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    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    Does work with Deepstack? I'm on currently.
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    Internet speed: I finally have something to brag about!

    Static IP, nice. I'm jealous.
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    Surveillance system design for a camper

    One source of ideas might be exterior school bus cameras, you know, the ones that get you a $200 ticket if you pass it when the lights are flashing. They surely must be vandal resistant.
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    Idiot Pass

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    Idiot Pass

    In the rain no less.
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    First time installing CCTV...Have some questions.

    My late uncle who was a Bell System installer and my mentor called it "duck sh*t." He is missed.
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    Remember, these people are allowed to vote .... even encouraged to vote ...

    Google "Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"
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    DS model to detect landscapers aka "lawnguy"

    That was it! Lol mystery solved. Thanks!!
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    DS model to detect landscapers aka "lawnguy"

    I distinctly remember seeing a DS model that identified landscapers holding a leaf blower as "lawnguy" but for the life of me I can't find it again. Does any of this sound familiar? I thought it was on IPCT but my old brain isn't cooperating.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    They're not congressional hearing, they're congressional talkings.
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    SD29204T-GN latest Firmware ?

    I would also like to get the latest firmware for the DH-SD29204T-GN and its unbranded siblings, especially if it enables native viewing in the browser w/o flash or plugins like the newer Dahuas do.
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    IP based PTZ camera

    As a rule I avoid anything with goofy brand names that sound like they were generated by an algorithm from comp sci 101, especially when the same thing is sold under a dozen other similarly goofy brand names.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    It gets worse... What does google mean by "threats to open societies?" Ya think this guy:
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    The only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)