1. coco2209

    Hikvision DVR Offline (0x1007) Error

    I'm trying to connect my CCTVs to my mobile phone. I have Hikvision DVR. I connected the network cable, went to configuration settings, enabled DHCP, Enabled DNS DHCP, and select apply. IPv4, Default gateway, DNS server addresses got updated. Then I went to platform access and enabled it...
  2. abhinandan

    Access Hikvision NVR PoE Cameras via WiFi

    Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to access the individual camera IPs (192.168.254.XXX) for RTSP streaming via a Wifi Connection to the same router as the one the NVR is connected to. As of now, the NVR was on a different subnet because of the LAN connection, but I managed to tweak...
  3. 607DE65C-6B81-4F0F-B298-503E4AB2EAFA.jpeg


    Camera installation
  4. Tafara


    Hi, Hikvision DVR has just stopped working. The led power light is red, and not sure what to do? Help would be appreciated
  5. S

    General newbie question about NVR's for remote captures of Hikvision cameras before purchase

    I own 5 Hikvision cameras (soon to be expanded), 1 at each different property with different IP addresses and am looking for a way to view and store the data at home miles away. I'm totally new to NVR's and am trying to understand the technology. Could I ask for advise please on - 1 Each of the...
  6. jd415

    Hikvision ColorVU Review

    Not my video but this is great for people just getting into IP cameras and want night color
  7. A

    English firmware for DS-7916N-K4/16P

    Hi guys, I have a Hikvision DS-7916N-K4/16P device but unfortunately the device language is only in Chinese. Option to change it to English is not available. (navigated to the system settings with the help of google translate) I have already contacted hikvision support but they can't help me...
  8. I

    Hikvision audio warning camera cctv

    Hi guys I’m currently in the market for a new camera for one of my premises. I wanted a camera that gives a audio warning message when triggered and even flashing light if possible but the light is not totally essential! I have come across hikvision DS-2Cd2t46g1-41/sl My question is has...
  9. Dilbertic

    HIKVISION DS-7608NI-E2 Firmware Latest Please

    Hi, I haven't updated my DS-7608NI-E2 for awhile and I am running the V3.4.98 build171121 build. I see a 4.x platform is out, but not sure if it will work for this unit or if I am at the end of the road and what my options are? Thank Much for Info
  10. Abdallah

    Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I and DS-2CD2043G0-i not detected?

    Hello, I have bought the above mentioned models, and I am trying to power them on, but I am not sure how to do so as it doesn't say in the user manual, it just says to "power on" camera, and does not say how, unless just plugging an Ethernet cable powers it on? If that's the case, I already...
  11. M

    Hikvision camera will not reset password

    Hopefully I have posted correctly this time! Signed up to this forum as there seem to be some very knowledgable and helpful people here. I have two Hikvision cameras both PoE and both connected to a QNAS NAS (using Surveillance station) on my network. Router is a Netgear BR500 and usual...
  12. S

    Hikvision DS-2CD2112-I IR issues?

    Hi all, I've had 6 of these cameras for about 5 years. The picture quality is good during the day, but in the evening it's very poor. I only realised a while after purchasing that dome cameras have inherent issues with nightvision IR. Apart from (this significant issue) the cameras have been...
  13. O

    Poll: When Will Hik Finally Abandon the Stupid Plugin for HTML 5?

    Like many other members here, I am a big fan of Hikvision IP cameras. Image quality is outstanding, and the price is right. The one Achilles' heel, however, is Hangzhou's continued reliance on a long-outdated plugin to access the company's products via web browser. NPAPI was created in 1995...
  14. D

    NVR Recomendation

    Hi All, I need a recommendation for a Hikvision NVR. I currently have 1x 6mp Hikvision camera, but I foresee having up to 4 cameras maximum, but definitely 2 or 3. I would like to be able to record at full resolution 24/7. So I'll need something that can handle that kind of bandwidth (h.265...
  15. Jonel

    Hikvision Two NVR in one Camera

    Hello I have two Hikvission NVR one NVR has 20 ip cameras and one has only 4... NVR(20 cameras) - 1 tb almost full NVR(4 cameras) - 2 tb but the problem is that only one NVR(20 cameras) is in the main server which is used for surveillance.. My question is can I put my camera in the two NVR ...
  16. E

    hikvision OEM firmware

    where can i download hikvision oem (not branded) firmware?? do u know any web site
  17. J

    Integrate coax video from door entry to Hikvision IP NVR ?

