1. Apposite

    Foscam R2 Stream URL question

    I'm currently running a few of these cameras in blue iris and they work fine, but I'm trying to find the stream url to load up the stream in my browser. I've tried all manner of rtsp as well as http urls and I've had no luck. However my cameras work just fine in Blue Iris. Is there anyway for...
  2. Deadeye

    Using RTSP camera on Hikvision DS-7716NI-SP

    I've been trying to get a Foscam vnt6656g6A40 IP camera to work with a Hikvision NVR. I've never set up a camera using RTSP before (I JUST RECENTLY found out that RTSP is the transmission protocol as I thought before that was ONVIF). I've been trying different combinations of settings in the...
  3. Massimiliano

    Foscam spare parts

    Hello. I would like to repair my ipcam Foscam brand (FI9901EP) and Wanscam (HW0045), I would like to know where to buy spare parts. Thank you
  4. Abdallah

    How to get live stream from Foscam FI9900p to OpenCV?

    I bought a foscam fi9900p today, and I am trying to get the live stream into opencv, I had a hikvision before and I added this and it worked "rtsp://admin: pass@1IP/doc/page/previw.asp", I googled how to do it on Foscam, and it said to do this "rtsp://admin: pass@1IP: port/videoMain", but when I...
  5. shelestoff

    Need a help with Foscam 9800 and 9900

    Was receive in first time Foscam cams to our service center: 1) fi9900p v1, power consumption is dynamic (0,05-0,08A). If connect UART (+, -, rx\tx (tx\rx)), have strange symbols (need to change port speed?) 2) fi9800p dont have a dynamic power consumption (static 0,08A), if connect UART - not...
  6. Alistair Hardy

    Foscam R2 poor quality in Blue Iris

    Hi. So basically, the picture quality I'm getting from my Foscam R2 is abysmal. Day or Night it's a pixelated mess The above is what it's looking like now. And day time is no better. When the connection first starts, it's crisp and clear, but after a minute, it goes right back to what you're...
  7. D

    Foscam loses connection with iSpy.

    foscam web interface/app: perfect iSpy: loses connection every so often Using VLC, FFMPEG has more dark colors and blocky lines. Camera: FI9800P Settings: Hope someone can help. It might have been my CPU, gave it 3x as much CPU power now.
  8. M

    File size on files on IP cam recordings?

    Have one Synology server and a pair of IP cameras. Reolink and Foscam IP camera starts when it comes motion before cameras. Why are all recorded files between 11mb to 25mb. Why are not the files bigger, in one file? Duration from 15sec to 1min. Why are they not in a file / size? How to get in...
  9. Jamie .I

    Foscam FI9828P firmware installation

    Hello I Accidentally installed wrong firmware on my FI9828P IP-Camera and i contacted foscam, for suggestions. I got supplied with the PDF (I added to mail). I went through the steps, and it went well. I got to the point where I should delete the wrong firmware I installed initially, so i...
  10. J

    New Member Noob Questions- OEMs and Searching the forum

    I've installed a couple systems now and just discovered this site. The wealth of information here is amazing but I'm having a little trouble searching the site often getting a "no results found" response. So if someone could point me towards the right threads that'd be great. Looking for the...
  11. G

    Digoo to Foscam NVR

    Hi guys. Sorry I've been using IP cameras for a while but always on a "try this, try that" base, not having any real background knowledge of this environment. My problem today is watching and recording a small Digoo M1Q from a Foscam NVR FN3104. I can watch the camera from its app (both from...
  12. Steve Bouton

    SD Storage

    Hello. I am dealing with Dahua, Sharx, and Dahua cameras so far. Can Blue Iris access the recordings on the SD chip of a camera?
  13. A

    How To Log In To A Foscam 'Mode' ?

    I have a Foscam clone that Blue Iris can't connect to and I think it is probably because of the screen that the Foscam throws up after you log in where it asks which mode you want: for IE or for Firefox or for portable or something. How do I configure Blue Iris to enable it to handle that...
  14. E

    Choppy recordings and missed action

    Im running Blue Iris on a 4+ year old laptop with an i5 and 8GB ram. I have 6 cameras (5 foscam and 1 armcrest), 5 of which record on motion, the 6th is just a backup monitor in the nursery so it doesnt record, i just stream the video on a tablet sometimes. The cameras are all configured in...
  15. SergeyK

    got two cameras, DLink and Foscam. Failed to setup talk with any of them.

