1. C

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P blinking green power light/blinking red LED on motherboard.

    Hello fellow security camera techies. I own one Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P NVR which works great. I purchased a 2nd Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P used. However the 2nd one won't boot up. Upon plugging it in and flipping on the back switch, the front panel "power" LED blinks. Upon opening the...
  2. F

    Hikvision NVR DS-7716ni-i4/16p Bricked

    Hi, install the latest firmware to Hikvision NVR DS-7716ni-i4/16p (NVR_K51_BL_ML_STD_V4.40.015_200616) this worked without problems for 2 days, on the third day Nvr disappeared from the map, I have tried TFTP (ip- etc... without any result, my nvr was on firmware 3.4.92 before...
  3. D

    Bricked NVR5216-16P-4KS2 with new V4.001 firmware

    Hi guys, I somehow managed to brick two NVRs NVR5216-16P-4KS2 with the new firmware V4.001.0000000.1 Build:2020-03-19. It is constantly losing ping and looping, (NVR 4.0 logo comes for a few seconds and restarts again) Can anyone help me or maybe someone had same issue like me? Thanks a lot...
  4. D

    HIKVision DS-7216HGHI-SH bricked or dead?

    Bought a second hand DS-7216HGHI-SH. Was told that just power adapter is missing. I have added regular 12V DC socket in parallel, so I can use standard 12V connector. In process I have noticed that all four 470u/10V caps were swollen, so replaced all caps just in case. On board battery CR-1220...
  5. 0x_0

    *SOLVED* Swann NVR softbricked after firmware update - Currently on uBoot console

    Good day all, Last week I went ahead and tried to perform a firmware update on my Swann NVR (SWNVR-87285H). The firmware failed to update and the system hung. After an hour, it rebooted and halts on the loading page. Oh dear. I've contacted support a number of times, and they've been no help...
  6. A

    HikVision DS-7208-HQHI-K1 bricked no lan no ttl

    Hi, I recently tried to upgrade the dvr model mentioned to the firmware version 4.21 mentioned here, but now I ended up with a dead/bricked one. It does start, the HDD starts, the fan starts, the red led on the main board is on, but no beep and no lan or serial connection shows up. I tried to...
  7. G

    Need help identifying and unbricking IPC

    As the title states. I have attached some images of the IPC itself and the serial output. I tried various firmwares which none of them got the device to boot into Linux properly. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Sergo

    Need firmware for DVR LS-N3525A 25ch.

    Need firmware for bricked DVR LS-N3525A 25ch. Help me if possible plz. Best Regards Serge
  9. T

    Reviving bricked Z-Ben WIP6001

    First of all, hello to everyone! I didn't really want to splash your new members thread, to save you from my cheesy introductions, and thought it would be wiser to just jump at the issue at hand. I've been googling for days, and I am just at my wits end. So before I toss it in the junk I though...
  10. R

    Bricked SV3C IP 1080P Firmware help

    I tried to upgrade the firmware via the provided OV file from their website and it bricked. I am able to get info off the Serial UART connection on Putty and it says that it's looking for "uImage". How can I extract the uImage file from the good camera? I know how to get it back in the...
  11. S

    Help with Bricked Yi Camera

    Hiya everyone Not sure if this is the right place to post, but this forum always pop's up when im doing google searching My friend had a Yi Home camera, and was messing around with the files on it, Not sure what he was doing, but somehow he bricked the camera. He's given it to me as he doesnt...
  12. febeks

    Bricked Hikvision NVR DS-7604

    Hello, So I just bought a new NVR and I was very excited so I have decided to upgrade it. Downloaded firmware (now I know that I used firmware NI instead of N which caused bricked NVR) from and now, it is bricked=stuck at loading page and beeping for about 20 seconds and then it...
  13. P

    Dahua HDBW4431R-ZS cannot connect...

    Hi guys, I'm hoping maybe yous can help me... So this weekend I took my first plunge into the world of PoE ip cams. I bought some cat 6 cable and almost broke my back pulling it from my basement all the way to my attic where I'll be putting a PoE switch and hopefully a few high-quality IP cams...
  14. BarkityBark

    HELP! Cameras locked out, can't connect.

