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Unable to Access Hikvision NVR through LAN IP

I have a Hikvision 7108 SN/P and cannot seem to access it on the local LAN. I cannot ping it from a machine or access the web interface. However it reports that it is actually connected to the network and I can even use the app to access the cameras. I can access the web interface using the external DDNS address or external IP address.

I have tried forwarding ports and turning them off and all are the same.
I am using a Netgear AC1900 router with the cameras connected to the NVR and the NVR connected to a powerline adapter to my router.
I cannot work out whats wrong.


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Presumably you are accessing the NVR via the HDMI/VGA video interface. You should be able to see the NVR IP address and compare it with your PC IP address.
Have you tried the Hikvision Windows tool SADP on a PC?
This will find all Hikvision devices on LAN that the PC is connected to, and show their IP address.
'Forwarding ports' is not relevant when accessing devices on the LAN. It's purpose is to poke holes in the router firewall so that inbound access to the LAN is allowed from the big bad internet.
I accessed it via the HDMI interface and it reports the correct IP which I had already pulled from my router. IP is

However this IP address is inaccessible from other LAN devices.


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However this IP address is inaccessible from other LAN devices
OK, so assuming at least one of these devices is a PC, at a command prompt:
What's the IPv4 address listed using 'ipconfig'?
Paste here the output of the command 'tracert'
The IPV4 address is so its the same subnet.

Tracert fails at the first hop. I'm not at the site to do the full tracert but I have tried it already.


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If tracert fails immediately, we need to find out more about the LAN configuration in order to provide any helpful ideas.
As I'm sure you know - local access on the same segment should simply work.
Some questions if I may:

Have you tried to reach the NVR from more than one PC / computer?
Does the PC have any sophisticated network protection such as 'Symantec Endpoint Protection' which would by default block access to any resources not explicitly allowed?
Do the NVR and the PC IP configuration have the same subnet mask, which would normally be ?
Are the PC and NVR wired to the same switch or router Ethernet ports?
If you use the PC to ping or tracert to the router IP address (assumed to be does it give a successful result?
If you use the PC to ping or tracert to another device on the same subnet does it give a successful result?


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Was the Hikvision SADP tool as mentioned earlier, given a try to see if the http port has been altered ?


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Here is a dumb question - with apologies for asking it:
Is the powerline adaptor at the NVR end connected to a PoE port of the NVR, or to the LAN port?
Well not sure what I did but these are the steps I followed which got it working.

I messed around with the ports turning off uPNP and setting ports manually and also turning uPNP off on router. Seemed not to make a difference.

I then proceeded to reboot the router and the uPNP was turned on again automatically on the NVR. Now for some reason it appears to work and is accessible from within the LAN and also outside. Not sure what kicked it into life. Maybe both steps did it.


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I've not yet found a powerline adapter that works correctly with Hikvision's NVR.
And it would go on the lan for the web access.


Getting the hang of it
I recently noticed if its a port issue you get a message that states "unable to connect" this can be helpful in comparison to other errors such as page cannot be displayed which means you have no connection at all.