1. addada HOUARI

    Hikvision Acusense NVR and camera ?

    Hi, Since a couple of days, I am reading all over the net regarding the hikvision systems (I admit that I am really confused, alot of contradictor information) trying to understand which parts to buy: So my question is the following : to get the benefit of the acusense technologies, which...
  2. Z

    Color camera trend in the future?

    Hi I have installer the Hikvision ColorVu and Dahua Night Color camera for a while. They all have been given me a really impressive color image in the night time and not only me but also my client have been into these product quite a lot. In the meantime, there is obviously an drawback of night...
  3. S

    Subnetting IP Cam Email vs. NVR Email

    Hi everyone, Hello from Texas. New to the forum, first time post, but been around networking and cameras for a few decades or so. That's why it was nice to find a board that looks like has a few members who are smarter than the average bear. Tech support had no clue. Insert your own joke...
  4. 6003DD5B-5361-433A-83EF-1C2C49A588AD.jpeg


    2mp colorVu bullet camera
  5. B9614742-9E30-4A3D-9421-5CC56C7C5D9D.jpeg


    2mp colorVu cameras
  6. F

    CAM newbie

    Hiya all I'm a newbie in the exciting ipCAM world and I can see I'm not the only one with multiple struggles to get things working In my projects people have DAHUA, HikVision, CPro, Bosch, 3xLogic and other brands, it's a real zoo out there Whilst its probably best to use their native...
  7. ibranano

    I Forget Password HIK-Vision-DS7208HGHI-SH

    :) HIK-Vision-DS7208HGHI-SH But I found a problem getting in serial number and History page The left-click feature did not work
  8. P

    No Audio on IVMS 4200 with DS-7616NI-I2_16P

    Here I sit, locked down in my house, working on security system bugs, I have 12 recently installed HIK IP cameras (with microphone) connected to an HIK NVR with up to date firmware. I want to be able to listen to audio with the video on the IVMS 4200 live and remote playback tabs. I can see...
  9. E

    Dahua IPC to connect with Hikvision NVR

    Anyone here have tried using Dahua IPC with Hikvision NVR? Will there be any issues on it? Planning to add some Dahua IPC to my current DS-7616NI-K2/16P NVR. I found found some smaller model of dahua cam versus Hik camera hence the plan of adding Dahua. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hashem


    hello guys i added my device to my ezviz account and now i can not open my account coz i forget all things about my acount (username, password, email) and if i open a new account and try to add the device tell me the device is added in another account and for that reason i want a method to...
  11. L

    HIKVision pre-record function

    Hi, I am trying to configure maximum possible pre-record (30 seconds) on camera DS-2CD1641FWD-IZ (1920x1080, variable bitrate, 5120kbps) connected to DS-9632NI-I8, but it's not saving more than 5 seconds of pre-record without microSD card inside camera or more than 14 seconds with formatted...
  12. E

    HikVison 2142 - Input alarm not pushed

    Hi, I am having problem with push notifications to mobile phone, but only in the case of alarm input. My IP camera is an HikVision 2142-IWD and I am using a mobile app called "Home & Life Cam". Camera is connected via HikConnect (Cloud). More or less everything works well and for example motion...
  13. B

    Why are my HIK 7716 NVR's performing so slowly?

    I'm a dealer and the last 3 we've put in all show ridiculous cursor lag when using the mouse on the console. All are fully populated with 16 3mpxl HIK DS2-2032i cameras and just took the default NVR settings options (more or less plug and play). The cursor will freeze for a good 3-5 seconds...
  14. CodeRage

    Dell Poweredge 1850 performance issue

    Hey all. I picked up a dell poweredge 1850 with windows server 2k8 r2 64 bit, 2 xeon 3.4 Ghz processors, and 4 gig of ram. Migrated blue iris 4 from my amd fx 6100 desktop and it hits 100% processor usage on startup. Is 6 hik 2cd2032 cameras running 1920x1080 @ 6fps asking too much from this...
  15. C

    Something to note about Amazon and HIK

    I have followed the advice here about USA boxes and checking the firmware to ensure English is listed on the firmware. Today I had a camera go bad. I called HIKVision USA and found the Camera was in fact a import from China, and not a USA serial number. To be clear this was in the English...