1. jiriteach

    Dahua IPC-HFW1831C-PIR 4k Mini Bullet Cloud Record?

    Hi - Does anyone know how to set these up to record alerts to Dahua's cloud? I effectively use both iDMSS and IMOU. The camera is working fine with PIR alerts functioning. Pushing notifications coming through on both apps but its not recording alerts to Dahua's cloud. I have an active...
  2. Bigmak

    New to camera systems but being specific

    Hello all, hoping somebody can help me. I looking to set up an outdoor security system for my home. After doing endless research, I can’t find what I want. Here’s a rundown: 1) I want an 8 channel nvr system that supports 4K and comes with software to monitor via Apple computers. 2) I don’t...
  3. M

    Outdoor PIR+MW that are pet friendly suggestion to work with BI

    Hi, After reading on this forum a lot i purchased Blue Iris and 6 Hikvision cameras for outside of my house. Really happy with the cameras but I'm getting a lot of false detections and want to interface some sensors to BI to activate recording and send alerts. Can anyone recommend best sensor...
  4. R

    Building PC with both ip camera and alarm I/O capability

    The NVR I am looking to buy lacks sufficient alarm I/O contacts for things like PIRs and water sensors. Rather than buying a more expensive NVR just to get more alarm I/O, I want to price a dedicated PC system. For camera management, I would connect a switch with built-in POE to the PC running...
  5. SouthernYankee

    HIKVISION combine Motion and PIR

    Is there a configuration method in the HIKVISION cameras to combine the PIR event and the Motion event ? Create event when both motion and PIR are detected. This would reduce the number of false events. Or am I way off course. I am using HIKVISION DS-2CD2442FWD and DS-2CD2432FWD
  6. S

    false alarms with PIR detectors (alternatives? , recommedations?)

    Hi! I'm getting extremely frustrated with false alarms from PIR detectors. We have a cold storage building and here in northern europe temperature changes are problematic with pir detectors. Also some of the neighbours cats like visit our storage (there are a few places where they can get in...
  7. P

    Outdoor POE with PIR camera recommendations?

    Hi, Does anyone know of any outdoor POE cameras with built-in PIR triggering? I would like to use them with my Blue Iris setup (similar to how the DS-2CD2432F-IW PIR integrates with Blue Iris but outdoor). I currently have 6 DS-2CD2332-I cameras deployed outdoor, but I get so many false...
  8. X

    Use Foscam C1 PIR sensor with blue iris?

    Hey all, some googling didn't bring up much, but I was hoping maybe someone here has managed to, or knows of a way, to use the PIR sensor on the Foscam C1 to trigger motion detection. I do see an option to use "cameras digital input or motion", and it does seem to put blue iris into the alert...
  9. sygad1

    PIR camera issues - help please

    Hi All, I recently decided to buy a PIR POE camera from AliExpress. Despite it being Onvif compatible, I cannot for the life of me get it to play nicely with BI, i've used the supplied software to change the IP address so my network see's it, I can also get a live feed in Internet Explorer...
  10. beek

    Is there such thing as a POE powered PIR activated IR Illuminator??

    I recently picked up some indoor Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW camera's and have configured my Hikvision DVR to to use the PIR built into the camera's and just love it for my use case. I would like to use the PIR for my outdoor camera's and improve my false motion alerts especially at night. So, is...
  11. R

    New DS-2CD2142FWD-IWS owner questions and Event vs Motion.

    Hi. I own a DS-2CD2142FWD-IWS, and in "Storage > Schedule Settings > Record Schedule" I don't understand the difference between Motion and Event. Isn't Motion an Event? I have the S version, can I hook up a PIR sensor? Is having a local microSD card better or using a NAS drive? It seems like...
  12. S

    New Foscam C1 PIR Motion Detect

    I like the idea of PIR motion detect cause I always end up with spider Webs triggering motion LOL Any idea of BI will recognize alerts from the new C1 from Fosscam ? Thanks, Grey