Looking for similar features to Wyze cameras in a conventional Camera+NVR setup


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Jan 24, 2019
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Near Seattle

So I have this friend, he really likes his Wyze cameras, mainly because they're cheap, easy to stick up + move, and he really likes the software's features

Problem is, he's got like 50 of them on his Wifi, and they're starting to cause issues with some of his portable credit card machines being able to run cards

The Wifi itself is definitely not the issue, it's the amount of traffic. Wifi is not meant for having 50 devices simultaneously streaming across 6 radios.

So I'd like to see if there's some kind of PoE camera out there that is:
  • similarly priced (doesn't have to be hi-res, just not garbage sensor)
  • really small
  • easy to set up, and
  • works with software that has some Wyze-like features

The features we're specifically looking for are:
  • a list of clips recorded due to motion detection (with previews or stills)
  • camera grouping, and
  • selective notifications
Bonus points for AI that recognizes people vs bullshit - that we don't have to upload to some server farm for processing (upload speed already too slow as it is).

We tried some Dahua cameras and hate their software - nicest cameras available, but phone and desktop apps are shitty and cumbersome. Have some hikvision gear and think their software is much better (especially phone app), would be curious to see if they've implemented any of the features I mentioned Wyze is offering. Would consider OEMs if they've added interesting/beneficial software features, otherwise would probably stick with Hikvision.

If any of the features I mentioned via Wyze is available w/ Blue Iris, we already have a VMS PC and could switch software once we figure it tf out.

Opinions, feedback, rants welcome, just want to know what you think. Thanks


Jul 13, 2019
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I'm also looking to replace my 8 Wyze Outdoor Cams, 6 Wyze V3 Cams, and one Wyze Doorbell Cam.

Reason for looking to go with other than Wyze is:

1. Wyze v3, Outdoor Cam & Doorbell are Not ONVIF or RTSP compliant (v2 cams have a firmware that you can flash on them, to get RTSP)
2. Wyze App is doesn't do Landscape mode on an iPad or Android Tablet very well at all, it's almost unusable
3. Wyze Cams have no subscription fee, if you are ok with 12 second clips, with a 5 minute 'Cooldown' period. (I call it a 5 minute "Blackout" period)
4. Wyze Cams that I listed above, are useless, IMO without the Cam Plus Subscription of $1.99 per camera per month.
5. Wyze Cams have no means to view in a browser on your PC/Mac (although, it's in the works, and only available if you pay for a Cam Plus Subscription)
6. Wyze Door Bell Cam is 4:3 aspect ratio, which is good for seeing packages down low, but, outputs the video feed sideways on Alexa Echo Show
7. Wyze V3 and Outdoor Cams not viewable on Alexa Echo Show
8. Wyze appears to prefer to milk the subscription cow as they move forward.

What I like about the Wyze Cams?

1. Price
2. The boxy little V3 cams and Outdoor Cams actually are inconspicuous, they don't look like a typical security camera, and that works well for how I use them outdoors.

My Wishlist, if even possible, is as follows:

1. ONVIF and/or RTSP compliant
2. NO subscription fees
3. Can use with 3rd party NVR's, such as Blue Iris.
4. Battery operated Outdoor style cams available, that I can place on my property like trail cams
5. Starlight Sensor for night vision
6. Person Detection, Pet Detection, Package Detection
7. Works with Alexa Echo Show (able to ask Alexa to show any of the camera's)
8. Any Native iPad or Android Tablet app is a true landscape app.



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Jul 24, 2015
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take a look at both amcrest or imou (dahua) lineup. Tested both, pleased with the performance at that price point. EZVIZ (Hik) indoor cam perform well, but the customer service was so bad, I promise myself will never buy again.