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    IP Camera recommendations

    If you have line-of-sight between the gate and a building that has Internet, Ubuiquiti's UniFi line has some cool and fairly inexpensive point-to-point radio solutions to extend Wifi. Dahua's smartphone app used to give you the...
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    Dahua Smart Motion Detection Setup

    @Wildcat_1 might have some insight on if any parts of SMD can be used outside of with Dahua NVRs. The feature that lets you quickly search through recordings seems like it would have to require a Dahua NVR, but I'm not sure if SMD can trigger recordings on VMS like Blue Iris. None of my...
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    Dahua IPC HDW 5442TM-AS best settings for night view??and face recognition

    If you haven't seen @wopi82's great post below, it's worth the read: Common issues with camera image | IP Cam Talk
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    Dahua IPC-HDW5442T-ZE 4MP Varifocal Turret - Night Perfomance testing

    Would be interesting to see what you think of Dahua's DORI specs vs. how you personally find the snapshot to be. Zoomed in all the way, Dahua's DORI values have the Recognize distance at 52 m/85.3 ft and the Identify distance at 13m/42.7 ft.
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    Review: Dahua IPC-EW5531-AS 5MP Fisheye Camera

    If you haven't already, try enabling WDR in Settings > Camera > Conditions > Backlight and then playing with the value (while it's bright outside).
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    NVR vs BlueIris. Which NVR for Dahua cams or build NVR? Power consumption?

    I don't think Blue Iris can directly use the newer Dahua AI camera features. For example, many of the newer camera models have a Face Detect feature that will pull images of faces from the video stream and save them separately on the NVR so you can easily flip through them. I'm pretty sure...
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    IPC 4k 8MP 25-30fps hard to find - current generations

    Yeah, that's how I started too. Over time as I added more and more cameras it forced a decision of either starting to reduce some FPS on cameras or throwing money towards adding more hard drive space. For me, it wasn't worth spending more money on HDD space when the only benefit was cars in...
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    Upgrading IPC-HDW5231R-ZE to 4K

    If you hover the mouse over the pointer, a little pop-up should appear to show you the current setting. Jot that down, then you can move the pointer to the sides to get the minimum/max settings, then repoint back to the current setting. It's unusual to see someone jump from a great low-light...
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    Dahua NEW Tioc Camera

    Wonder if that's a function of the f1.0 lens or just because it has so many lights and a loud speaker? :)
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    Fighting spider webs change from bullet to eyeball?

    FWIW, very easy. You can aim/rotate them just about any direction!
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    Blue Iris - Web Site (Preview Cameras blurry)

    In the Blue Iris app on the PC, at the top of the cameras where it says 'All cameras", click on the gear icon to the right. Should open an "All cameras" window with a Webcasting section. Play around with the "Specify Frame Size" resolution.
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    Blue Iris - Web Site (Preview Cameras blurry)

    On the bottom right of the web view should be a gear icon that controls the streaming rate, ..s ee what that's set to.
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    IPC-HDW5442T-ZE New cam from Dahua :)

    @strafer, seeing @Zimberto's post above made me remember this... if you want to mount the camera directly to the wall (i.e. not use a mount), you'll have to drill a larger hole in the wall in order to pass the camera's thicker waterproof Ethernet connection through the wall. There isn't extra...
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    IPC-HDW5442T-ZE New cam from Dahua :)

    This is a pic from @looney2ns's review below. The camera "ball" itself is waterproof (well, IP67 rated) no matter which way its aimed. You can pretty much rotate/aim these types of...
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    NVR for Dahua 5231 Starlight and a 6mp turret

    If you want to use the better motion detection in Dahua (IVS) and Hik (Smart Events), that's important if you're going the NVR route. Most NVRs don't have enough horsepower to do their own motion detection so they rely on the cameras to do their own. Most cameras have a "basic" motion detection...