ivms 4200

  1. S

    Newbie question - Is it sensible to use an NVR for recording images from remote IP Cameras or should I use an alternative method?

    Apologies in advance for asking such a simple question but I have 5 Hikvision cameras at different remote sites all with different (No-ip) IP addresses and I'd like to store any images off site. I have iVMS-4500 and Hik-Connect on my Android phone as well as iVMS-4200 Client on my PC...
  2. V

    After every reboot network settings are restoring.

    Hi everyone, I own hikivision DS-7B08HUHI-K1 DVR. I have turned on live view for mobile app to remote monitering of cameras. But after every reboot or power failure the networks settings are gone and interrupting my remote view. Remaining all settings like admin password, use password, other...
  3. B

    DS-KB6403-WIP and iVMS 4200

    Hello, thanks for allowing me to enter the forum. I have the following problem: 1) I have a Wi-Fi Video Doorbel Hikvision model "DS-KB6403-WIP" and I need to put a fixed IP to it, so that if the power goes out, when it restarts, it always keeps the same IP. 2) I have installed the iVMS 4200...
  4. Mihaitz222222

    Getting the footage from Hikvision devices.

    Hello! I have a few Hikvision dvrs and i was wondering what is the best way to get the full quality footage. I've been downloading it through ivms 4200 and then using another app to convert it so it can be played it without their player. If this is the best way, what software do you recommend to...
  5. P

    Hikvison post Motion Detection

    I am trying to review a week of cameras footage. The DVR/Camera was not setup on motion detection and was set to continuously record. I would like to narrow down if something moved in the section of the footage. The VCA option would be perfect but it don't seem to work unless it was already...
  6. O

    Starting Video Tutorial making

    I have make one video. Could you please let me know any mistake I had in video Hikvision cameras view from PC or Laptop - IVMS4200 lite Video :
  7. F

    iVMS problem - one camera now highlighting every moving object in red brackets

    Somehow while setting up the cameras line crossing detection, I've managed to also make it track every in frame moving object with red brackets. I've tried reversing my steps, but I can't remove the brackets and so far google searching has been less than helpful. Any ideas on how to turn these...
  8. R

    Problems with Hikvision CCTV images

    Hi, I have a Hikvision CCTV system with 2 NVRs recording images from 177 IP cameras that are connected to my LAN. I also have a desktop running iVMS-4200. Lately, the images in the live view are very lagged and sometimes distorted (pixels get very messed when there are movement). The worse part...
  9. K

    IVMS adding camera issue

    Hi guys, Im having some trouble with the IVMS software... After I ve added an IP cam on the nvr through the Web browser it wasn't showing on the IVMS even after various rebooting and refreshing so I had to delete that specific nvr and add it again which made the trick. My problems now is that...
  10. Alexutzz

    IVMS 4200 Not connecting.

    Hi! I am encountering a very weird issue. I opened ivms for the first time this day and i wasn't logged in. I tried to log in, and after the "You are now logged in...." message, i still wasn't logged in. I tried multiple times, on different computers, any ideas?
  11. R

    Hikvision iDS-2CD6810F/C People Counting Camera Data question.

    Does anyone have any experience in setting up the iDS-2CD6810F/C People Counting Camera. I can not find where or how it uploads the data? Does it upload to the NVR? Does it upload to the IVMS? Does the information just sit on the camera's internal storage? I can not seem to find any...
  12. M

    iVMS-4200 needs a different username or password?

    iVMS-4200 finds my NVR-216-E/16P and IPC-D220-IZ, as does SADP. However, after I Add them it says that they're Offline and hovering over that text says the password is incorrect: "Incorrect password. You still have 4 chances. Please try again". I'm using the same user 'admin' and the same...
  13. P

    problem with iVMS-4200

    Hello all, I have a problem with iVMS-4200 WEB playback if you can please help me to solve this problem i can playback to iVMS-4200 client but can't in web client, web client have liveview and all configure funtction works but this playback not how to configure?
  14. R

    Northern NTH-IP4D problems live playback

    We have two NTH-NVR16POE with 22 cameras spread across them. One NTH-IP4D recently stopped showing up when I connect iVMS 4200 to the appropriate NVR a week ago. I get the error code 91 failed to get stream, start reconnection. I added this camera to the other NVR and get the same error on live...
  15. M

