windows 10

  1. M

    Internet Explorer no longer launching in Windows 10

    All, For the 2 Dahua cameras I have, it requires Windows 10 and Internet Explorer (original version) to make changes in settings (and have them stick). As of this morning, when I launch IE it redirects to Edge. Any suggestions here?
  2. IronSheepdog

    Blue Iris on Proxmox Hardware Specs Questions

    I hope I have the right section of this forum for this question. I posted it on Blue Iris' forum, but someone suggested I try the "other forum". I'm guessing they mean this one? Anyway... Right now, I have Blue Iris and Deepstack running on an Intel NUC 8 with a Core-i7 8650U with 8GB of RAM. I...
  3. chavezcctv

    Using mini pc for viewing BI

    Anybody tried using something like this? I'm thinking about setting up a 34" TV with one of these types to use as a viewer in a web browser. Any thoughts?
  4. C

    Blue Iris 5 does not start in Windows 10 anymore

    Good afternoon, I am not experienced in Windows and also new to Blue Iris. I had Blue Iris 5 installed and basically working in Windows 10 Pro. A RLC-422 5MP (Reolink) was sending a first video successfully in our home network to Blue Iris. But as per today Blue Iris does to start anymore...
  5. P03on3743rn3t

    Windows 10 UAC Disables iSpy

    I installed iSpy on Windows 10 yesterday and it appears to have found and connected to my single S3VC PTZ camera. However, it is not showing a video stream and after about 2 hours of trying to configure it, suddenly it locked up and its entire window began to intermittently disappear. I...
  6. David Casto

    new to blue iris

    hi everyone, so glad to have found this forum. amazingly helpful info- this community popped up in my search results every time i have googled a support question. i've been using a 16 camera nvr setup from GW Security, wanting to add more camera to the system/ non GW cameras, and therefore...
  7. G

    Hikvision iVMS-4200 v2.7.2.7 not working with Windows 10

    I'm having issues with the latest version of Hikvision's iVMS-4200 software not loading the main view in Windows 10. As seen in the Google Doc link explaining my issues with the software. I'm hoping someone can help or has any ideas on this. There is open access on the Google Doc, (click...
  8. D

    Missing UI elements when using RDP, Windows 10

    Hi, I've searched an searched the forums certain this must have been addressed already, but no luck. When I access my (licensed/latest) BI server on my home network with RDP, everything seems great except that the camera windows red/white/yellow borders and title bar icons don't show. Of...
  9. M

    Blue Iris Will Not Start. At All! No errors.

    Blue Iris stopped loading. I get the splash screen and then nothing. No errors on the screen. No errors in the event log. I reloaded the computer with a fresh install of Windows 10. Same thing. I looked at the program folder, read the readme, downloaded and installed Visual Runtime 2013, no...
  10. Spikemixture

    Windows 10 freezes regularly

    BI on Windows 10 box freezes regularly and only option is hard reboot. I have had BI for a couple of months and have had 4 ,5 and now 6 cameras connected. 2 Amcrest and 4 foscam. Every day or 2 my PC freezes PC is an I3 with 16gb Ram, C drive is SSD running the very latest win10 and BI. It...
  11. D

    Blue Iris Remote Access From Windows

    Currently I have three BI servers (Windows 10) running in three locations. I use the Android and iOS apps to remotely access the BI server and cameras from phone and iPad - they work great. I use Teamviewer to access BI from a Windows PC but I would like to find an alternative as TV can be...
  12. Phate

    Blue Iris keeps writing in C:\

    Hi, i'm a long time Blue Iris user, but since about a couple of weeks i noticed that my little Blue Iris server started to saturate the C: drive. It's installed on an Intel NUC i5-5250U, 8Gb of ram, 120GB Kingson SSD and a 1TB hard drive for the recordings. Everything is set to write on the E...
  13. J

    Windows 10 and Blue Iris

    I upgraded to windows 10. When I started up blue iris the software thinks it's a new install and is asking for the registration code. When I type it in the 'next' button never lights up to click next. Any suggestions?
  14. eyal8r

    Hikvision IE Plugin Not Working with Windows 10

    Just upgraded to Windows 10. I can't get access to my Hikvision NVR. It tells me I need to install the plugin, which I do... reboot- and it won't let me access- just keeps telling me I need to install the Plugin. I've tried IE, Chrome - neither work. Any ideas? Thanks guys!