1. Nighthawk37

    Help finding a floodlight ethernet / non-wifi camera

    Hi. I have a Dahua system and am looking for a solid floodlight camera. Dahua doesn’t seem to have any. Lorex has a single wired one, but it is Wi-Fi only. The only thing I can find is a Reolink duo floodlight camera - it’s POE but I’m not sure it is compatible with my Dahua system. I’m not...
  2. homeeri233

    Unable to access the Dahua NVR web interface

    Hello all. I have a Dahua NVR 4116-8P-4KS2/L with 3 PoE cameras for a month now. Everything works fine and it is also successfully connected to the internet. But I can not access the web interface. When I try to access it with the IP of the NVR, I can't get to the interface. The connection...
  3. Mikentosh2017

    Cam2: No signal

    I reconnected some Ethernet cables and now the camera fails to connect. I deleted the 1st camera thinking I should set up the camera again. Shouldn’t these port assignments match?
  4. TundraCam

    Recommendations - Interior / Ceiling Mount / POE / Unobtrusive / Fixed & PTZ

    I'm looking for interior cameras for our house. All will be mounted in the ceiling (so thru sheetrock mounting is ideal). Prefer as small and unobtrusive as possible. Ceiling is white. All locations have ethernet / POE+. All can be fixed focus or vari-focal though a couple of locations would...
  5. Ollie

    Required poe or power supply specs

    Hi, I would like to buy a single injector for a Dahua cam (5442 - IRE - not led). This is the voltage and consumption specs: Power Supply DC 12V (±30%), PoE (802.3af) (Class 0) Power Consumption <7.2W I'm not sure about the required poe injector to buy. It should be <7.2W, so 12v/1a will...
  6. F

    SANNCE 4K 8CH PoE NVR (works with Alexa)

    Hello Community, I have found an interesting product on SANNCE web site: https://www.sannce.com/products/4k-8-channel-poe-nvr 4K 8 Channel H.265+ PoE NVR - Up To 10CH W/ 8 X PoE Cameras + 2 X WiFi IP Cameras, ONVIF Supported, Works With Alexa SKU: N98PBD $99.99 Unfortunatelly I do not find...
  7. E

    HikVision NVR POE(Onboard) DS-7616NI-Q2 / 16P

    I have an nvr that i have hooked up to my network switch. It got assigned an IP. It then created a subnet with ips ranging from for the cameras. Since these are nested and can not be directly accessed from LAN(192.168.1.x) you have to setup something called...
  8. R

    Fanless PoE Switch

    We currently have a Trendnet TPE-S160 PoE switch which has a fan that is always running. I considered replacing the fan with a quieter model but I would prefer the replace it with no fan at all. I did quite a big of research but couldn't find anything great. It will go into a rack so it should...
  9. L

    POE NVR not providing power to devices

    Hi, Just bought all new equipment through the IPCamTalk store. I'm unable to get the POE NVR (Dahua NVR5216-16P-4KS2E) to provide power through my cat5e to my POE devices. Things I've done: Connected a 12v power source to the camera, ipcam lights up, connection no problem, and the camera is...
  10. K

    PoE Camera Camera Switch

    Has anyone connected a PoE camera switch up link port to the Ethernet port of a router set up as a signal extender. If you have, what were your results? A diagram of what I have in mind is attached.
  11. M

    Recommendation for indoor PTZ POE camera ... to be used outdoors

    I have an Pelco outdoor camera housing that is heated/vented that had a Panasonic BB-HCM381A indoor camera working fine in it for about 10 years before it quit. I'm looking to replace the Panasonic with a new INDOOR PTZ camera, preferably with POE. I don't need an all-in-one outdoor PTZ camera...
  12. B

    Help needed setting up Hikvision Hilook camera on Dahua NVR

    I have migrated from using a Dahua NVR (DHI-NVR4108-8P-4KS2 2T) to using Blue Iris, but still use the NVR to power the Dahua cameras with the built-in POE to save buying a separate POE switch. This has worked well for a while now and I have recently purchased a new Hikvision Hilook camera...
  13. U

    IP camera over 2-wire POE

    Hi. I'm looking to run an HD IP camera over a shielded twisted pair for a maximum of 150 meters. (24 AWG, or best case 20 AWG). Both power and data. Not a specific camera. Is the following a viable choice? Transfer rates will be limited to 10/100...
  14. etiennebordeauxx

    Replace TRENDNET IP Camera POE Connector

    Anyone familiar with the color coding of Trendnet POE connector? Kindly help me. Thank you in advance. TRENDnet TV-IP320PI Wire Colors ORANGE RED GREEN GRAY YELLOW WHITE PURPLE BLUE BLACK BROWN POE Pigtail Wire Colors THICK BLACK THICK RED THIN BLACK THIN RED BLUE WHITE BLUE GREEN WHITE...
  15. Q

    Have you tested in real conditions the Dahua extended POE (ePOE) IP cams and NVRs ?