    We've got an existing c. 10 year old analog coax door entry system made by Elvox. From what i can see the outdoor door entry camera video signal is sent over coax to the control box and then the control box links to the internal monitor. The control (eg. door release) seems to be controlled by...
  18. Z

    I have install Dahua NVR and Hikvision Camera

    NVR = Dahua NVR2108HS-8P-S2 Ip Camera = Hikvision-DS-2DE3304W-DE I have connected these to my warehouse but the problem is we want access to Each IP camera directly but I can't access them because they are connected to NVR builtin switch and This NVR doesn't give me support for half of the...
  19. eangulus

    Inconsistant Performance for BlueIris UI3

    Just for background, I have been running my own BI setup for about 4 years now with 9 1080p cameras. I have also been installing for clients on minor systems for business using around 4-8 cameras total all 1080p. I know the usual tweaks, add-ons like UI3, BI Tools etc. And have gone thru all the...
  20. darrenm

    HikVision NVR multiple PCs

    I am setting up 16 camera and with an NVR. My current plan is to use all HikVision products for that. This is in a large building (1000ft X 270ft) with cameras spread around. The NVR will be in the server room, far away from where the monitors need to be. The NVR is used for multi-day...
  21. A

    How to get an event or a callback from camera when its alarm input is triggered?

    Hi, I connect my IP camera HIK DS-2CD3145F-IS to external motion detector. In WEB->Configuration->Event->AlarmStatus, I see Alarm status “On” by motion. I can get this status through ISAPI too: ISAPI/System/IO/outputs/1/trigger. Now my question – how I can get event or set callback by change...
  22. L

    use hikvision indoor station as web cam?

    hello good ppl, ive got a [DS KH8301-WT - fw: 1.4.70 build 170222], when using the ivms mobile app, i can hear audio from the indoor station - is there a way to use the built in camera also? tia
  23. masmith22

    Hikvision 4MP IP Cube Camera DS-2CD2442FWD-IW 4mm with Audio Network (English)

    I have 3 Hikvision IP Cube cameras for sale $90 USD each. Only available to ship within the USA via USPS. The estimate shipping cost is $7.50. One of the cameras never used, the other 2 are used. Will ship in the original Hikvision box.
  24. Asterix

    Focus prob with 5.5.0 firmware on vari-focus camera

    I have a vari-focus Hikvision DS-2CD2742FWD that I recently upgraded from 5.4.5 firmware to the latest 5.5.0 and ever since the focus goes blurry every night. It's not an IR lighting issue because I can manually go in of a night and reset the focus to be pin-sharp which is great until the...
  25. S

    Hikvision log search REST API (POST METHOD) giving 'BadXMLFormat'

    I want to capture the log details of my Hikvision DVR. To capture the log HikVision provide the REST Web service in their RACM specification document. While hittin the service I am getting badXMLFormat Error in response. Please find below detail description of the Issue. Device Details ...
  26. J

    blurry (hik)vision DS-2CD63C2F-IVS

    Hi cctv gurus. I've got this DS-2CD63C2F-IVS 12mp fisheye and I just cant get a good image out of it. I've fiddled and changed every setting I can see and not getting anywhere. I've attached some screenshots for your consideration. As you can see in eg1; the bush looks like a painting! Any...
  27. S

    Production Blue Iris Setup with Specs

    Hey Guys, Been reading this forum for years and recently got around to mostly finishing my Blue Iris build and Camera installs. The system runs great even with all the MP I am pushing. I hope this helps someone as I have had issues finding hard facts on a larger system. CPU (i7 Specs) sits...
  28. jhon.fx

    hikvision dvr not booting up

    hello guys i have hikvision dvr is not boot up at all only power lid turn on and LAN lid also when i connect lan cable but not appear on the network at all nothing appear on tv do you have any solution for this??
  29. T

    Hikvision POE stopped working

    I have 2 Hikvision cameras that went out on me this month. The POE stopped working but I can put them into a 12v power supply and they work fine. These were in locations though where a 3-6ft power cord is not long enough. I have tried using a POE extender / injector and none of those work...
  30. H

    No live view in Hikvision DS-7616NI-SE/P NVR

    I have a Hikvision DS-7616NI-SE/P NVR which I am using to monitor a single Hikvision IP camera for now. I was able to connect to the IP camera directly from my laptop and view the lie image of the IP camera in my web browser, however the live view on the NVR shows nothing. When I reboot the...