New build for 4K cameras. i9-9900K?

Discussion in 'Blue Iris' started by Jan Werbinski, May 15, 2019.

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    Things are much faster when reading and writing the video from an SSD or NVMe drive. The videos populate almost instantly. While things are noticeable slower if I did that from a platter drive. Plus SSDs are so cheap now.
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    Apologies for the brainfart. I have the dedicated BI PC in the other room (trips the circuit breaker in my office room so I had to relocate it and think of another solution) and have a Windows Remote Desktop session up (unrestricted, but displaying at 20FPS). That is about 12% CPU overhead, which I was including in my CPU usage previously (and this was full screen GUI). I guess I need to read up on Intel decoding. I thought it used more processing power that way, and was trying to offload that to the GPU. I needed a beefy video card for 4k encoding over RDP, so I figured I'd take advantage of the GPU's decoding availability, that was previously unused.

    Power settings are set to max (8 cores at 4.7GHz). I tried playing with MCE, but at 5GHz on all 8 cores it was way too hot.

    I have the onboard graphics intentionally disabled. It wasn't playing nice with my RDP settings when I enabled hardware encoding in group policy editor since I had the other video card in there.
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    Update on my setup.
    BI 5 running od Dell OptiPlex 3060 with 8GB single channel 2400 RAM, SATA M.2 SSD and HGST 3 TB HDD. All cameras are Hikvision 4MP or 8MP. H.265+ capable. Total 32MP with 15fps gives 490-500 MP/s and 450-1100kB/s. Quality highest. BI running as program, not service. Window minimised.

    H.264+ is working with Intel Quick sync acceleration
    CPU 33-36%, GPU 38-42%.
    Window opened CPU 40-50%.

    H.265 or H.265+ is not working with hardware acceleration!
    Without acceleration CPU is about 50-55% and GPU 1%. With window opened CPU is 95% and program is slow.

    Total recording file size in H.265+ is about half of H.264.

    So there is some room for more cameras if I'll use H.264 and hardware acceleration. Without it my system is at maximum. I can choose between having half HDD space saved or 40% less CPU used.

    I bought also i9-9900K/Z390 Aorus Master/32GB RAM for my current primary office/game PC and after few years this will be next BI server.

    For my next planning cameras I'm seriously considering running two cheaper BI serwers as it seems to be more economical solution than using one more powerful computer. Another idea is trying VM on Unraid for some cameras. Current setup cost me total 350$ hardware and software.

    How is it possible hardware acceleration for H.265 in older versions?
    4.6.9 - January 31, 2018 H.265 hardware decoding added
    What should I do to make it work on my Dell?
    Tried H.265, H.265+ with Intel or Intel+VideoPostProc. I can see only one frame or error message. Maybe I should find some particular verson of chipset driver or maybe change some settings in bios?
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    Consider adding a Quadro P620 video card if you see a good price on one. I see them on Ebay starting at about US$115 ~ 430 zloty. They don't consume a lot of power, and I have a few similar Optilex systems at work that have no problem powering the P620, despite the limited power supply in the Optiplex. Here is the nVidia chart showing H265 support: Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix

    I'm sure you cannot put all of your cameras on a P620. But maybe you can put a few of them on it where you want H265.