1. N

    Keep onvif private, over internet

    Hi all, I love onvif, makes configuring a lot easier, but, I hope I'm wrong, also a bit insecure. I used onvif Manager and pointed it to a camera that was password secured over the internet on a different port than 80, not in my local network. I didn't enter any passwords but it showed the...
  2. S

    using cameras motion detection

    Hello! I have a bunch of Dahua cams that are ONVIF 2.4.1 and I can't seem to get the motion detection portion to work using the cameras motion detection and not BI motion detection. How can I troubleshoot this exactly? thanks....
  3. ServiceXp

    ONVIF ? Does it really help me?

    Are there any advantages to buying camera's listed as ONVIF Compliant, if so what are those advantages?
  4. RyanODan

    EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 June Firmware - V4.02.R11 - 6/11/2014

    EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 June Firmware - V4.02.R11 - 6/11/2014 New firmware for the EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 ► More ONVIF compatibility added ► Smoother PTZ control and movement when pairing with Dahua PTZs
  5. RyanODan

    Onvif Device Manager v2.2.250

    Neat program for finding multiple brands of cameras that are ONVIF conformant on your network. You can also type in the username and password of your device at the top of the program to connect to a device. Once connected it displays multiple fields to edit such as image quality, picture...