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Oct 17, 2019
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Thankfully I found this site and I am impressed with the amount of information and help here. It's great to see so many people offering so much help to us who are just getting started.
I still have much reading and studying to do, but I do have one question. If I am allowed to ask this, are there any opinions on buying equipment from backstreet-surveillance.com?


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Feb 15, 2018
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Houston Tx
Never heard of backstreet-surveillance.com
I strongly recommend that new members only use HikVision or Dahua cameras, they are relatively easy to setup and have few bad behaviors. No name cameras seem to always have some problems or they take forever to get configured correctly, if at all.

If you think you are saving a few bucks you are not, My initial few cameras went into the garbage after I got quality camera.

Read,Study,plan before spending money

My standard welcome to the forum message.

Please read the IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes and other items in the IP Cam Talk Wiki. The wiki is in the blue bar at the top of the page.

Read How to Secure Your Network (Don't Get Hacked!) in the wiki also.

Quick start
1) If you do not have a wired monitored alarm system, get that first
2) Use Dahua starlight cameras or Hikvision darkfighter cameras or ICPT Night eye cameras (Store | IP Cam Talk) if you need good low light cameras.
3) use a VPN to access home network (openVPN)
4) Do not use wifi cameras.
5) Do not use cloud storage
6) Do Not use uPNP, P2P, QR, do not open ports,
7) More megapixel is not necessarily better.
8) Avoid chinese hacked cameras (most ebay, amazon, aliexpress cameras(not all, but most))
9) Do not use reolink, ring, nest cameras (they are junk), no cloud cameras
10) If possible use a turret camera , bullet collect spiders, dome collect dirt and reflect light (IR)
11) Use only solid copper, AWG 23 or 24 ethernet wire. , no CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum)
12) use a test mount to verify the camera mount location. My test rig: rev.2
13) (Looney2ns)If you want to be able to ID faces, don't mount cams higher than 8ft. You want to know who did it, not just what happened.
14) Use a router that has openVPN built in (Most ASUS, Some NetGear....)
15) camera placement use the calculator... IPVM Camera Calculator V3

Cameras to look at
IPC-HDW2231R-ZS Review-Dahua IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Starlight Camera-Varifocal
IPC-HDW5231-ZE Review-Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 800 meter capable ePOE
IPC-T5442TM-AS Review IPC-T5442TM-AS-LED (Full Color, Starlight+)
IPCT-HDW5431RE-I Review - IP Cam Talk 4 MP IR Fixed Turret Network Camera
IPC-T5442TM-AS Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+ - 4MP starlight+
IPC-T2347G-LU Review of the Hikvision OEM model IPC-T2347G-LU 'ColorVu' IP CCTV camera. (DS-2CD2347G1-LU)

Other dahua 4MP starlight Dahua 4MP Starlight Lineup

My preferred indoor cameras
IPC-K35A Review-Dahua IPC-K35A 3mp Cube Camera

If interested in Blue Iris and other setup items see the following post

Read,study,plan before spending money ..... plan plan plan
Test do not guess

if you are interested in Dahua and some hikvision cameras, a forum member sells dahua and ships world wide. You can read some of the members recommendations on his service. He also provides cameras to other forum member for evaluation and reviews. His cameras are all 100% international (upgradable), some are the IPC brand but are actually 100% original manufacture dahua or hikvision
you can email him for a quote, or purchase from his Aliexpress store or his Amazon store.

Andy's ipcamtalk vendor forum: EmpireTech Andy
Andy's AliExpress store: Andy's Amazon store: