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Sep 29, 2019
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Orlando FL USA
Hello everyone, thanks in advance for your help.

I have a convience store in Orlando FL and am looking to upgrade my security cameras. With so may options and prize ranges its a little overwhelming when I have limited knowledge about cameras system. Any suggestions would be great.

*Mid range price wise $100 to $1000(lower their better but don't want to skim on picture quality)
10 to 14 cameras
*Wireless vs wired (never had wireless experience)
*Constant multichannel viewing is a must.
*Indoor and outdoor
*Dvr/cloud storage(I heard cloud is more reliable)

Thanks for helping me out.


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Sep 5, 2016
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Florida USA
Hi neighbor.

Figure cameras at $150-$200 ea. An NVR for say $300 to record
Stay away from cloud storage..lots of problems there
No No No to wireless.
Easy to view all channels local or remote via Dahua NVR and apps

Do you really need 10-14 cameras for a convenience store?

Glad to drop by and chat if you're on the north side, I dont venture south or near the Mouse House unless Im going to Miami or a funeral.


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Feb 15, 2018
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Houston Tx
I would go with one of two NVRs.
No wireless wiFi cameras, it will be down when you need it.
Get quality night low light cameras of outside.
No cloud anything. It will be down when you need it the most.

Camera placement is critical, two things, What happened and Who did it.
My standard welcome to the forum message.

Please read the cliff notes and other items in the wiki. The wiki is in the blue bar at the top of the page.

Read How to Secure Your Network (Don't Get Hacked!) | IP Cam Talk in the wiki also.

Quick start
1) Use Dahua starlight cameras or Hikvision darkfighter cameras or ICPT Night eye cameras ( if you need good low light cameras.
2) use a VPN to access home network (openVPN)
3) Do not use wifi cameras.
4) Do not use cloud storage
5) Do Not use uPNP, P2P, QR, do not open ports,
6) More megapixel is not necessarily better.
7) Avoid chinese hacked cameras (most ebay, amazon, aliexpress cameras(not all, but most))
8) Do not use reolink, ring, nest cameras (they are junk)
9) If possible use a turret camera , bullet collect spiders, dome collect dirt and reflect light (IR)
10) Use only solid copper, AWG 23 or 24 ethernet wire. , no CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum)
11) use a test mount to verify the camera mount location. My test rig: rev.2
12) (Looney2ns)If you want to be able to ID faces, don't mount cams higher than 8ft. You want to know who did it, not just what happened.
13) Use a router that has openVPN built in (Most ASUS, Some NetGear....)
14) camera placement use the calculator... IPVM Camera Calculator V3

Cameras to look at
IPC-HDW2231R-ZS Review-Dahua IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Starlight Camera-Varifocal
IPC-HDW5231-ZE Review-Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 800 meter capable ePOE
IPC-T5442TM-AS Review IPC-T5442TM-AS-LED (Full Color, Starlight+)
IPCT-HDW5431RE-I Review - IP Cam Talk 4 MP IR Fixed Turret Network Camera
IPC-T5442TM-AS - 4MP starlight+

My preferred indoor cameras

Read,study,plan before spending money ..... plan plan plan
Test do not guess