1. M

    AD110 Amcrest Doorbell - Focus Distance Issue

    Hi, all, just added an AD110 to my growing collection of Amcrest/Dahua cameras. Interesting concern that I haven't been able to find online. It appears my unit's focus depth is stuck in macro/shallow. For viewing anything from two inches (50mm) to six inches (150mm) from the camera lens, the...
  2. G

    SD49225T-HN Zoom and focus not working

    I have recently bought SD49225T-HN unfortunately on Aliexpress. The system shows the zoom change, but the zoom actually remains the same, does not change, and the camera does not focus. The focus also cannot be set in manual mode and the image is also blurred. I can’t apply for REFUND or get...
  3. O

    Focal plane distance formula for varifocal camera

    Is it possible to compute the distance of the focus point (distance at which objects are sharpest) using the Zoom and Focus parameters shown in the interface ? The camera I'm using is this one: 12MP IR Vari-focal IP Bullet – Dahua North America I see that the parameters ranges are [0, 852] for...
  4. P

    advice for very short range lenses (Beehive security ;-) )

    helo, i have not checked the entire forum if my quention has been asked before but since it is quite unique i feel confident to post it right away: as the "young guy" from the office, i got appointed the resposibility to find a camera that would be best suited for filming the entrance of a...
  5. J

    Advice: Want external PTZ IP camera with optical zoom

    My ideal camera will be an IP camera, ethernet. POE is not required, but is a bonus. It should have 8x optical zoom or better. Good night vision. It should be supported by Blue Iris and the focus control should work in Blue Iris. It is that last part, the focus control, that I have been...
  6. JackNg

    SD22204T-GN intermittent lense movement - zoom + focusing

    Hi all, New to the forum. I'm hoping some guru here can give me some tips/hints as to how i can troubleshoot this issue that I've have. Here goes: I've got my hand one of the mini PTZ camera from Dahua - SD22204T-GN, a few months back. I've only just enabled the motion detection event...
  7. Asterix

    Focus prob with 5.5.0 firmware on vari-focus camera

    I have a vari-focus Hikvision DS-2CD2742FWD that I recently upgraded from 5.4.5 firmware to the latest 5.5.0 and ever since the focus goes blurry every night. It's not an IR lighting issue because I can manually go in of a night and reset the focus to be pin-sharp which is great until the...
  8. Dilbertic

    IR Reflection and focus side of house location

    Hi All, I had 8 cameras installed, the installer mounted one of the Hikvision 2032 bullet cameras on the side of the house pointed at my gate ( about 12' up ). I am having a few issues with it now; - The camera seems to be focused ( clear ) on the side of my house - At night the IR is lighting...
  9. J

    DS-2CD2732F-IS blurry picture - unable to focus

    I've just installed my 4th Hikvision camera at my house, and I'm struggling to get this one to perform like the other 3. See the pic below for an example. Is there further adjustment that I need to perform, or is the camera just defective? As you can see in the picture, its as if the camera...
  10. lingnau

    IR Mode x Focus on DS-2CD2632F-IS

    We have a brand new DS-2CD2632F-IS that we just installed. From what I can judge it is properly focused. But during the night when it uses its IR leds, from what I can tell the images gets blurry. Is that normal? Has anyone experienced this and does have any tips? Those are the full resolution...
  11. S

    Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z 3MP 2.8-12mm Motorized Auto-Focus Zoom and Blue Iris

    I recently purchased the Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z 3MP, mainly for it's automatic zoom and focus option. I have it connected to Blue Iris, but it won't let me zoom or focus. Does Blue Iris support zoom and focus on this camera, and if yes, then how do I enable it?
  12. N

    Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW Dissassembly

    I've been asked how to focus the DS-2CD2432F-IW and for those that have re-focused or changed lenses on Hikvision fixed lens cameras, you know it's glued in place, but that never stopped the determined. So I'll give you some pointers. First, this is the camera with the front dark plate off. I...