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  1. A

    [restart fixed, but unknown cause] Crippleware [or bug] by Dahua? Motion Recording was disabled for all non-Dahua IP cams on Feb 27, 2024

    1. Did Dahua push a stealth "crippleware" update? 2. How can I re-enable Motion Recording (yellow bar playback) on my IP cameras? 3. After #2, please explain how to setup IVS on my IP cameras? Thank you. On Feb 27, 2024, after 7:30AM – the Motion Recording (the yellow bar) was disabled on all...
  2. war4peace

    PTZ + fixed cameras - expansion recommendations

    Hello everyone, I would like to add a few cameras to my surveillance setup, and I am looking for advice. Three cameras to be added. I only look for two brands, which I already own and I am satisfied with: Dahua and Hikvision. All cameras should be PoE, infrastructure is already in place (CAT7...
  3. H

    Ip camera configuration with my application.

    I have made an application to display the live video streaming in aerial view. The camera has not been purchased yet. The rechargeable IP camera will be attached to a hexacopter or drone. Now I want to get the live video streaming from that camera into my application. Which types of cameras will...
  4. Saurabh600

    How to view Ip Cam on Android Phone Or Any Pc Browser ??

    I want to know how can I connect the my IP cam to my Android or any other PC Browser I tried to connect but its source flash player not install I want to stream the IP camps on my Android also I can use these in internet explorer its work fine but it's does not work in Chrome browser and also I...
  5. ermac

    Dahua NVR recommendation: DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E vs DHI-NVR5216-8P-I

    I am running a hybrid system of 16 cams (11 WizMind IP cams and 5 HDCVI cams) currently all connected to a XVR (DH-XVR5216-4KL-I2) The XVR gives the HDCVI cams WizSense AI but I cannot recored on SMD for the IPs or get push notifications for any AI alerts through the XVR. Only solution is to...
  6. stampa.ale

    LIVE STREAM Dahua ip cams to cloud server without setting the port-forwarding and DDNS

    Hi everybody, I have a website with 10 live ip cams (Dahua cams) that are live streaming HD video to monitor the beaches and the ocean in different locations in Fuerteventura island (Canary Islands). https://www.fuerteventuraplayas.com/en/webcams The ip webcams are connected with cable to...
  7. sydnew

    Intel Pentium G6400 for Blue Iris?

    Hi All! I ve been using Blue Iris for 4 years with my old (7yrs) i3-4130 based desktop. I m using 16 IP camera (4 4mp + 12 2mp) which give me at least 20-25% load. Also I m using this pc for browsing and other light activities. This pc now gives me at least once a week random shutdown and its...
  8. R

    Lorex unable to browse camera settings

    I'm having an issue with a Lorex camera setup that I'm curious if anyone else has run into. With the NVR system I have you can pull up the NVR via IP address from a PC to get to the settings of the NVR and then from a section called settings you can see all the IP cameras and there's a button...
  9. etiennebordeauxx

    Replace TRENDNET IP Camera POE Connector

    Anyone familiar with the color coding of Trendnet POE connector? Kindly help me. Thank you in advance. TRENDnet TV-IP320PI Wire Colors ORANGE RED GREEN GRAY YELLOW WHITE PURPLE BLUE BLACK BROWN POE Pigtail Wire Colors THICK BLACK THICK RED THIN BLACK THIN RED BLUE WHITE BLUE GREEN WHITE...
  10. S

    Subnetting IP Cam Email vs. NVR Email

    Hi everyone, Hello from Texas. New to the forum, first time post, but been around networking and cameras for a few decades or so. That's why it was nice to find a board that looks like has a few members who are smarter than the average bear. Tech support had no clue. Insert your own joke...
  11. S

    General newbie question about NVR's for remote captures of Hikvision cameras before purchase

    I own 5 Hikvision cameras (soon to be expanded), 1 at each different property with different IP addresses and am looking for a way to view and store the data at home miles away. I'm totally new to NVR's and am trying to understand the technology. Could I ask for advise please on - 1 Each of the...
  12. S

    FTP storage for various types of IP cameras at different locations

    I have a number of IP cameras at different locations both for security and to monitor wildlife around the garden. The cameras are pretty basic like eg Foscam C1's and other generic makes but although most of them have SD card storage, I'd really like to be able to FTP to a central storage from...
  13. J

    Keep existing BNC cameras/cabling and install additional IP cameras with everything running off of Blue Iris?

    I've been doing some research into security cameras and it feels like a rabbit hole. Time consuming, but learning about all of this is kind of exciting. I realize that BNC is aging tech. I'm dealing with a large commercial building, so rewiring will be difficult for someone like me. This is not...
  14. P

    Viewing Camera outside of my network without portforwarding.

