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  • G'day Andy,

    Have been reading as much as I can through the forums looking for budget recommendations for a starter system.
    Looks like the man to ask for the best deals in the business.

    Could you please price up 6x IPC-T2431T-AS 4MP + an 8ch NVR to get me started.
    Will be shipped to Australia.

    Thank you.
    Andy, various forum posts indicate you have online stores that sell IP cameras.

    We want to add a camera to our security system. This camera will be outside, attached to our building, and will watch over our parking lot (a fleet of semi trucks). Wish list: Blue Iris-compatible, outside-rated, dome (so moving parts are protected from our harsh winter storms), PTZ, 2MP+, POE, day/night ~30m. Please let me know if you have products that I might consider. Thank you, good day, RexIT
    Hello Andy-
    I'm interested in upgrading a couple of cams - Been using Blue Iris and (unfortunately) they must be wireless.
    Also interested if you sell a doorbell cam.
    Can you provide links to your selling Venues?
    Thanks, John
    Hi there,

    Can you give me quote for 2 x IPC-HDW5231R-ZE , 1x Eu Europa DC 12V 2.5A, 1x pfb203w (wall mount) and 1x pfa137 (junction mount) and what can I expect in delivery time (do you have them on stock in germany?)
    Hello Andy,

    Salutations from India.

    I am facing a bit of problem with getting the best images from IP camera.

    To be clear, we haven't procured Cameras from you. However, from reading around in the forum, you have quite a reputation of helping people around here.

    Can you help with best setup we can use to get sharp images from videos.. The following is the setup I currently have for the stream :

    Stream Type : Pure Video
    Resolution : 4CIF (VGA / 720P / 960P / 1080P available)
    N/P Mode : PAL
    Priority : Quality ( Frame rate available )
    Video Quality: Good ( Best /Better / Normal / Poor available )
    I-Frame Interval : 50
    Encoding Mode : VBR ( CBR available )

    Please provide me with your inputs. My goal is to get the best possible images from videos, which helps us with post processing.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hi, can you price a Dahua DH-SD49225IN-HC for me? It looks like there are several versions of this cam. Could you clarify what the differences are?
    DH-SD49225IN-HC this one is analog PTZ, not IP Ones. The IP one is SD49225T-HN.
    Thanks! Could you price the SD49225T-HN for me?
    Hello there, have a question. Got faulty Dahua camera DH-IPC-HDBW4431EP-AS it doesn't boot, not from POE not from power. maybe you know common problems of those, as I would like to try to fix it. Or maybe you have schematics of logic board. thanks
    Can I get pricing ship to Arizona, USA for the HDW2231R-ZS, HDW5442TMAS, HFW5231-Z12E. B5442E-ZE (Do you think this camera would work as an LPR approx 60ft distance). Feel free to price an alternative camera if you think it would be better. I have a 3 car wide 30ft long driveway and would like 2 cameras for the corners of the garage door. 1 LPR camera. primary concern is night time identification and LPR. There is a motion led floodlight centered on the garage door, and a decently bright steetlight across the street.

    I'm moving from a Lorex NVR to a custom outdoor monitoring setup. Would like to purchase 1-2 cameras first to try them out, but assuming they work well I'll need probably 6 more. considerations:

    - will be running BI. must be POE cameras.
    - house is in a place where it gets cold (-25C), snows, rains hard, in the winter
    - reliability is a must. We aren't there for months at a time. I can't easily send someone out to power-cycle the cameras, flash the FW, or wipe off the lenses
    - prefer turret style (remote controllable PTZ)
    - yard is large...would like some night-vision ability for up to 30-40 feet. willing to install additional infra-red to facilitate that if necessary
    - internet upload from there is awful. Like to record at high-rez so we can zoom in when necessary, but will have to down-sample to reduce resolution to support remote viewing. Do any of the cameras have HW to make this less taxing on the BI CPU?

    There is no turret PTZ, you can check SD1A203T-GN, this one can support all of your requiry.
    thanks. that does look like it fits nearly everything I need. I've heard some concerns with dome cameras fogging internally....is that a realistic risk? This one is 2MP - which seems light compared to some other options. Is there an equivalent version with higher resolution. Or is # MP not the thing I should be most concerned about (vs, say, CCD size or lens quality?)
    The foggy happens on some cams which has wet air inide, so when camera work outdoor , camera inside is bit warmer than the outdoor air, so the air inside will have some condensation, this will disappear soon after you use 2-3 days.
    Hi Andy,
    I was actually referred to you by someone on SlickDeals :). Looksl like you have quite a reputation all over the web. Anyway, I wanted to purchase 2 or 3 cameras and was wondering what's the difference in price vs buying directly from you vs Amazon. Thanks!
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    Hi Jack

    Which cameras you are interested ? Then i can tell you the price difference.
    One hdw5231r-ze and two hdw2231r-zs. And what's the difference between the shipping times? Thanks.
    Hello Andy, I bought a Dahua IP PTZ camera SD59430-HNI from your KS2018 Amazon store and have a question about the alarm, audio wires. I am using PoE+ Ethernet connection , will that cover the alarm and audio too or must the alarm and audio be wired separately? Thanks
    Thanks buddy, the audio and alarms have to be wired separately, it's not built in, thanks for your checking.
    Hi Andy, I'm looking to buy (to dleiver to melbourne) 6 x IPC-HFW1831-E (or perhaps varifocal version IPC-HFW2831T-ZS ) but I notice there is not much stock in your aliexpress store (haven't checked your other stores). Can you quote & advise when available? (I'd need 3 x 2.8mm, 2x 4mm, 1x 6mm lens). I will also need 9ch PoE NVR, and 5x wall mounts & 1x ceiling mounts - please quote if you can.
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    Thanks buddy,
    Just send you a PM. There is no 9CH NVR, only 8ch,16ch,32ch,64ch,128ch,256ch
    Hi Andy is it true what Walrus posted about "Dahua IPC-HDW2431T-ZS-S2 4MP: 1/3" sensor and 4MP = not great at night with min lux 0.01 "?????
    I am looking for New NVR to replace my Lorex 9163.
    I was interested in the Dahua NVR608-32 or NVR5832.
    Will these work with my Lorex LNB8973 and LNE8974 cameras
    Will I have full functionality?
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    if the cams are standard onvif cams, then can be ok., full functional, i can't be 100% sure, because 3rd party cams may have some private protocle. Main functions can work without problem. NVR608-32-4KS2 is the best to go.
    IPC-B5442T-ASE 3.6mm Fixed Lens 4MP Starlight+ WDR IR Bullet AI Network Camera English Version
    IPC-HDW2231R-ZS 2MP Starlight IR Eyeball Network Camera English Version

    Hey Andy could i get a quote on these models, Thanks
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