1. A

    Upgrade Camera Version

    I have two HikVision DS-2CD6986F-H cameras that did not successfully update their version and I'm now unable to make any changes to these devices in SADP tool along with use them in general. They are defaulting to the IP and I'm unable to change the IP as it just keeps saying...
  2. 4

    Hikvision DS-7204HQHI-F1/N no display and not showing up in SADP etc.

    Hi all, I recently got given a Hikvision DVR model DS-7204HQHI-F1/N and the problem I’m having is it has no display output on the HDMI or VGA ports, also I cannot get it to show up in SADP or Hikvision batch configuration tool. I was thinking it was bricked by a firmware update so started the...
  3. M

    What encryption do HIKVision cameras use?

    I'm trying to understand the protocol that HikVision SADPTool uses to activate a camera. I used Wireshark to capture some packets, and below are contents of those packets in plain text: Packet 1 (sent from SADPTool) <?xml version="1.0"...
  4. RML

    Conflicting IP’s

    I recently replaced an 8 port NVR with a 16 and added 6 more cameras. Disconnected old nvr and hooked all of the previous cameras and new cameras. Only the new cameras are now showing up with the exception of one previous camera but the POE is recognizing all the cameras. I was told by tech...
  5. M

    HIkvision works on SADP and not able to open any browser (‏Pictures)

    Hello sir I hope you help me, As title says I installed software and able to see on SADP, it wont open anything in browsers. I tried wither Chrome, Mozzila, IE , Opera and iVMS-4200 Client . HIKVISION DS-2CD2T42WD-I5 This is some pictures:
  6. Gwilbo25

    Problem downloading SADP tool.

    Hi. I have installed 15 ip Hiwatch by Hikvision Turret cameras (IPC-T140) into a Hikvision 16 Channel Network IP Video Recorder with 16 PoE Ports & Alarm I/O (DS-7616NI-E2-16P-A). I installed 12 of those cameras in December all the same way using brand new cat5e cable from each camera to...
  7. Studioph

    Hikvision Q1 Network PT Camera's will not modify in SADP

    Hi, since a few days I am struggling with my new two HIKVISION Q1 Network PT camera's model DS-2CV2Q21FD-IW With ethernet cables direct to my router the camera's are working via HIK Connect at my smartphone perfect When I start SADP I see both camera's but when I click at the IP address several...
  8. Markn1980

    Hikvision IP Camera stopped working and can't activate

    Hi, I bought Hikvision IP Camera DS-2CD2542FWD couple of days ago and already facing a problem.When I received the camera I plugged it into POE switch, went to the browser and used to bring up the cameras feed. Everything worked fine and I even tried Blue Iris and IVMS 4200 client...
  9. P

    Does Hikvision SADP tool work remotely?

    Hi All, I am trying to find cameras remotely via Hikvision SADP tool. I am able to reach the cameras via typing its IP on the web browser however the camera stream is going through a VPN. Does anyone know if SADP works through a VPN tunnel? kInd Regards, Pakito_
  10. J

    DS-2CD2332-I Comes and Goes in SADP

    Hello, Just bought my first Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I and I am having trouble staying connected to it. When I check for the camera using the SADP program it either shows up or it doesn't, it is totally hit or miss. When it does show up, I am not able to access the camera via web browser. Sometimes...
  11. N

    IS SADP from Hik used for mulitple camera recordings?

    I just got my cams and I'm setting them up, I used SADP to configure I can set recordings and playback but I was expecting something different I expected to see multiple video windows open with the camera captures. Does SADP do this? Or would I need something like blue Iris, sorry I'm a newbie...
  12. 8

    Hikvision 2CD2032 can't connect

    Just got my first IP camera, and I've read through various posts, but nothing seems to work to connect to the camera. Here's the facts: * router set to * Netgear POE switch connected to router * Camera connected to POE port on switch * SADP doesn't see the camera, although on my...