1. P

    NVR with automatic PTZ control

    Hi, I'm currently planning to purchase a NVR for my 7 Hikvision IP cameras and I'm curious if there are any NVRs available with the following features? It has an advanced (with reliable filtering) human/vehicle tracking feature and it can control the PTZ cameras (through simple ONVIF commands)...
  2. S

    HikVision PTZ not working

    I’m using a HikVision and DS-2CD2183G0-I on Blue Iris but can’t get any PTZ controls to work. Here are my settings. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. DBBK

    Recommendations for a PTZ, optical zoom dome style camera?

    Looking to replace a current camera I have but with the amount of IP cameras out there I'm kind of stuck knowing what's actually good or not. Originally I was just going to buy a 5MP non-brand camera but after reading here, I guess the sensors on most of them are not that great? Must haves...
  4. M

    Recommendation for indoor PTZ POE camera ... to be used outdoors

    I have an Pelco outdoor camera housing that is heated/vented that had a Panasonic BB-HCM381A indoor camera working fine in it for about 10 years before it quit. I'm looking to replace the Panasonic with a new INDOOR PTZ camera, preferably with POE. I don't need an all-in-one outdoor PTZ camera...
  5. M

    Best PTZ camera with tracking and spotlight under $500

    I know Im asking for a lot here. But looking for a solid PTZ camera under $500 that has a spotlight on it, IR, tracking humans (dogs optional) that can also rotate 360 degrees. That is fully compatible with Blue Iris 5 and has a wide angle if possible
  6. djkprojects

    SD49225XA-HNR POE issue?

    Hello guys, I bought the SD49225XA-HNR from Andy last year and only just had a chance to mount it. Yesterday before I mounted it I gave it a quick test, connected the cam to my old Netgear GS110TP POE switch logged into the cam directly on .108 and although the camera was working when I tried...
  7. A

    Dahua IP PTZ HTTP Command for wipe

    Hi all, First post on here so be gentle! I am trying to send a wipe command to a DH-SD6AL230F-HNI-IR.... I have found (on this forum) a HTTP API document: Using this I've managed to send a few different commands to various...
  8. E

    Critique my starter cameras/placement

    My house is only accessible from one direction and one road which is around 120' from my house. For now i'd like to start small and eventually add a BI server with Deepstack and possibly integrate with my existing smart home devices. I'd like to get 2 or 3 quality cameras that would allow me to...
  9. Datarhei

    Watercleaning for DS-2DF8825IX-AEL(W)

    For a Hikvision PTZ cam required in an environment with very high salt and moisture content in the air directly Atlantic Ocean we are looking for a water pump system to clean the camera remotely at regular intervals. A water connection is available at the location. Unfortunately we could not...
  10. D

    C6F0SoZ3N0PfL2 5mp Auto Tracking Zoom

    Hello! I'm a noob to the IP cam world, I've had one on the house for ages but needed to change for a PTZ. Unfortunately I can't get POE up to the locations so had to settle for a WiFi IP...anyway! Make - S3VC Model - SD10W-5MP c6f0soz3n0pdl2 Can anyone tell me if the tracking function of the...
  11. N

    Dahua SD50225 IVS rules lost PTZ option

    I have a Dahua SD50225 (amongst others) and I noticed something very strange. In the camera I have set up many IVS rules, some for intrusion, some on tripwires. Intrusion is used with autotracking, but the tripwires make the camera look in another direction. In short, IVS rule 1, with a...
  12. O

    (PTZ 5MP) IPCAM - C6F0SoZ3N0PcL2 - V19. | PTZ Codes (especially for IR control) ?

    Hi, New to the forum, just installing my CCTV (with Blue Iris) :). I got the above camera. It's a 5 MP PTZ, from ctronics. For some reason I was not able to disable to IR led's. I contacted ctronics about this, they very fast and helpful but disabled the led's all together (which was not my...
  13. Mark_M

    IR filter fall - PTZ

    Good news is this seems to be minor (it if now fixed). But a heads up possibly to those that may have this happen to them. I have a SD1A404XB-GNR 4MP mini PTZ from @EMPIRETECANDY that I finally got mounted yesterday. This video is when I had the PTZ mounted onto a disco lighting stand (great...
  14. TopRamen

    PTZ Sky Cam Recommendation?

