has it‘s own web client server;
Much more...
Are you going to spam without disclosing that you work for them or how much the product costs?
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Wow, what a find, this openalpr.com! It's finding and reading the plates on my highly-zoomed Dahua HFW5231EZ5 camera just fine. Free for 2 days of storage. It's not clear whether a new user on a 'Professional trial for 14 days' gets all the features which the free service provides, though, but I am impressed.


Using Plate Recognizer, is there anyway to mask out an area so it's not detected? PR is picking up parked neighbors cars across the street, maxing out my 2500/month limit very fast. OpenALPR has this feature, but it's a massive resource hog.


Blue Iris has a bunch of motion detection features you can use to basically "highlight" the area that you want to pick up the photo for LPR. You can also try Zone A to Zone B in your motion detection also. I'm sure there are other BI motion detection experts out there -- of which I'm not one!


Correct on BI motion detection features, but that does not have an impact on what Plate Recognizer (or OpenALRP) uses to detect a license plate. If there is a readable plate in the picture, both services will attempt to read the plate - regardless on BI's motion settings. The 'Detection Mask' feature in Open ALRP allows you to block out an area of the image from plate detection, looking for a way to do that in PR.