    Hi there, I am working on the refection of a city CCTV setup. There are ethernet cables already in place but the distances are quite high (up to 800m). I wonder if the Dahua ePOE could be an option. I have selected 10.9W IP cams (IPC-HFW5442E-Z4E) and on the longest path I have 2 cams, one at...
  16. C

    Noob looking for decent budget system.

    New member introduction here. Currently have a ring doorbell and cheaper amazon motion camera setup that has been sufficient over the last few years until someone recently ran my mailbox over. I am now in the market for a better system but am very limited by cost. I'm aware "you get what you...
  17. M

    Poe+ (at) compatibility

    Dear all, I have an hikvision nvr Ds-7604ni-se/p which supports Poe (af) and wanted to add a camera hwp-n4225ih-de(b) which requires poe+ (at) I think that my nvr won't be able as per descriptions to use the camera. Is there anything I can to? I was wondering to use an external poe+ power...
  18. Q

    Extern access to POE cams

    Hi there I have some POE cams linked to a POE NVR. My issue : I can't get to the cams configuration page if I am not also linked to the POE switch. Is there any way to configure the cam or the NVR to solve this issue? Thanks! Quentin
  19. Bara1980

    Which epoe cable to chose

    I have nvr5216-16p-i /l and 9 poe camera berween 6mp and 8mp which poe cable i should use to connect the cameras to nvr. Max distance of cable is 40m for Indoor use only.
  20. S

    How do I extend my Ethernet cable 520ft to my NVR

    I have a nvr that I need to get internet to that is 520ft away with an underground cat 5e cable. I purchased a POE extender but it did not work. I do not have the ability to plug something in, halfway in the field. I was told I need and EPOE injector but I can not find one. I need to go...
  21. N

    Best camera to be placed high up to cover driveway (from 20ft) up ?

    Hi I’m looking for an IP (POE) camera (ideally in black) to go on the gable roof end of our house which would place it about 20ft up from the ground ? Everything I’ve looked at so far seems to need to be placed around 8 to 10ft high due to its wide angle view. Has anyone got any...
  22. polydactic

    PoE switch *powered* by PoE — does such a thing exist?

    This isn't a BI question per se, but that's what I use for all three of my cams (power use lol) — hopefully soon to be four — and couldn't think of anywhere else to ask this. So — I have a hardware/power issue. The short of it is: Two of the three cameras (and if possible, three or four of...
  23. T

    NEW Ubiquiti US-24-250W UniFi 24 Port 250W PoE Managed Gigabit Network Switch BNIB

    I have a BNIB; Ubiquiti US-24-250W UniFi 24 Port 250W PoE Managed Gigabit Network Switch BNIB Located in South Wales ideally cash on collection or alternatively have this listed on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353478389455
  24. T

    2 x HIKVISION DS-2CD2T87G2-L 4MM 8MP AcuSense ColorVu 4K Cameras For Sale [UK]

    I have two UK Spec BNIB and Sealed for sale; HIKVISION DS-2CD2T87G2-L 4MM 8MP AcuSense ColorVu 4K Cameras For Sale. I am located in South Wales UK, so ideal can do a cash on collection or alternatively I have these also listed on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353479218080
  25. AveryFreeman

    Looking for similar features to Wyze cameras in a conventional Camera+NVR setup

    Hey, So I have this friend, he really likes his Wyze cameras, mainly because they're cheap, easy to stick up + move, and he really likes the software's features Problem is, he's got like 50 of them on his Wifi, and they're starting to cause issues with some of his portable credit card machines...
  26. L

    Microphone recommendation for Lorex LNZ32P4B POE IP Cam

    I have a Lorex LNZ32P4B POE IP camera (PTZ dome camera) that is connected to a Blue Iris system (2 total cameras). The Lorex cameras I have include a microphone input connection that is a pigtail from the ethernet cable. I asked the Lorex chat representative for what type of microphone I...
  27. T

    $5,000 budget for Car Wash - Please help me spend it

    Hello all, I have posted here before about my car wash and the desire to get it on camera. After being vandalized several times recently, I am unable to put this off any longer. Its pretty simple (well not so much for me), I have saved $5K and willing to invest it into a surveillance system. I...
  28. A

    NVR4216-16P-I internal switch adresses

    Hello, I have most on my cameras connected to 192.x.x.0 subnet, and 6 of them connected to NVR's internal PoE switch on 10.x.x.0. I want to change their adresses to ones from 192.x.x.0. Should I change switch adress in NETWORK>SWITCH, and then change camera adresses from CAMERA>REMOTE DEVICE, or...
  29. C

    Troubleshooting Camera Connection

    Solved: Had the RJ45 connectors on the camera end of the Cat 6 run upside down, and bad RJ45 connector on the network side of the run on one cam. So I'm a little stumped. I get my cameras, I plug each one at a time into my PoE switch to make sure they worked and to adjust all the settings, IP...
  30. U

    PoE IP Camera using .mp4

    Hello, Basically I need to create my own application streaming video from a PoE IP Camera, the camera I have only uses .dvr files, are there any PoE IP cameras that use .mp4 files?