    I connected two of my new Dahua cameras (different models) via a PoE switch to my router (one at a time) which is connected to my WIN10 machine, then opened up the default in IE. I logged in successfully thru the web interface and changed the IP on one of them, as well as the admin...
  15. D

    Camera Bricked after Update - No response on TFTP / Ping and Bootloop

    Hello, i bricked my DS-2CD2432F-IW after a Update vorm 5.2.5 to 5.3.0 :( Its a CN Camera and it was MTD hacked. At all the Time the TFTP Server worked fine. But after this Update (via WebIF) there is even no response when Ping after Boot. Camera is in Boot loop. On my other...
  16. S

    DS-2CD2532F-IS Bricked - Help Please

    Hi, I've read hundreds of posts on here and elsewhere about fixing these Hikvision cameras and can't seem to get anywhere... I've got a DS-2CD2532F-IS camera that was bought from an Amazon seller, in his message it said it was a Multilanguage product, but it does have Chinese writing all over...
  17. H

    Hikvis DS-7608N-E2/8P - Bricked after firmware update

    Hi all. please can you help me i have the DS-7608N-E2/8P NVR. Everything was working fine until i decided to upgrade the firmware ( due to the Gmail ssl issues) Unfortunately i have an issue i now have another issue, after selecting the file and clicking up upgrade (via web page), the...
  18. J

    HIKVision DS-2CD2032F Bricked

    Hi all, I was having problems with SMB on my 2032 and thought it would be a good idea to upgrade it, not realising it was a Chinglish version. I now realise the error of my ways as despite following the help offered on this forum, I still do not have a camera that works. A couple of things I...
  19. M

    TFTP won't talk to some Hikvision cameras

    Hi, I bought multiple Hikvision DS-2CD2x32 cameras (about a year plus ago) on Amazon from a seller called Hikvision. My cameras do not have "CH" in their serial numbers. (However, as far as I know, they still could be Chinese/gray-market. Amazon seems legit to me, but I'm hardly an expert on the...
  20. F

    OMG I can't figure this out!! Dahua cam bricked?

    Let me start off by saying I am a noob to IP Cams, most of my experience is from the old analog cameras and DVR's. That also means that I know how addicting having a security camera system can be! Let me start off with the specs of my system: Lenovo K450e with an i7 4790 processor running at...
  21. sygad1

    2CD2032 Bricked, please help tftp novice

    Hi All, I've read a ton of articles about restoring my Aliexpress bought 2CD2032-I and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I naively thought upgrading a firmware was as simple as a mobo, predictably I went to hikvision, downloaded the latest 5.3.0, to replace the shipped 5.2.5, installed the...
  22. latropa

    What else can I do to try and recover a bricked 2032 that I tried to update?

    Stupidly I tried to upgrade the firmware with the latest version I downloaded from Hikvision not realizing that I had an unauthorized Hikvision camera and it completely stopped working. I've went through a bunch of guides that I found stickied here and the only one that even brought moderate...
  23. Scott Drinkwater

    DS-2CD2032-I - Bricked

    I've had Pie and still losing the will to live..:mask: Had 3 working DS-2CD2032-I cameras at home off ebay for £70 probably should not have updated the firmware. first the camearas went into Chinese only but now two bricked cameras, Now only have 1 working on my NAS based NVR. Ive tired TFTP...
  24. S

    DS-2CD2532F-IS Not working / Not accessible HELP

    Brought 2 x DS-2CD2532F-IS details below. Firmware - V5.3.0_150513 Build - 08/2015 Everything was working fine however when I downloaded and applied the most recent update V5.3.0_150814 from here I haven't been able to access them since. I am new to Hikvision so was unaware of all the issues...
  25. J

    Hikvision 2532 Hates Me

    Hi All, I have poured through the forums and tried everything I could find, but... I have a DS-2CD2532-IWS, manufactured 02/2015, and shipped with firmware V5.2.8_141231. It quit broadcasting yesterday and the web tool would not respond. It was connected via a router, so I attached it to my...
  26. A

    Hikvision Checksum

    Does anyone know how to calculate a new checksum, if I have modified something (mtd5/mtd6)? And where is the calculated checksum saved/located? Thanks
  27. MrCourtney

    Help with bricked rebranded Grandstream

    eed some advice for a bricked HUACAM HCV712. When I first started putting in my camera system I bought Huacam because they were cheap. I believe they are Grandstream knockoffs. You get what you pay for and all but two have been replaced with HIKvision. The last two should be here in a couple...
  28. J

    Bricked DS-2CD2432F-IW - help

    I tried to downgrade the firmware from 5.2.5 to 5.2.0 which works fine on my other cameras but it bricked my Cube camera. the camera is 5.2.8, what I have done wrong and how I can bring it back to life. SADP cannot find the camera, and the IP before firmware downgrade is not working
  29. N

    Camera console connection via UART

    I got a USB to TTL adapter at, about $10 and connected to a camera during bootup. For those interested, I got the JSP connector at the link below that plugs directly into the camera, so easy peasy. The wires coming out of the adapter are as follows, red is ground, black is RX...