1. C

    Troubleshooting Camera Connection

    Solved: Had the RJ45 connectors on the camera end of the Cat 6 run upside down, and bad RJ45 connector on the network side of the run on one cam. So I'm a little stumped. I get my cameras, I plug each one at a time into my PoE switch to make sure they worked and to adjust all the settings, IP...
  2. K

    IVMS adding camera issue

    Hi guys, Im having some trouble with the IVMS software... After I ve added an IP cam on the nvr through the Web browser it wasn't showing on the IVMS even after various rebooting and refreshing so I had to delete that specific nvr and add it again which made the trick. My problems now is that...
  3. bam2413

    Latest UI3 Update Issue *Fixed*

    I noticed Blue Iris 5 had an update the other day which included updates to the UI3 interface. Ever since I installed the update UI3 is very laggy, I now get the orange timer showing in the upper right corner indicating streaming issues and it is almost impossible now to use my PTZ. Any way to...
  4. S

    Secure camera configuration, any way to make this work?

    We had green lit a surveillance system on the condition that it'd be configurable to the spec that our security team laid out. Camera endpoints would be on an internal subnet - 10.1.x.x The NVR would be on our DMZ - 10.7.x.x We've laid out routes for the 10.1 gateway to go to the 10.7...
  5. Deadeye

    Non-Hikvision ONVIF Camera not triggering motion detection on DS-7716NI-SP / 16

    Hello, I have some Hikvision cameras connected to my DS-7716NI-SP that work great and trigger motion events just fine, but I purchased another ONVIF camera (not sure of the model) that setup just fine and I can view the video and recordings with no issues, but I just can't get it to trigger a...
  6. J

    New to BI Dahua cameras, i5-6500, no file recordings when hardware decode set to Intel?

    I've done a fair amount of research along the way before finally switching from Synology to BI. To start with I picked up an HP ProDesk 600 with 8gig of ram and an i5-6500 with 2yr of mfr warranty on it still for just under $200. Killed the cameras on the Synology the other day. Installed BI...
  7. R

    Chromecast Not Working

    Hey all. I've got BI setup on my PC with stunnel running and a self-signed cert, and I'm able to view my cams through the BI app remotely and locally, but I can't seem to get casting to function no matter what I do. Every time I cast, whether it's a single camera I'm casting or a group/all...
  8. H

    Hi I need help troubleshooting camera

    I have a 3 wire camera. I do not know how to trouble shoo the camera. Do you know anyone who sales/jumpers to connect to TV or computer monitor? See attached pictures.
  9. H

    Troubles trying to set up new Dahua HDW5231R-Z

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to IP cameras and a bit technologically illiterate. I purchased two Dahua HDW5231R-Z cameras after lurking on these forums along with a PoE switch and a used PC to be used as an NVR. The cameras are connected to the PoE switch (which is connected to my router/modem)...
  10. K

    False Trigger Troubleshooting, I need a plan!

    I thought I had read on here somewhere (too many posts, so little time!) that you can play back clips and run them through "something" (sorry do not remember what) to be able to try to fine tune your trigger settings. I has been very windy and lots of trees and sun causing all kinds of shadows...
  11. S

    Picture "trailing"??

    Sorry guys. I searched but not sure if I'm describing the problem correctly. My Hik mini dome shoes some trailing of moving objects. I feel like there is a setting that is causing this. Does anyone know where I should start? Thanks!
  12. R

    Qsee/Dahua Multiple Failure?

    I have/had 6 Qsee Branded QCN7001B 3.1MP "270P" IP cameras, directly connected to a POE switch and recording to blue iris. Last week, I noticed the occasional "camera offline" but they normally would come back up the next day. Well Sunday morning I went to check on things and... 5/6 cameras...
  13. F

    Should I consider reinstall of Blue Iris?

    I am having the worst time with my Blue Iris set up! I have a 4 tb surveillance drive in order and when I install that into my computer I am considering a total reinstall of Blue Iris. I had Blue Iris set up for a Dahua POE camera and everything was working fine. I had the weather overlay from...
  14. J

    Troubleshooting single camera view freeze on Hikvision 7608NI-E2

    Hi Everyone, Apologies for so many posts but I am trying to hit my issue from different angles. I have installed the following system for a client: 6 Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Cameras and an DS-7608NI-E28P2T NVR. Everything works good, but I have issues with switching from a multi-camera view to...
  15. F

    Hikvision Camera Dead No POE - But Green & Red Lights On

    So I've got a Hikvision DS-2CD2742FWD-IS. Worked fine for about 1 month but in the last day decided to stop working properly. - only thing I changed was the password on my NVR but all other 7 cams (same model) still work fine POE lights on NVR don't flash anymore - but on the camera the red...
  16. R

    100 cpu usage when viewing clips

    I have the following setup: a dell 2950 server with dual quad core cpu (E5420) 16 gb ram 500 gb WD black HD remote access via teamviewer version: (full version) x64 bit live preview limited to 5 fps Blue iris config: (4) 3 mp cameras at 15 fps (2) foscam 9805w at 960p at 20 fps...