1. coderain1

    Programmatically access multiple Dahua NVR using P2P (No port forwarding/VPN)

    Requirement: Access multiple Dahua NVRs camera streams using the P2P method. i.e without having to do DDNS/port forwarding/VPN on the NVRs network. Dahua provides clients for Win/Mac/Mobile, but no command-line tool. There are other 3rd party tools available but all of them have RTSP URL as...
  2. Waza

    DMSS video channel offline issue with Dahua NVR4104HS-P-4KS2/L

    Hi, I'm using Dahua NVR (NVR4104HS-P-4KS2/L) with 2 IP cameras (Dahua starlight 2MP and a 4MP). I'm using DMSS mobile app and experiencing issues of not able to see the streaming when I'm outside (Not all the time though). Both the channels show "Video channel is offline" error. It happened...
  3. jd415

    Hacking Dahua Camera Without Any Software Or Passwords

    This is why it's so important to protect your cables especially if you are still using coax. Sorry that the video is not in english.
  4. jd415

    5442TM-AS Day Image Quality Issues

    I purchased a Loryta IPC-T5442TM-AS from @EMPIRETECANDY after reading all the great reviews from many people in this forum. The night shots are amazing however the day shots compared to my old camera look horrible. I tried changing all the settings, reset camera to default, confirmed firmware...
  5. Tayschrenn

    Conversion on network (UNC) Aux

    It's possible/probable I'm doing this wrong... But I can't seem to get conversion working the way I'm intending it. My setup/method: 3x4k Dahua cameras sending H.256 2-Bullet w/ this config 1-turret with: Dell Optiplex Micro i3-7100T 2c/4t @3.4ghz w/qsv 16gb RAM Primary Storage: Samsung...
  6. J

    Blue Iris Compatible setup for Dahua HW5442TM-AS-LED

    Just picked up a Dahua 5442 from EmpireAndy, and I'm using BI as my NVR. BI doesn't recognize the camera other than a generic ONVIF camera. Seems BI only has six models of Dahua. I have a bit of a video lag. Just wondering if there is a more compatible profile I could be using. So far the...
  7. jd415

    Video Skips Frame When Viewing Playback Of Motion Detect Video Only

    When I watch playback of motion detect videos it skips a few frames. For example if a car drives in front of my house I only see the first second of it driving by and the remaining few seconds of the car I do not see. If motion detect is not enabled and I watch playback of the motion the issue...
  8. FST

    VTO2111d-wp - WIFI iPhone Push Notifications need help

    Hello... Recently started putting in a door station for residential home. Need it to show up and notify an iPhone when someone presses the button. If anyone is experienced with these please reply and help me.
  9. J

    New to BI Dahua cameras, i5-6500, no file recordings when hardware decode set to Intel?

    I've done a fair amount of research along the way before finally switching from Synology to BI. To start with I picked up an HP ProDesk 600 with 8gig of ram and an i5-6500 with 2yr of mfr warranty on it still for just under $200. Killed the cameras on the Synology the other day. Installed BI...
  10. person0

    Knock-off wars - anyone willing to test?

    The Dahua Starlight 2mp line are popular, quality home security cameras. As those in this forum are aware, there are plenty of knock-offs being sold as Dahua but with hacked firmware that bring a slew of problems. However, what about a knock-off built from the ground up simply to match the same...
  11. H

    Need Advice: Security Camera Packages

    I've been looking at getting a 4-8 Camera Package for some extra security for my home. Budget is $2100 USD Here's the packages I've compared so far.. any input or suggestions? [/img] When comparing brands & specs it seems that a 4K camera isn't always "better" than a 2K camera because of...
  12. M

    LeChange NK168P083 / Dahau NVR4216-16P-4KS2 - Can't click on IVS icon in smart plan menu

    SOLVED - See post # 3 I have LeChange LeChange NK168P083 NVR which appears to really be a Dahau NVR4216-16P-4KS2. I have this kit: Fry's Electronics | I have 8 total cameras. They all have tripwire rules setup properly and enabled. In 7 of the 8 cameras I am able to click on the IVS icon...
  13. T

    need help please

    I'm very new to ip cameras and networking. I have two dahua ip cameras connected to my unmanaged poe switch. the switch is connected to my netgear router and PC. when i check my router for connected devices I only get one ip address for the cameras. so when I go to the web interface it shows one...
  14. M

    Dahua and Hikvision cameras on same system

    I want to set up a system that uses a mix of Dahua and Hikvision cameras and i have some questions I am hoping that the forum can help with. Can I use both cameras with a Hikvision NVR or do I need to move to something like Blue Iris ? What about the Chinese branded NVRs (the cheap ones) are...
  15. J

    IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 vs IPC-HFW5231E-Z5

    I'm thinking about buying one of these from @EMPIRETECANDY for LPR. What I can't quite figure out is why the Z5 is $214 and the Z12 is $200. I would think that the bigger zoom would carry the bigger price tag. Am I missing something here? Does anyone have experience using either of these for...
  16. S

    iOS App IDMMS for Dahau Cameras

    iOS App IDMMS: Does anyone know what the difference is between IDMMS HD AND IDMMS PLUS, which is the best to buy? Or is there something else better with to use with Dahau 3mp cameras. Thanks Supie