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    Is there anyway to disable Dahua e-mail message: Alarm Event: TripwireStop ?

    I haven't seen anyone post a way to disable it. You might have some luck making an email rule that automatically deletes it.
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    Review Dahua OEM SD22204UE-GN by EmpireTech Andy

    If you take the dome off of the camera you should see some screw holes that let you mount the camera to a horizontal surface, like a ceiling. There should be three screws (and some wall anchors) in the box as well.
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    Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera

    For me it only happens with I make a camera change in BI that causes the "color bars" to appear for the camera for a few seconds, or when the BI service restarts (i.e. computer reboots).
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    Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera

    When programs like BI or ONVIF Device Manager connect to a Dahua camera and subscribe to PullPoint events (which is a way they can monitor the camera events), it usually results in motion detection becoming re-enabled on the Dahua camera. This is only an issue with Dahua cameras as far as I've...
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    Dahua 8mp Turrets - "low illuminance"

    Definitely seems like some of the smaller sensors (like 1/3") have been revamped.
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    New Starlight cameras

    If you have a stand-alone router, that should work. is the default IP address that Dahua cameras come set at. If you temporarily give your laptop a static 192.168.1x IP address, then plug it and the camera into the existing PoE switch, you should be able to connect to the camera...
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    Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera

    That’s new, so I don’t know. I hadn’t seen it until I looked at your screenshot. I configured BI to use IVS many versions ago and there was no Media profile box back then. So I guess whenever BI added that box it configured it automatically for me. My guess is that it’s related to what...
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    Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera

    Looks like Blue Iris did more changes in the ONVIF trigger area. I set my BI + IVS up along time ago, ... where it currently has a new text box for "Media profile" it used to have a checkbox for something about PullPoint Subscriptions. The Help for this tab doesn't seem to explain how the new...
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    If that’s the message that they want to convey then IMO it would have really helped if Fauci was on the same page yesterday. When there’s a politician (of any party) and a subject matter expert on a stage talking about the same subject, i think most people are going to give the SME’s thoughts...
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    Couple of camera suggestions

    I you want something lower-profile for the porch, you might consider these. Unsure if Andy has either in black, though:
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    Urgent!!! Amazon warehouse Stop accepting new stocks

    If anyone wants to play with a tool that does that, here's one:
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    Bugs causing false motion alerts

    You can try using IVS instead of Motion Detection. IVS has a minimum/maximum object size that you can set that can help reduce false alerts. It's not perfect, but it's usually a hell of a lot better than motion detection.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    This article has some interesting simulation animations in it:
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    If you haven’t already read any, one of the “flatten the curve” articles might help explain it.