1. B

    Amcrest ASH22 - Web Interface?

    I see the camera's IP address - but when I browse to it, nothing (404). Does this camera have a web interface to control the settings? Can I connect to it with BlueIris?
  2. W

    Amcrest AD110 - Can I do better than this?

    I received my Amcrest AD110 video doorbell yesterday and was able to get both it and the included module for my existing mechanical chime hooked up. I have not been able to get remote access working yet, but that's alright because I will be using Blue Iris. Likewise, I did not install a microSD...
  3. P

    Quality IP Cameras

    Hello, I have been using Reolink cameras for a while now but from time to time they tend to go out of focuse, offline and just stop working. Are these a good quality camera or should I invest in another brand? I have been hearing alot about Hikvision, dahua, and amcrest. Can anyone please...
  4. W

    Amcrest Doorbell - Compatible UK Chimes

    Hi, Ive bought the Amcrest 1080p doorbell and im looking for a cheap chime. I noticed the ones listed on the site are US based, the one I fanices was Byron 776 as it has a built in transformer but on the site it says its not compatible. Anyone in the UK got the same door bell with any...
  5. Jb2644

    Amcrest NVR with other brands

    I wish I’d discovered this site before building my security system. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has experience with using non-Amcrest cameras on their Amcrest NVR. I have 3 Amcrest POE cameras, 2 smart home Amcrest + the Amcrest doorbell, and...
  6. M

    AD110 Amcrest Doorbell - Focus Distance Issue

    Hi, all, just added an AD110 to my growing collection of Amcrest/Dahua cameras. Interesting concern that I haven't been able to find online. It appears my unit's focus depth is stuck in macro/shallow. For viewing anything from two inches (50mm) to six inches (150mm) from the camera lens, the...
  7. H

    Amcrest camera motion detection event not triggering in BI5!

    I am trying to configure motion detection triggered by the camera and the event recorded by Blue Iris, and NOT the internal Blue iris motion detection. This way BI doesn't have to crank CPU usage when the camera can trigger a motion alert on its own. I have an Amcrest 8MP PoE outdoor 4K turret...
  8. athornfam2

    New Camera IP Issues?

    I'm kind of at a loss at where to go with this camera (ip5m-t1179ew-28mm). For some reason the camera will not recieve a DHCP address on my vlan 10 network ( I know for a fact the vlan is working, can route where I need it to, and get DHCP because I have a set of 10 devices...
  9. M

    900ft run. 10 gauge wire Powerline adapter. Got power, got internet (kinda)

    Hi all. im very new here but have frequented to read information. I now find it time that my problem cannot currently be found from a search. So here goes nothing. [EDITED summary: I have power I have internet on the switch The lights come on on the camera I have tried other cameras that were...
  10. dm33

    How to fully reset Amcrest IP8M-2496E

    I have 3 IP8M-2496E cameras. They're all behaving differently even with same configuration. Is there a way to fully reset the camera? Apparently soft and hard reset doesn't do it. I "think" the irreversible change happened when I had an Amcrest NVR and it configured the camera. I've since...
  11. I

    Can I rotate video in Blue Iris if I mount this cam on the ceiling ? Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi Camera

    Hi all, Just wondering if I purchase this Amcrest camera that is supposed to sit on a surface like a table, if I can use BlueIris to rotate the video feed 180 degrees while watching the live feed. I have a good area where I could mount this outside near my front door where it never gets wet. (...
  12. S

    New Amcrest IP5M-T1179EW-36MM graphical glitches and freezing runs hot?

    Hi everyone, I saw this drop to 59.99 on Amazon and figured I would try it as I am more interested in the audio than video quality to see when the mailperson comes or what happens with deliveries like when a loud thump is heard. When setting it up I noticed it was running warm to the touch vs my...
  13. U

    Amcrest AD110 chime options with DC instead of AC?

    Hi everyone, I plan on buying the Amcrest doorbell, but I can't find any electronic chimes that would work since they all run on 8-12V AC here in Germany, while the doorbell runs on 16-24V AC or 12-24V DC. I wouldn't mind hardware modifications and some tinkering, but I'm out of Ideas at the...
  14. K.L.

    Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows) V2.003.00AC000.0.R.200426

    Beta release of Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2 for Windows PC. Although fully tested to work with Amcrest models there may be some settings or configuration bugs that the development team still needs to work on. Please stay tune for further releases.
  15. K.L.

    Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (64-Bit Mac) V2.003.00AC001.0.R.20200321

    Beta release of Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2 for 64-bit Mac systems. Although fully tested to work with Amcrest models there may be some settings or configuration bugs that the development team still needs to work on. Please stay tune for further releases.
  16. N

    Dahua HDW5832R-ZE, Amcrest MT2544EW, Lorex LBE8974

    Can anyone tell me the real difference between the Dahua HDW5831R-ZE and the Amcrest MT2544EW and the Lorex LNE8974? Other than IV features, is the Dahua better? Does the Dahua produce a better image? Why does the Lorex have so much more IR range? It is real range or are they padding the specs?
  17. E

    Amcrest Doorbell "chime kit"

    I have a question that no one has yet answered. I bought a AD110 video doorbell. It has a little box that is called a "chime kit". Being an engineer, I am curious as to what is in this little box. Can you answer that? ALSO, I have a rational reason for asking this question. I have 2...
  18. P

    Amcrest firmware updates from 12/18/19

    I hope it's OK to discuss Amcrest here since their cameras are rebranded Dahua. I noticed on 12/18/19 Amcrest updated firmware for their home PTZ cameras such as IP4M-1051, IP2M-841 etc. No changelog available. The version stayed the same, the time stamp changed at the end of the filename. Also...
  19. jd415

    Free Amcrest Cameras

    So I follow Dahua, Hikvision, Lorex, Amcrest and a bunch of other camera companies on Facebook. Amcrest posted on their official Facebook yesterday that you can sign up and test one of their cameras, so I signed up and got the below email. I'm almost positive this is legit, I will try it let...
  20. G

    Wifi camera recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions on a WIFI camera. I know WIFI is not recommended (I have read the wiki). The camera is to send an image to a server at a fairly low rate (1-5 times a minute) so 100% connectivity is not crucial. – Wifi connectivity – IP64 or better (waterproof for...
  21. L

    LaView NVR with Amcrest Camera Compatibility/Setup Help!

    Hi All! First time attempting to setup a security camera system. I bought (2x) Amcrest POE cameras and a LaView NVR (below). Reading a bit more, I'm worried about setting up a system with different manufacturers. How much of a pain will it be to grow this system over time? Should I return one...
  22. jd415

    Dark Spot / Infrared Assistance

    I have an Amcrest (Dahua Rebrand) model IP4M-1053EW PTZ. At night time I have a huge dark area, see pictures below. I believe the wall in front of my house is blocking the IR. If point the PTZ at the dark spot, zoom in I can see the area totally fine. I was thinking about getting the below IR...
  23. S

    Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Review

    I have been using this camera for about 1 month and have to say it is one of my best cameras. The 4k quality is very nice. The wide angle lens is very nice. I don't have exact numbers, but pretty much any car that pulls into my driveway and I easily read there licence plate. What I like most...
  24. J

    Audio for Amcrrst IP2M-853EW

    Hello, I'm hoping for assistance. I recently installed the Amcrest IP2M-853EW for a friend. The specs say the camera allows 2-way audio and there are audio in, audio out, and ground cables on the cam, which my friend wants to utilize. Only problem is they are open wires with rca or other head on...
  25. A

    Blue Iris Constantly Dropping Connection To Amcrest IP8M-2496EB Camera

    Hi everyone, For a couple of years now I have been running Blue Iris on my premises to record streams from a number of different cameras. During this time I have slowly added a camera here or there to meet my needs. I recently decided to add another camera to my system and purchased a new...
  26. G

    Amcrest PTZ camera IP4M-1053 flash to Dahua

    I have an Amcrest IP4M-1053E PTZ camera 12x zoom. I think from the specs it is a clone of Dahua SD49412T-HN. It comes with firmware:Amcrest_SD-Mao-Rhea_Eng_N_Stream3_AMCREST_V2.422.AC02.0.R.20180706.bin I tried using the web interface to upgrade to Dahua firmware for the 49412. Confusing as it...
  27. P

    How to disable a PTZ tour on startup on Amcrest camera?

    I happen to have an Amcrest camera - the IP3M-941 which is essentially the same as IP2M-841. Upon every boot it moves to the far extreme point, gets stuck there, makes loud noise, then goes to the default point (I suppose it calibrates the movement), then it moves back to my intended position...
  28. P

    Amcrest Live View Browser Plugin Issue ...

    Hi, I have Amcrest IP2M-841W's ... I'm using Safari on a 2017 iMac 27" and this is what I see: I have followed the insructions and installed the Pulgin but 1. I can't see that its installed into the broswer, and 2. Installing it has made no difference at all. Amcrest Customer Service only...
  29. F

    Amcrest IP3M-941W Ports

    Hi, I received an Amcrest IP3M-941W camera as a gift. I can’t seem to find any documentation on what ports I would need to forward in my router to access this when not connected to my home WiFi. I set the camera up to use port 8580, and I can connect to it fine when on the same WiFi network...
  30. S

    Connecting Amcrest POE with a Lorex NVR

    Hi everyone, I bought a Lorex package from Costco,. They are POE cameras. During BF I bought another brand, Amcrest, POE and supports ONVIF. After hooking up the Amcrest to my Lorex NVR, I see on my Lorex screen that the Amcrest IP is, Lorex screen says its using ONVIF protocol. Any...