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Review-Dahua IPC-HFW1831C-PIR 4k Mini Bullet


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With the exception of Audio noise reduction turned off, time set, and channel name entered,
All settings at default.
Camera video recorded and exported from Blue Iris.

Be sure to choose 4k for play back of the last two videos.
Me walking up to camera activating PIR and siren.

In this video, when you hear the hissing noise, that is when the alarm is sounding.

Thanks to @looney2ns 's hardworking on the new camera testing, will bring more cams to test after our new year holiday.


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@looney2ns, You mentioned that you can speak into the camera using the gDMSS app, so it has two-way audio capabilities? Do you know if this will work with the Blue Iris App on iOS?
Yes, this function was just added. Simply select the camera in the BI dropdown.
If you want to use the PIR to trigger blue iris and also use audio you need to follow these directions.
IPC-HFW1831C-PIR 8MP WDR IR Mini Bullet Network Camera / Active Deterrence
Note that as usual, the audio is half duplex, not full.


This looks like a decent replacement for our current front door camera. We are using an Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP 2.8mm right now. The videos here that are not obviously ceiling mounted are where we would look to replace. Would also be handy to have a functioning speaker and a true outdoor camera.

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Hi Andy, do you know if there are any 2019 turrets due with the 1/1.8" sensor please?

I need to increase the MP of my overview camera due to a neighbour causing problems up and down our street!

Thanks in advance
right now still no news. I think will have some new around April. They release new ones at that time.


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@fenderman I am trying to figure out how to turn the siren off. Every time I move the camera, the siren goes off. I don't see anywhere in the setting to turn it off. Do you know how to turn the siren off? Thanks!


Some reason the audio is so quiet. I have the noise cancellation turned off and the mic and speaker at 100.