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    Good source to buy IP items at

    Hi Catalog please. Thank you.
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    Ken sells Blue Iris

    So everything on the internet aint true? Windows 10 is really good too? oh no! And Hillary will be a great pres? Common sense people.
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    Huisun 10x v1 mini PTZ completely dead

    Cost annalist: $139 or $1200... we picked $139... can buy a few of these vs $1200 (and they might die too). We also shopped at china for cheap pricing. Until ptz's drop in price/GO Huisun. No complaints here/I knew what I was buying.
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    Huisun 10x v1 mini PTZ completely dead

    Hey Lare. Sorry to hear about v1. Mine is still ticking since Oct. Could it have gotten a power surge (lightening, ect)?
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    Huisun 10X PTZ anyone buyone that worked FLAWLESS with no issues ?

    " How long does typical delivery to the U.S. take when ordering through AE, if not paying anything extra for special shipping?" You must have read about the AE places to order and the comments people have made about their orders from AE... no need to re-write their comments again.
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    Huisun 10X PTZ anyone buyone that worked FLAWLESS with no issues ?

    My v1 is working... no problems... 8months +. Their camera must be red-tagged with "operator deficiency".
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    Yes, another mini PTZ chucked its hat in thread.

    could somebody have hacked into your camera and reset the password and locked you out?
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    Best deal on Imporx (Huisun) v2!

    3 reviews on amazon... look for something else. (and its out of stock)
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    Best deal on Imporx (Huisun) v2!

    Stay under $200 for merchandise inside the package and customs should leave you alone (order one camera at a time)... China might be raising prices if we get a new pres.
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    IPv4 gateway Help can't configure ptz

    2 posts.... that's the problem.
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    Best deal on Imporx (Huisun) v2!

    are you comfortable setting up ip cameras? are you ok with buying ip cameras from china with no warranty or help? If so get any camera. Most people bought the 10x v1. Now some are migrating to v2 10x. If you need a really good ip ptz camera, pay $1200 and not this camera. But if you want to...
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    Huisun DM-SCB405IP-V10-E having problems with using PTZ/presets only at night

    1. Need pure copper cat5 wire (no copper clad wire crap) 2. 99% of bad cameras are from operator deficiency (red tagged from operator deficiency is bad) READ, READ, READ 3. Find a hikvision camera and get it running... plenty of help in the forums to set up and run. Bleed that knowledge into...
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    Porch Lamp with PTZ

    Glad the light shows the burglar where to walk.... wouldn't want him to trip and get hurt.
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    Hikvision Multi-language Version V5.2.5 DS-2CD2032-I

    Anyone have any suggestions? After bricking 3 cams? After bricking one camera, my suggestion is to quit updating the firmware. Please read the forum and have more than one post. You got Chinese cameras ,not WR (western region). Nothing is gained from newer firmware.
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    Mini PTZ V2 Suddenly Stopped Cold

    "Huisun won't honor any kind of warranty with their cams" Buy anything from China and save some money. But if anything goes wrong... its your loss. That's the gamble we take to save some money. No bitching.