    I've got a pool of two types of cameras, DLink DSC-942L and Foscam C1, connected them to Blue Iris, got no problem, except setting up talk. The audio only works one way. I am able to listen to the cameras audio, but pushing the talk button makes the sound from my PC microphone come to the...
  16. X

    Use Foscam C1 PIR sensor with blue iris?

    Hey all, some googling didn't bring up much, but I was hoping maybe someone here has managed to, or knows of a way, to use the PIR sensor on the Foscam C1 to trigger motion detection. I do see an option to use "cameras digital input or motion", and it does seem to put blue iris into the alert...
  17. B

    Foscam FI9828P pink dead

    I have been using a Foscam FI9828P for a few years and now the picture of the camera became PINK color. I did reset, and tried to manually correct the colors, no luck. Have you guys seen such before??? Why it shows now only pink color?? Is there any way to fix it?
  18. haqthat

    Foscam FI9821w V2 PTZ not working in Blue Iris

    I have some FI9821w V2's which work great, but the PTZ doesn't work within blue iris. I have tried setting the PTZ to different port and using the ip and port of the camera, using port 888 which the camera says is the "ONVIF Port", I have tried all three predefined Foscam options in the...
  19. Ticonderoga

    Foscam R4 bricked & stuck at Amboot

    I have two new R4 and managed to brick one (BSOD during firmware update). The dud I have a serial USB connector connected and all I see in PuTTY is the boot screen, I can't interrupt it or get any commands to the device. ___ ___ _________ _ / _ \ | \/...
  20. B

    FI9805 and F9900 are to sensitive to light

    As the thread says. My cams sensitivity are tricky to adjust. If I set the sensitivity to medium the cam alerts at every little light source and I get like a thousand mails a night. If I set the sensetivity to low the burglar has to walk up to the cam and wave his arms to get caught. The...
  21. B

    Lots of (hopefully interesting) setup questions

    Hi, New here, hoping for some help with my setup. Apologies for the long question(s). I currently have 8 wifi IP Cameras around my house – six Foscam and two Wanscam - and using Blue Iris. I recently updated my network setup, and am having trouble getting everything working. I'd had...
  22. N

    Firmware update on FI9826p V2, No more PTZ?

    I recently added a new camera to my setup. A Foscam FI9826P V2. I was able to get Blue Iris connected to it to view the feed, but PTZ controls/zoom do not work with this. I have tried all different Foscam configurations within blue iris as well as the find/inspect button. The info on the...
  23. N

    Scheduling Presets

    I currently have a schedule set up for a company where Profile 1 is active before and after business hours and during business hours, the schedule is set to inactive. On Tuesdays, there is a certain thing we want to accomplish; Schedule moves to Profile 2 (Which is simple and already done)...
  24. Terry Cole

    Troubleshooting my Foscam IP camera over Sprint

    I'm not the best with networking, so please bare with me. If I could get some help, it would be much appreciated. So I've been doing consulting work recently, and one of my clients asked me to do this project. He wanted a security camera set up on the east coast, that he could monitor from...
  25. burky39

    Foscam FI9803P Compatible with BI?

    Is the Foscam FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel (1280x720p) H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera compatible with Blue Iris? If not, what similar Foscam might be?
  26. M

    Foscam FI9803P not in color on BI

    I have a new foscam FI9803P that shows good color with the foscam app but in BI it's B&W only. Any thoughts?
  27. D

    Hikvsion NVR DS-7608NI-SE/P w. Foscam FI9851P (via ONVIF)?!

    Hi there Sorry if this (i.e., using different cameras/NVR via ONVIF) has already been covered somewhere else - please post a link if you have it! :) Anyway, my question is simple: I have a Hikvision NVR DS-7608NI-SE/P (firmware V3.0.10 build 141125) w. 5 Hikvision outdoor cams - but would like...
  28. OldGoat

    Foscam C1

    When I set it up in Windows BI the image is chopped down width wise even though I select select Foscam C1 and 1280x720 (the widest offered) on my PC. It looks more like 1024 x 720. my IOS Apple BI App shows the full image width. And the full width shows up in the Foscam Windows web browser. As...
  29. C

    Guidance on 5xIP PoE Camera Setup w/ Night vision & audio

    <TLDR> I want to set up a 5 x IP camera security system for my wife's business, interior only. I have the following requirements: -PoE -1-way audio -night-vision -motion-based recording (alerting is useful bot not a deal-breaker) -Smartphone app OR ONVIF capable for (re)viewing remotely...
  30. B

    Foscam FI9900P : french review

    Hi, Here is long (french) review (15 PDF pages) regarding the latest foscam FI9900P : Hope this help