IP Camera Installation Tools & Accessories

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  • We have put together a basic list of tools and supplies that someone installing IP cameras should have. There have been numerous reviews on the forum of the products listed below as well as personal use of each with great results.

    Must Have

    Assuming you have purchased the cameras and NVR / Blue Iris machine and are ready to install with uncrimped wire & POE ready cameras, you will need the following tools.
    • RJ45 Crimpers - IP Cam Talk has designed our own ratcheting crimper! All proceeds go toward the website.
    • Cat5e cable -for the cameras. At this point there is no need to use cat6 cable with cameras.
    • RJ45 Ends - Since the cable above is solid and not stranded we need to make sure to get ends that are for solid wire.
    • POE Switch- If you are using Blue Iris and not an NVR w/ built in POE (Power Over Ethernet) then you will need a POE switch. These are used to power your IP camera while connecting it to the network at the same time.


    Some accessories may help with your camera installation as well as keep the installation nice and clean.
    • IR Illuminator - Made by IP Cam Talk, these provide an innexpensive solution to help your camera see better at night or darker areas.
    • Fiberglass Wire Pull Rods - These come in handy if you are running wires through walls, attics, from the outside / in and more. For the price it's worth having.
    • RJ45 / Ethernet Boot Covers - These tend to give give the cat cable a cleaner and more professional look on the ends.
    • RJ45 Cable Tester - This comes in handy to check to see if a wire has any breaks in it or simply to check your crimps.
    • Velcro Roll - Velcro is perfect to keep a bunch of wires organized and tight.

    If you have any questions regarding installing IP cameras, please post in our Installation Questions section.