    Hi all, I'm looking to put up a couple of POE PTZ Sky Cameras for my Blue Iris system. I live directly in the flight pattern of an airport responsible for Airborne Firefighting and would like to put up 1 or 2 PTZ cameras pointed up at the sky that can zoom at least 10X optical to catch the...
  15. A

    Reolink E1 Pro PTZ doesn't work on Blue Iris (offical Response)

    just wanted to post it here for anyone googling the same question still searching for good quality WiFi PTZ Camera that works with Blue Iris Unfortunately, Amcrest is a bit expensive and only in the US
  16. Curtis Jones

    Streamie: using my Dahua cameras on Apple TV

    "Chat-Chat" being the "anything off-topic" area, I hope this post doesn't violate any rules. I wrote Streamie ( for Apple TV years ago (which was my primary need), and eventually branched out to iPhone & iPad. I'm posting this for two reasons: 1. To get word out about the...
  17. G

    PTZ for ConcordConnect NVR System

    Just joined today - I looked for a PTZ forum but didnt see one. Apologies if I missed it. I have a very simple system – “Australian” Concord IP NVR with 5 * 4K Concord POE cameras (*). I want to add a PTZ but Concord don’t have one and wont recommend one. I have looked at products like ...
  18. B

    My Foscam FI9821W is trying to commit suicide

    I was in the garage getting the recycling ready when I heard this jittering noise. It took me a minute to locate it, at first I thought the mice had acquired motorized artillery. It was my Foscam PTZ camera trying to twist it's head off. I haven't accessed this camera in a while, so no idea why...
  19. A

    PTZ Locked status - tour disabled

    Hello, I have a problem with DH-SD22404T-GN. After half a year of constant tour (2 presets, 15 seconds wait), camera locked PTZ options after reaching 95% of rotation times (idk what the numbers are, it's not written anywhere). I saw a few topics about it, but none of them had a solution. I...
  20. D

    Ispy PTZ XML file issues

    hello, i am trying to access the zoom in/out functions on a Foscam R2 using Ispy's XML definition file, I've been beating my head against a brick wall trying to pass cgi commands through the xml file and i'm convinced it's my formatting because i know next to nothing about xml or cgi. passing...
  21. Jb2644

    Amcrest NVR with other brands

    I wish I’d discovered this site before building my security system. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has experience with using non-Amcrest cameras on their Amcrest NVR. I have 3 Amcrest POE cameras, 2 smart home Amcrest + the Amcrest doorbell, and...
  22. jami3

    Hik PTZ Preset Call, Smart Tracking Threshold

    I'm quite active on another IP Cam forum and thought I would try ipcamtalk to see if anyone else can shed some light on the problem I am facing. So I have an I series hikvision NVR with several hikvision cameras. One of the cameras (turret) has line cross detection configured. When the line...
  23. ooom416354

    Dahua SD59225U-HNI PTZ For Sale

    Hi I have a Dahua SD59225U-HNI for sale. I never used this, but did plug it in to test for functionality. Bought from Andy, my wife did not like the look of it so I'm selling it. Make an offer if you are interested. I am on Long Island if anyone is local and would like to pick up. Thanks!
  24. F

    Compact PTZ with 2.8mm wide angle OR wide FOV (up to 90°) that has Auto-Tracking (not Wifi)

    Hello all! Haven’t been on here for a while. I’ve been quite happy with the SD52C225U-HNI Dahua PTZ I purchased from Andy @ Empire a few years back. Only problem is that it has a 4.3mm wide angle portion that doesn’t give me a very wide FOV even with the camera mounted on my 2nd storey eve...
  25. Mark_M

    Difference between SD1A404XB-GNR & SD1A404XB-GNR-W

    I'm looking at the Difference between 1A404XB-GNR and 1A404XB-GNR-W mini PTZ by Dahua. As far as I can see in the specifications they are both the same but the '-W' has WiFi support. I am not planning to use WiFi so this doesn't mater to me. What I do notice is the price difference between...
  26. M

    jk-phd54fdm550aprm Configuration issue

    I bought this no name camera from It uses the P6sPro app on my Iphone. If I connect via an ethernet cable, to my PC and use the EasyVMS app, no problem. If I try to use the P6sPro app on my Iphone and scan the QR code on the camera to add it, I END UP LOOKING AT A CAMERA THAT IS...
  27. M

    dh-sd59225u-hni freeze on auto tracking

    Hello, I just config dh-sd59225u-hni and make some presets,my ptz working in tour and also auto tracking is enabled,after some MD my camera freeze picture. Original psu Length of cable 30m Utp cat6 pure copper
  28. alialasgarli

    China PTZ camera not working after firmware update. lights remained on

    Hello. i am new in form. I bought a ptz camera from aliexpress. The camera has become inoperable after updating through the application. Only the lights remained on like a lamp, as seen from the photo. how do i fix with which application is it possible to access? the camera is not responding
  29. M

    Dahua 4G PTZ No Cloud Connection - SD49425XB-HNR-G

    Hi, I got a 4G PTZ from Dahua and I can get the camera to pick up a 4G signal on multiple providers (its a world sim) however the camera does not connect to the P2P platform. Has anyone got any experience with these? I have a friend who dealt with their mobile 4G recorders a few years back and...
  30. S

    Hikvision RMA experience is horrible (B&H). Stuck in limbo with no camera after 6 weeks. .

    I had a PTZ camera I bought on sale from B&H fail in two ways first the slight purple hue on moving vehicles intermittently then water ingress. It lasted four months from when it was installed. I contacted B&H which stated to contact Hikvision when I was originally told by Hikvision to contact...