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    Netgear Router or Pfsense build?

    It depends on your comfort level and willingness to learn. For me it was not overkill. My preference is to go with solutions that give me options, and I also prefer open source. I like PF because the source code is open and is heavily scrutinized. If you go with a system that is closed...
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    Can I share BI camera feed with a noon BI user?

    Couldn't you give them access to the web interface and limit the camera you want them to see based on their username in BI? "Share one of my camera streams" is pretty open-ended. Without an app, how would they process the stream?
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    Need help trying to set up VPN

    I believe the VPN section you are accessing is for site-to-site VPN. You need remote access VPN. What other VPN choices does your router give?
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    LTS camera quality

    I got the 3042 and I wish the starlight cameras were as available as they are now. I would go the starlight route if I were to do over. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissatisfied at all with LTS or the 3042. I mistakenly thought more MP meant better picture. During the day that might be the...
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    New BrickerBot malware intentionally bricks unprotected IoT devices

    Hopefully it gives the folks who say "I've got nothing to hide. Who cares if someone views my feed" something new to think about. They might care if it ruins their investment and they need to buy a new device.
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    New BrickerBot malware intentionally bricks unprotected IoT devices

    Folks - be extremely careful with uPnP and port forwarding, and understand exactly which ports you have open to the internet. There is apparently a new bot similar to Mirai who's only goal is to intentionally brick your devices. Sometimes the changes are permanent. See the article below: New...
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    Aftermath of a good samaritan action

    In the case of the good samaritan, it's a shame one has to second guess everything when doing the right thing should be a no-brainer.
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    New member, home cctv help

    I had this same question. Did you check out the IPVM calculator online yet? Camera Calculator / Design SoftwareYou can use google earth to plug in cameras with different lens sizes and see what the picture looks like. I ordered one camera from Milk, put it on a 2x4, and tried different...
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    Remote property broken into...

    I would not use SimpliSafe, nor would I recommend them to any of my family or friends. They designed their systems with no way to upgrade the firmware, and the technology is susceptible to a replay hack on the wireless arm/disarm commands. SimpliSafe brushed it off. There's a major, unfixable...
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    Any thoughts on using password managers?

    I use Keypass for personal use and Roboform for work use. The idea is that you use different passwords for everything in case one is compromised. Anything is better than using the same password for everything.
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    Only able to connect locally through PfSense firewall/router

    Your android phone would run the openvpn app in addition to the BI app. You run the openvpn app, connect, then run the BI app. As far as the BI app is concerned, you are connected to the LAN. The VPN software on your phone tunnels the BI communication into your network through the firewall.
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    Only able to connect locally through PfSense firewall/router

    Since you are using PFsense as your firewall/router, I strongly urge you to look into using OpenVPN rather than an inbound NAT. It is built-in and will provide much more security than the BI app will. You are essentially entrusting the security of your whole network and any device attached to...
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    @ nayr - networking question

    Your best bet is to look at yard sales and classifieds and buy some older used equipment (router, switch, firewall, etc) and play around with it yourself. The best place to start in my opinion is one of the O'Reilly books. I used an older edition of this one when I first stared out: TCP/IP...
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    Proper Way to Update Blue Iris?

    Thanks. I never thought to look there. Don't you have to install it to gain access to the help file?
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    Proper Way to Update Blue Iris?

    Are there formal release notes for the updates? I know fenderman provides some basic ones on the forum, but I can't find anything on their website outside the "most recent features" bullet list. It would really help determine if an update should be installed or left go. If I missed it, my...