    Ivms-4200 device limit

    Hello, can anyone help me? i want to add into IVMS-4200 around 300 devices, but the app has a limit of 256 devices. Can i do something to increase the limit range? Or maybe a software alternative for hikvision
  16. dazboj

    iVMS-4200 no live view

    Hi, I used to use iVMS (Mac) just fine, however I updated my NVR a couple of weeks ago and now I cannot get any live view to work in iVMS. Live view works just fine in the NVR's web view and also in the Hit-Connect iOS app. I have the NVR added to iVMS (Mac) and can view/edit all the settings...
  17. H

    iVMS and web view show blank video, but playback works

    I have a new DS-7616NI-E2/16P, with the latest firmware, but Live View shows a blank screen. The video on the device directly works fine, and playback video displays fine as well. Interestingly, this occurs in both the web Interface of Internet Explorer as well as when using iVMS-4200 client...
  18. B

    Hikvision IVMS server schedule configuration

    i set up 5 cameras on my house its run smooth and good. i tried to install ivms 4200 to the computer in my office to view my house and its work, the problem now is i tried set up the server and its recording to my computer in my office at the shedule configuration is disabled. any one have an...
  19. DMC. CCT

    HIKVISION IVMS 4200 Problems

    Hi All, recently installed cctv system for multi-store market and everythings work fine with HIKVISION DS-7204HQHI-K2 DVR. Then my client requested to link all cctv system together and plan to watch live view in HQ office. Done configured using Hikconnect ( was using dyndns but worst) and...
  20. J

    Cant log into IVMS but can log into web GUI ?

    Ive been trying to update a DS-7608NI-E2 / 8P/A NVR - From V3.4.90 build 161008 to the latest firmware. If i i go through the web dashboard on a Mac using safari with the plugin installed i get an error that the firmware cant be updated. I created a thread about this and someone suggested i...
  21. J

    Hikvision PCNVR Storage Server Cellular Usage

    Hello All, I have set up a hikvision PCNVR and the location has a cellular modem for internet. Latest version of IVMS. When storage server is running about 250 MB/Hr of data is being uploaded according to cellular usage statistics. Camera and PCNVR are both on the local subnet - Camera is...
  22. J

    HDMI to new 4k TV with HDMI ARC = NVR ISSUE

    Hope this is not an Off-Topic" post but it is an odd thing, rather long due to the explanation. I'd like to know if anyone else has had this happen. NVR stops functioning when connected via HDMI "CEC" to a Smart Sony TV and Denon Reciever. Gear: Hik NVR 8 port POE - 2 Hikvision cameras NEW...
  23. R

    Hacked FW Upgraded "Successfully", But...

    In 2014, I bought my first 3 Hikvision cameras (DS-CD2132-I) from Amazon. Since then I've always purchased them through a distributor. I just added a new camera to this bunch and decided to upgrade the iVMS-4200 software and the camera firmware so that all could use hik-connect. The upgrade to...
  24. A

    new newb seeking advice on software

    Hello everyone. I just signed up because i have exhausted all my sources and need both help and opinions. Having issues with my programs. Ivms 4200, or Blue Iris Equipment: Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I (x14) Hikvision DS-2CD2T42WD-I5 (x4) HikvisionDS-2DE4220-AE (x3) Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-IS (x9)...
  25. JimLudden

    iVMS-4200 on Mac OS X

    I have a DS-2CD3T35-I5 which has taken me three days (off and on) to get 'working'. I can see the image in Safari locally, and in iVMS-4500 on my iPhone remotely. However, using iVMS-4200 v1.02.03.02 on my Mac, I can see this device as online and Active, but cannot Main View the image. I do not...
  26. M

    Problem of Output Display from iVMS

    hello to dear experts I have a problem on iVMS program when displayed to TV, this message is showing: Equipment that are in use: Asus Mini PC Vivo "cpu i5 6200u Ram 4GB HDD 1TB Windows 7 x64 " before I tested by windows 10 x64 but there was noise in all channels of program. I need to help Best...
  27. H

    issue : ivms downloaded videos on multiple files

    Hello everyone , i'm having an issue when downloading ivms 4200 playback videos , they come on multiple files like that is there any solution to have them on one file ps : i'm usinf PCNVR Many thanks
  28. G

    IVMS 4200 Storage Server - add HDD

    Hi When i configure the Storage Server, I would like to add a Network HDD. But at the "Configuring the HDD Parameters", I can't see any HDD and I can't add some manually. Where can I add e Networt HDD for my recordings? Thx
  29. A

    Ivms 4200

    Hi This Is allwyn My Device Id DS-7116HWI-SL1620130726AAWR428255336WCVU How to reset My password PLS