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    Rotated Views with IPC-HDW5231R-ZE

    Hi All, I am trying to set up a IPC-HDW5231R-ZE such that the image is rotated by 90 degrees and also such that the date/timestamp and the channel title show up at the right top corner and the bottom left corner respectively. I had a few clarifications here: 1) Is the actual 90 degree rotation...
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    Water-Proof Junction box vs Wall Mount Bracket

    was thinking about the PFA130-E:
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    Water-Proof Junction box vs Wall Mount Bracket

    @mat200 , thanks for confirming I'll check to see if I have the hole on the side. Just to confirm the junction box definitely has the side hole for the conduit, right? Thanks again.
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    Water-Proof Junction box vs Wall Mount Bracket

    Hi All, Newbie here, and I wanted a basic clarification on the water-proof junction box vs the wall-mount bracket. My understanding is that if I use the junction box outdoors, it does have holes on its outside so that I send an external wire conduit or a bare cat 5e cable through the hole...
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    About Mounting of Cameras

    @looney2ns , your wall mount image seems very clean and professional. Would you mind sharing how you are running the ethernet cable from the outside to your switch/router? Is the cable running done inside the garage/home? I am also planning a similar install, but I have a raised ceiling so I...
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    Hikvision vs Dahua

    I'm a newbie to the forum, and have been here only for a few weeks. Coming into the forum, my understanding is that Hikvision holds the larger security camera market share (probably largest?) compared to Dahua. I know that Dahua is the super-star here, especially the starlight series sensors...
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    Andy’s fancy cameras install

    @dudemaar , I was curious how you are running the PoE cables to these cameras. I'm currently planning my installs too, and I was looking for ideas. For e.g., the 1st picture on the side of your front door, I was curious how you are running the cable to your PoE switch. Thanks!
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    Outdoor ethernet cable?

    I was also thinking running the cable to the attic internally. Will explore both options.
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    Outdoor ethernet cable?

    Sure, thanks for the suggestion. I'm planning to install 2 cameras closer to the 1st floor. So I am worried about running cables from closer to the 2nd floor down(attic) to the 1st floor.
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    Outdoor ethernet cable?

    Hi all, Newbie here! I already have indoor cat 5e cable from monoprice. I'm looking to use it for installing a few cameras around my home. Depending on the location of the camera, when bringing the ethernet cable to my attic (its 2 story home with attic on the 3rd floor if you will) I expect a...
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    Camera installation video!

    Newbie here, just received my dahua 2231 in the mail. I'm wondering if some one can point me to a good camera installation video that walks through the various steps. I'm looking for things like how to install the weather proof mounting box, etc. Thanks in advance!
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    Audio on Dahua Starlights

    Hi All, Another newbie question. In some of Dahua starlight specs, it says " Audio: Built in Mic" and in others I see "1/1 Alarm in/out, 1/1 audio in/out". I presume they mean the same thing except the alarm part. Also, for such cameras, the audio comes for free without any extra...
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    Purchasing Dahua from Amazon Vs EmpireTech: Firmware Updates

    Thanks, yes, what I meant was buying from Andy directly vs buying for Andy's amazon store. Also, is there any US customs risk with the DHL shipments? I understand that the US government has blacklisted both Dahua and Hikvision for government use, and I hope it doesn't spill over to general...
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    Purchasing Dahua from Amazon Vs EmpireTech: Firmware Updates

    Hi All, I'm wondering if there are any differences between purchasing Dahuas from the amazon website vs buying from Andy directly (aside from the IPCT discount price)? Specifically, I'm wondering if there is any difference in receiving future firmware updates. I presume if I buy from both...
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    Newbie: Recommendation for Managed PoE Switch

    I'm planning to use a VMS like blue iris - still not yet decided on which one.