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  • IPC-B5442T-ASE 3.6mm Fixed Lens 4MP Starlight+ WDR IR Bullet AI Network Camera English Version
    IPC-HDW2231R-ZS 2MP Starlight IR Eyeball Network Camera English Version

    Hey Andy could i get a quote on these models, Thanks
    Hello Andy,
    I have a Lorex 8ch 1080p HD CVI DVR
    I’m looking to replace it with something that is can still use my cameras with. Do you have something that will work and hopefully last.
    Thanks John
    Heyy Andy,

    I am looking for a Dahua NVR to run a pair of older Dahua ip cams (Model# dh-ipc-hfw5502CP) preferably with built in POE. Could you DM me a suggested model and a quote to supply one including postage to the UK?

    Hi Andy,
    Can you please quote me for the following:
    - 2 off Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE
    - 1 off Dahua IPC-HFW1831E 2.8mm
    - 1 off Dahua IPC-HFW1831E 4mm
    - 1 off NVR5216-16P-4KSE
    - 1 off NVR5208-4kSE
    - 1 off PFA130-E
    - 1 off PFB203W
    - 1 off PFA121
    - 1 off PFA152
    - Perth, Australia (tell me delivery duration, please)

    Thx & regards,
    Hi Andy,
    I purchased a few cams from you a couple years ago and have a new project. Am looking to upgrade old analog DVR to IP cam NVR so looking for recommendations and what magic you have if we need to keep the old coax in some places. This is for an community entryway so faces, vehices and license plates relatively close to cams will be most important.
    Andy, is there an updated Firmware for the Dahua SD22404T-GN? When I initially plug it in, the PTZ functions and video stream work properly, but after about 30 minutes, the PTZ functions quit responding, but the video stream is still visible. [NTSC]DH_SD-Mao-Rhea_MultiLang_NP_Stream3_IVS_V2.623.0000000.7.R.181124 is currently installed.
    This one no further update, please make a hard reset on the camera , press it for 5-7 seconds and then camera can be reset.
    Hi Andy have a new house I want to install camera’s can you send me pm so can send you house plan so you can decide what I need.

    Thnx Ton
    Hello andy, I'm looking to purchase the ipc-k35s, do you happen to stock any of that? If not, would the k35a version be good enough for baby monitoring when mounted from the ceiling?

    Thank you
    Hi Andy I am new to this. I am looking for 16 Channel 4K NVR with 8 TB minimum with 12 to 16 4K cameras (Half dome and half bullet). I am going to use this for my small business. Would you please help me built complete package with cameras, NVR and software. I will greatly appreciate the description with the price. I am very new and can't find out combinations to go together with each other. Thank you in advance.
    I'd like to get prices on:


    My initial order will be for:

    (3) IPC-HFW1320S

    SD49225T-HN will be phase 2.
    Looking to pick up a few cameras in the next few weeks. Can I get a list with prices please. In the USA if that make a difference.
    Also, can the firmware be updated on these?
    Thank you!
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    Study this: Cliff Notes in the wiki at the top of the page. all answers are there.
    Ummmm.....I did. It says to contact him for pricing info.
    A lot of answers are there, just no prices, which is what I need to know......
    my email is kingsecurity2014@163.com
    I'm looking for some cameras likely similar to DH-IPC-HDW2231R-ZS, and maybe an NVR shipped to the US. Can I get a list of what you currently have available, and how ordering through you works?
    Hi Andy,
    I live in the UK. If I buy from you, is there usually any duty to be paid once the good reach the UK? (BTW, I tried to search to see if this has been answered but couldn't find anything)
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