1. slafino

    Licence plate car night

    Hi, I recently bought a camera that is not an official Hikvision brand, but I read that this camera is made by Hikvision.The image is also beautiful zooming in and out, but at night the license plates of the vehicles are not visible. The marks shine, I tried a few settings a bit it got better...
  2. A

    All cameras keep restarting at night or no image

    Installed system all way good but now Having issues at night time with the colour vue cameras they keep cutting out going all pixely flickering only at nighttime and have a strange line at the top of the image on all cameras even during daytime can anyone help or knows what’s wrong...
  3. A

    Cameras looking at IR emitter - is that ok?

    Folks, I got a setup, where I would like to lift 2 IPC's just a little bit. But if I'll do it, it will also automatically change their FOV in a way that during night they will be seeing each ither IR emitters for about 8 straight hours. I tested it, not much flare or any other artifacts but...
  4. P

    Which setting would you choose? see vid

    hi all, I am experiencing night time motion blur on auto shutter setting, and ghosting if choosing the manual exposure setting (1/200). I don't think I can get it much better than these two options. Both can see the license plate at the end of my driveway, yet both have their own distinct...
  5. Jacksonspop1


    This is what you are ignoring when you hear scratching and rustling on your rooftop. No, it was not Santa. Still not sure how it was getting up there, but once we caught it.... it tasted just fine.
  6. sygad1

    4k/8MP camera night vision

    Hi All, Been reading a lot recently as I want to overhaul my entire camera system, spent a few years "playing" now I would like to get a little more serious. I'm very interested in the idea of 4k resolution but i'm reading a LOT that they are pretty awful at night. Is there any movement in...
  7. Boban Aleksov

    Camera recomendation

    Hello there, this is my first post on this forum... Greetings from Serbia. Looking for reccomendation for good night camera that can reach 50-60 meters at least(200ft) with it's own IR system. Currently i have Dahua HFW1230S and HDW4631C-A and both of them fail to reach those distances...
  8. Z

    Extreme low light conditions

    Hello, I am currently working with iPolis SNZ-6320P. We work outdoors in changing locations (installing cameras per requirements for periods of 12-48 hours). I have two major problems with it: 1. I am not fully satisfied with its extreme low light conditions. (night with no lights) 2. usually...
  9. J

    Sanity Check - Better cameras, IR Illuminators or tweak Blue Iris?

    Well, I've had some cameras up for a while but I've mostly used them just to see what's going on in front of the house from my office. I woke up this morning and saw that someone had broken into my car in the driveway. I thought I at least would have some good video. Well, in my opinion, the...
  10. dodamn

    Is 2MP Hik better than 3MP at night? Really?

    I have two choices. DS-2CD2025FWD-I (2MP, Ultra low light, Network, Bullet) DS-2CD2035FWD-I (3MP, Ultra low light, Network, Bullet) I want better quality at night. Which one is better at night? I have read the following article. Which camera you recommends to good low light outside ? It is...
  11. B

    Hikvision Mini Dome - Better low light?

    I've got a Hikvision mini dome installed that I'm trying to figure out if I can get better color night images out of. It is a 4mp 2.8mm DS-2CD2542F. The 1st image below is from the Hikvision and the 2nd is from a Skybell doorbell camera. I was surprised that the Skybell image looks so much...
  12. cryptelli

    Dahua 5231R-Z vs SD59225U-HNI WDR

    Question. Is anyone using WDR during the night and actually seeing the image adjust like WDR should? I've played around with it in the past on all of my turrets and it didn't seem change the picture at all. So I ended up using either BLC or HLC. It wasn't until I enabled WDR on my PTZ did I...
  13. S

    What is wrong with my DS-2CD2532F-IWS night vision?

    Hi guys I just installed DS-2CD2532F-IWS on my parents house (4mm, V5.3.0 build 150814) Day time image looks fine (I think): But night time really suffers =( Can someone please share some tips on how to make it better? I guess more light would help it a lot (like a sensor light). I just did...
  14. B

    Alot of Noise on Hik ds-2332 turrets - pics attached

    I finally have 3 cams up and running... I cannot figure our why there is so much "noise" or why they are so grainy at night... I tested both inside and they do not have the grainy look. Its driving me crazy because I am not looking forward to running new cable if that it the problem. These...
  15. K

    Cant get a decent night image on cars moving 25mph at 40 feet with my 4mp cam.

    I have poured thrugh every thread here I can find and I cant seem to resolve this. I can get a daytime image from a clip that is perfect and almost can make out bumperstickers and plates from an image of cars going by at almost 90 degrees 40ish feet away. I dont expect to get plates but the...
  16. Overcon

    Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z & Night Video Quality Help

    Anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve the video quality on the Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z camera? It is by far, the worst camera I have for night vision and possibly the best for daytime video. Here is the info on the unit I have: Here is an example of the video quality (make sure your...
  17. M

    Hikvision Camera Settings

    I did a quick search around the forum and using Google, but I'm mostly at a loss. When it comes to camera settings, I really suck at it. All our cameras are Hikvisions (DS-2CDxxx2) - a mix of dome, bullet and exir bullet. I've set the configurations about the same for each. At first I was...
  18. B

    Get another camera or is this just settings?

    There has been some car break-ins and my neighbor across the street just had a home evasion. So I am trying to spruce up my camera system a bit. Well at least one camera. The camera in the pictures below is a Digimerge (now flir) 2mp HD mini dome Poe-IP camera with a single IR. I would like to...
  19. lingnau

    IR Mode x Focus on DS-2CD2632F-IS

    We have a brand new DS-2CD2632F-IS that we just installed. From what I can judge it is properly focused. But during the night when it uses its IR leds, from what I can tell the images gets blurry. Is that normal? Has anyone experienced this and does have any tips? Those are the full resolution...
  20. P

    Residential complex camera installation guidance required

    Hello! I hope I lay out the situation nicely here so as to make it easy for you guys to help me out. I am a hobbyist of IP cameras for about 11 years, with experience in D-Link and Axis IP cameras and basic network infrastructure and installation skills and I live in South Africa. Now onto the...
  21. T

    Ideal HDW4300S night profile settings?

    What night settings do others use for the HDW4300S (there is some supplemental outdoor lighting)
  22. L

    License Plates at Night

    I am trying to catch these bastards at night. What lens would you guys recommend. I tried everything so far without any success getting the plates. Currently using 1/3" 12mm F1.8. (I also turned off IR) Thank you in advance. M