1. stepan123

    Is this network diagram valid?

    Hello, i am a newbie so please dont judge me - i just tried to visualize how my new network in family house should be, do you think the components and logics is ok? Isnt there something I am missing? Can I take the LAN from switch to the outlet and then from the other outlet straight into the...
  2. S

    <SOLVED> Notification for whenever a home router is switched off - is there an easy method?

    Our Hikvision IP cameras are installed at remote properties and the easy way to disable them is to simply switch off the router. Is there any simple method of creating an alert when a router is switched off?
  3. saltwater

    UniFi Routers - throughput speeds

    Ok, I've already got myself (ordered, to be delivered) a UniFi 48 port POE switch, primarily to power a dozen or so cameras and 5 UniFi wireless access points. It is my preference to stay with UniFi, so will be purchasing a cloud-key and router. Having read and re-read the specs of the...
  4. Quardah

    In need of advice to plan creating network (hardware mostly)

    Hey folks. I have been reading a lot on this forum and i have some questions before making a move. I would like assistance from senior with experience in this domain it would be greatly appreciated. As a quick and brief introduction, i got into this new home and i would like to setup a network...
  5. rifaazeem

    Geovision ADR1300- IP Camera not working through switch/router ports

    Hi all, If anyone could assist me on this issue will be much appreciated. situation cable from camera to Rack side ( aprox 120 meters) but it has separate power source nearby the camera, when connecting directly to the laptop its working and pinging without even 1 drop out. but when i connect...
  6. Renzokuken

    NVR and Router Setup

    Brand new to all this, so any detailed help would be super appreciative Building a home that's approximate 5000 sqft, builder prewired for all tv locations and external cameras with Cat6/Coax wiring to the utility room (front of the house). I wanted to setup modem (CM1000) and router (Asus...
  7. P

    Looking for a NOOB friendly OpenVPN VLAN supported router

    Picked up some cameras, now time to work on the network. I will be purchasing a new router and am looking for advice on the right model. I'm looking to support VPN and also VLANs to segregate my cameras from the rest of the network. I would like to be able to use a UI and not have to use a CLI...
  8. M

    multiple blue iris installations

    So what I have to do is monitor the parking lot (1 or 2 cameras) at several small trailer parks we run. I have high speed internet at each park, with cat5 to each trailer. I have two options: 1. wire every IP camera to its local router and monitor everything from home with BI over the...
  9. N

    Nanostation M5 with Hikvision Cameras

    Hello, I’ve done a lot of reading online on the ubnt website and other websites as well and I can’t seem to find the answer that I’m looking for so I’m really hoping you guys can help me out! My question is how many Nanostation's would I need to link up 3 cameras, from about 120 feet away from...
  10. E

    WiFi Signal Path Identification

    I have a home webcam setup (four cameras) which includes a Netgear R7000P Router and also a Netgear EX6200V2 Range Extender used to reach out to a shop building about 150 feet from the house. Some times I get intermittent dropouts from the shop webcam and I suspect that it is connecting with the...
  11. Dingrow

    Router Crashes whenever switch is connected please help noob out

    Alright so i'm very new to the IP Camera world so please be patient with me. Basically i'm currently working on setting up a 55 IP camera system I have 3 unmanaged 24ch switches: PoE Switch / 24CH + 2 Gigabit SFP / 10/100/1000 Base-T / / 24Ch Powered / 370W now i know its a waste to...
  12. Mike K

    Router/Modem IP Addresses?

    I have a "Fing" app on my phone and it's real handy for viewing all my devices and their respective IP addresses on my various different LANs. However, what I'm not sure about is if there is a separate and unique IP address other than the default Gateway address for the Modem when it is built...
  13. S

    Cams work directly to router -- not through switch?

    Hi, I picked up two inexpensive IP cameras to try out last week. They each have a POE injector, and I tested both of them connected to my router and both worked fine (simultaneously). I don't have enough ports on my router to dedicate a port to each camera (and I may add more cameras in the...
  14. Mike K

    Is anyone using "SpiceWorks" to monitor there network?