    Hello guys, I was wondering if there are cameras out there that don't need portforwarding to be seen outside of the network. I basically want to access my camera via the Browser from anywhere. The normal way would be to use portforwarding and then use RTSP stream to view my cam right? Is there...
  15. F

    Channel-zero problem

    Is there a way to make channel zero display the ip cameras (the cameras are connected to the dvr).
  16. T

    Newbie from WA Australia

    Hi All, I am looking at a ip cameras for my house, came across this forum. Have been reading threads on this forum. Excellent and helpful info. It seems Dahua Starlight Ip camera seems the way to go. Majority of the models mentioned are for US. I am looking for cameras with good night vision...
  17. Dane Seelen

    Hi There!

    Hi My name is Dane Seelen, been looking for a place to share and expand on IP Camera knowledge, I am a IT Security Professional and knowing more never hurts right?
  18. D

    Connecting an NVR online without a cable

    I'm looking to set up a Reolink RLC-410 to any compatible NVR. I can connect the POE cable from the camera to the NVR, but I won't be able to connect the NVR to the router via a cable. I am not too keen to use a wifi extender because it would probably reduce the connection speeds to the other...
  19. vanni93

    Why more than 2 users won't see live stream?

    I need to show 3 ip cam Hikvision over the LAN of my building. After many issues I finally found out how to do so, the problem is that if more than 2 users open the website of the 3 cameras, the last user that connects to the url won't see anything just 3 black boxes instead of 3 live streams...
  20. B

    Looking for opinions on NVR's

    I work with all commercial IP camera systems, and VMS, so I don't know much about the quality and features of equipment and software outside of my world. I currently use Blue Iris for my home system. My wife wants me to install a system in her business. I really like Blue Iris, and would...
  21. G

    ONWOTE 5mp cam rebrand info

    Hi, any one know who is the maker of this brand /cams. is it Hikvision ONWOTE 8MP CAM ONWOTE 5MP CAM
  22. P

    Amcrest Live View Browser Plugin Issue ...

    Hi, I have Amcrest IP2M-841W's ... I'm using Safari on a 2017 iMac 27" and this is what I see: I have followed the insructions and installed the Pulgin but 1. I can't see that its installed into the broswer, and 2. Installing it has made no difference at all. Amcrest Customer Service only...
  23. K

    NVMS Alternative?

    Good day all, Currently my team is using 5 physical TVT NVRs (with plans to acquire more, we have and are getting a LOT of cameras). In order for us to grant users access to cameras spanning across all those NVRs, we're currently using NVMS-1000 v. to basically collate all the...
  24. corvairbob

    connecting an wifi ipcam to a dvr

    ok i have a dvr that only has h.264 on it for any information. in the tiny cam app i use yale for camera brand and hd720 for camera model and doing that with regular plug in cameras i have 3 working. what i need is to get the wifi ip cameras that tiny cam sees to work on this dvr. so i set the...
  25. CAMM0

    No Signal Error 12002

    I have a problem where all of my cameras simultaneously go to no signal. I’ve ruled out my POE switch as I can still access all of my cameras individually outside of blue iris when it’s showing no signal. Only way to correct the issue is to reset the POE switch or restart my computer. I’m...
  26. Z

    Extreme low light conditions

    Hello, I am currently working with iPolis SNZ-6320P. We work outdoors in changing locations (installing cameras per requirements for periods of 12-48 hours). I have two major problems with it: 1. I am not fully satisfied with its extreme low light conditions. (night with no lights) 2. usually...
  27. ermac

    Defog function

    Dahua cameras with defog capabilities have this function set off as the default. With cameras that support this feature, are there any known disadvantages / compromises should the defog be active?
  28. J

    IR Reflection

    Here are some pictures of cameras. any idea what to do? It is the Hikvision Kit: I7608N2TA. NVR and Camera Kits
  29. M

    File size on files on IP cam recordings?

    Have one Synology server and a pair of IP cameras. Reolink and Foscam IP camera starts when it comes motion before cameras. Why are all recorded files between 11mb to 25mb. Why are not the files bigger, in one file? Duration from 15sec to 1min. Why are they not in a file / size? How to get in...
  30. H

    IP poe cameras with cat 3 wire

    ok , here is the question. Rather than run another cat5e cable to my attic which will be a pain, i would lke to utilize an existing cat 3 cable. The camera is an older hcm-531 poe (802.3af) low res 640x480 ptz. The cable run is 150 feet. I thought I would just hook uo the 3 pairs into an RJ45...