1. cvsanthosh

    Secure CCTV for home

    Hi, I am looking for a good secure CCTV for home. Skeptical of Chinese brands Dahua/HIKvision due to issue of data security. Please pass on any recommendations/good brands. Thanks
  2. K

    On what factors camera installation charges depends?

    I want to know that on what factors installation charges depends? I want to know the installation camera charges price in karachi, pakistan?
  3. D

    First time home CCTV network setup

    Hi everybody! I am soon to become a fresh home security system owner and I am trying to understand a few things about the camera setup, especially the network side is a bit unclear to me. As far as sensors for siren alarm are concerned, I got that covered with a security contractor but I wanted...
  4. I

    Hikvision audio warning camera cctv

    Hi guys I’m currently in the market for a new camera for one of my premises. I wanted a camera that gives a audio warning message when triggered and even flashing light if possible but the light is not totally essential! I have come across hikvision DS-2Cd2t46g1-41/sl My question is has...
  5. CandyMan_ZA

    I am experiencing a few problems with my Ubiquiti and Dahua CCTV System

    I am experiencing a few problems with my Dahua CCTV System. Let me explain. This is what I have; NVR DHI-NVR4116HS-8P-4KS2 System Version: 3.215.0000000.4, Build Date: 2018-01-19 Litebeam LBE-5AC-Gen2 (x1) Firmware version: WA.v8.4.2 Litebeam LiteAP AC LAP-120 (x1) Firmware version...
  6. J

    Hikvision driving me mad

    Bought a 204G-F1 Hikvision 4 Camera Kit Plugged it all in, it powers up, start up screen appears onto the tv, then turns off again. Any advice?
  7. H

    Hikvision DS 7204 missing important moments in continuous recording

    Hi, I've been having this issue for a while with my DVR and I've tried a bunch of different settings to try and resolve it. I've had a couple of problems with people randomly trespassing and doing other silly things on my property and each time I try and review the footage it seems that there...
  8. J

    HikVision 7708 blocked on port 8000

    Hi Guys i am running numerous HikVision NVR's on 4G routers for my customers. i have an issue where every once in a while an NVR will just stop communicating over the web. when getting to site to investigate, the router is still online and working and the NVR is still online and working but...
  9. RexLoves

    Android as IP camera on dahua

    I wonder if someone did this as my android as ip camera connected on dahua like how ip cctv camera does. Anyone?
  10. C

    Hikvision Camera Not saving to PC

    Hi there, I am new to the HikVision product. For testing purposes this ipcamera is setup without network access (similar to cctv). I am able to record motion footage schedule onto sd card (32Gig) but not directly to the pc. There is an option to record still shots of the motion, which I was...
  11. D

    What are your thoughts on your video surveillance system?

    Hi All, I'm doing a survey as part of my computer science coursework and would really appreciate any help. Unfortunately, I have no other selling points to entice you further in to taking the survey other than: you get to use your keyboard and your computer, and you get to think for a bit...
  12. Smir

    Recommend a NVR POE package around £200ish

    £300 limit So was going to buy an Annke POE 4CH set... but after searching the forums Annke is one to avoid?... Now I do have "Server" I could use.... I have Dell T20 unused in its box, no idea how to set it up.. can anyone recommend anywhere? preferable on Amazon, I'd buy from anywhere...
  13. J

    blurry (hik)vision DS-2CD63C2F-IVS

    Hi cctv gurus. I've got this DS-2CD63C2F-IVS 12mp fisheye and I just cant get a good image out of it. I've fiddled and changed every setting I can see and not getting anywhere. I've attached some screenshots for your consideration. As you can see in eg1; the bush looks like a painting! Any...
  14. Damers101

    Here From AZ

    What's up guy's, I'm just a guy good at his job! I'm starting out in my own now and it's super spooky but going ok. I want to help you guys and create myself a name. It seems to be when I train they don't retain so let's do this.
  15. N

    Dual NVR Switching question

    Hi I have two Hikvision CCTV NVRs each has a HDMi & Lan output and I wish to view both NVrs on one HDTV, however I want it to auto switch between the two sources. Can anyone recommend a way to do this? Thanks for looking.
  16. S

    CCTV replacment advice please?

    Hi, Where I work we have in the region of 25 cameras. They are a mixture of indoor and outdoor, DVR and record to NAS and camera with on board SD card. The reason it is like this is because it has grown over time. We are looking at replacing the whole system with a single system with a single...
  17. cryptelli

    IR Illuminators Options / Suggestions

    Hi All, I am looking at improving my lighting on one camera which currently looks down the side of the house. Since it is mounted with a PFB203W (wall mount) and without trying to encroach on the neighbours is parallel with the brick work causing the IRs to blast the bricks more than the...
  18. T

    Stay away from - Aimsecu

    Edit by fenderman: Warning I am a spammer. I spam for a company called Aimsecu. They are SPAMMERS and cannot be trusted. This post will stay up here to remind everyone that they should stay away from aimsecu. Let this be a warning to other spammers. Aimsecu Above Automation –...
  19. M

    4MP Hikvision camera issues with blurry images and artifacts mainly at night.

    Hi all, I am having problems with my new Hikvision camera especially at night. Static images seem to be fine but any movement and all i get is blurry pictures and artifacts. I have uploaded a small clip to youtube to show you what I mean. I have used factory settings for this clip and...
  20. neilmilson

    Say hi from Protruly

    Hi, This is Neil from Protruly, one of Chinese CCTV manufacturers, one listed company Protruly designs, develops and sells CCTV surveillance products, CCTV cameras, IP PTZ cameras, video wall, car night vision system, LCD advertising displays, digital...