    SpiceWorks is free SW and returns a lot of good performance data on critical network components, but I'm having some trouble setting up the SNMP string for my router. Anyone else using this SW?
  15. S

    iPhone monitoring stopped after router flashing

    I recently flashed my home router with new firmware, then did my standard port-forward (82 and 8000) to allow me external monitoring of my Hikvision NVR (I am looking at a VPN later, but that’s another story). After port forwarding, I received new IP addresses from my ISP and I can (again)...
  16. jwilliams17349

    Genius Vision Mobile App Help

    I have been having much difficulty trying to get the Genius Vision mobile app working away from my local network. I have it set it up and working on my local network; however, away from the mobile network the app just has a constant spinner when clicking on the same connection that was working...
  17. Skippy200

    Internet connection not working

    we got a new hickvision system and we were able to check the camera's online but this is not working anymore, we can watch the camera's when we in reach of the wifi of the house. I would think something in the router is not working but I can watch replays online ?
  18. B

    Setting up a VPN: FiOS Actiontec Router; Win10

    Given Nayr’s excellent “VPN Primer for Noobs” manifesto, I want to forego my earlier planned port forwarding approach and implement a VPN solution (thus reducing the amount of port forwarding). Am looking for any pointers on what I am planning. I hope this is the most appropriate forum to post...
  19. C

    Why does no one set up their IP Cameras in this fashion?

    I am currently trying to set up some Dahua cameras using just a Laptop+Blue Iris connected to a POE Switch which is then connected to all the cameras (no router involved). Essentially, I am trying emulate an off the shelf NVR, where everything pertaining to video surveillance happens in its own...
  20. Mike K

    Router Selection ?

    I very much like this TRENDnet router [ ] for my security system. It has many nice features and should work fine for my security system except for one thing. The operating temperature range is specified for 32 to...
  21. P

    Kkmoon 809

    Hi! Im making an application with APP Inventor V2, and I wanted to connect the camara (Kkmoon 809) video and audio in my application. For that I need to find out how i can find the IP Adress of my product. I was thinking that if i somehow could conect the camera to my router i could see its IP...
  22. Fastb

    Wireless Camera - Use Wifi Access Point?

    All, My system: Dahau NVR4216 --> POE switch --> tbd WiFi box --> tbd wireless camera (eg: Reolink RLC-410WS 4-Mp) Should I use a WiFi Router or a WiFi Access Point? My concern: Will the wireless cameras be on a different sub-net if they're on the other side of a WiFi Router? Some cameras...
  23. B

    Zyxel ZyWall firewall router worth the $

    Does anyone have any experience with using a Zyxel ZyWall firewall router? I would like to have a secure remote viewing connection and am wondering if a firewall router is necessary? If not, any recommendations on best way to set up secure remote connection or VPN? A Zyxel ZyWall USG50 is...
  24. Halflife390

    Connecting IP Cameras TO Hikvision NVR

    Hello I have the DS-7600 NVR from Hikvision and also have a bullet camera. Upon plugging it it it works fine and automatically set itself up. However I wanted to add my small Tenvis JPT3815w-HD camera to the NVR but it does not seem to work. I have tried editing all the settings but it just...
  25. C

    Help setting up DDNS/VPN behind a Verizon FiOS modem

    I have (4) Hikvision cameras (all four are model DS-2CD2332-I) installed and am using the iVMS software to record two cameras 24/7 and one camera to record (and e-mail photos) using the intrusion detection feature. I still haven't figured out why the "pre-record" doesn't work, but figuring...
  26. R

    Make DS-2CD2032-I available to the public

    Hi, Please excuse me for asking this question as it must have been asked a 1000 times. I did search this forum but could not find the answer I am looking for... I did manage to open the port on my router and access my camera(s) from the outside. However I still need to enter the username and...
  27. E

    Unable to Access Hikvision NVR through LAN IP

    I have a Hikvision 7108 SN/P and cannot seem to access it on the local LAN. I cannot ping it from a machine or access the web interface. However it reports that it is actually connected to the network and I can even use the app to access the cameras. I can access the web interface using the...
  28. Sonah

    Help me Connect to my P2P-IP Cam

    Hi I have a big problem nobody know how to Solve it I buy P2P-IP Camera from aliexpress because I want to Monitor my home from my smart phone using the Android app YIPC my IP camera is : HD P2P Wireless IP Camera 720P H.264 P/T IR-Cut Night Vision Motion Detection login: admin password: 12345...
  29. M

    Hikvision NVR remote access trouble through

    I have a NVR 7808N-SH NVR that I am trying to get remote access to via Have followed various documents online but cannot find where the issue lies. Ports 80, 8000 and 554 are forwarded in my Billion router (and also tried alternatives). Checked using When the...