1. P

    Amcrest Live View Browser Plugin Issue ...

    Hi, I have Amcrest IP2M-841W's ... I'm using Safari on a 2017 iMac 27" and this is what I see: I have followed the insructions and installed the Pulgin but 1. I can't see that its installed into the broswer, and 2. Installing it has made no difference at all. Amcrest Customer Service only...
  2. SouthernYankee

    Different Web Plugins

    I have multiple dahua cameras. Different cameras seem to require different plugins for Internet explorer. Each time I go to a different camera it request a plugin download. If I go back to the same camera multiple time it does not request a download. The plugins seem to be different versions...
  3. O

    Poll: When Will Hik Finally Abandon the Stupid Plugin for HTML 5?

    Like many other members here, I am a big fan of Hikvision IP cameras. Image quality is outstanding, and the price is right. The one Achilles' heel, however, is Hangzhou's continued reliance on a long-outdated plugin to access the company's products via web browser. NPAPI was created in 1995...
  4. V

    Any way to use browser to view the cam without any plugin?

    Hi, I would like to know if there is any camera or what kind of configuration allows me to view a camera through the browser without using any kind of plugin? Thanks
  5. tangent

    How to view Dahua cameras without browser plugins

    Browser plugins are going the way of the dodo so how can I view/setup my cameras? Good news, newer cameras and firmware updates for some cameras and NVRs no longer depend on Dahua's plugins. Unfortunately some now depend on Adobe Flash Player, which Adobe plans to kill in 2020. If your camera...
  6. nayr

    Firefox to kill all NPAPI Plugins: March 7th 2017

    Say goodbye to your IP Camera's external plugin in Firefox, Chrome killed NPAPI Plugins a while ago and Firefox has been planning to follow since October 2015. Mozilla to Drop Support for All NPAPI Plugins in Firefox 52, Except Flash
  7. nayr

    Chrome App for Dahuas

    For Dahua IP cameras and video recorders; Not the greatest solution really, but it works after the death of the GSSAPI plugins.. on Windows/Mac/Linux Install: NACL Web Plug-in Note this is a Chrome App, you have to launch the app and it will open a new browser window will open.. Regular chrome...
  8. K

    Linux compatible IP camera

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and looking for a tabletop IP camera similar to the Foscam FI9831P. The camera should not require a browser plugin, at least not for the configuration. Requirements: priced under 200 USD indoor pan/tilt night vision / IR 1 MP+ resolution no browser plugin...
  9. eyal8r

    Hikvision IE Plugin Not Working with Windows 10

    Just upgraded to Windows 10. I can't get access to my Hikvision NVR. It tells me I need to install the plugin, which I do... reboot- and it won't let me access- just keeps telling me I need to install the Plugin. I've tried IE, Chrome - neither work. Any ideas? Thanks guys!