1. C

    Looking for Local (SF Bay Area) Turnkey Support

    I've been installing Blue Iris systems, including the network hardware, for several years, and some users are looking for long term support for these systems to ensure they have someone to turn to if there are problems. Does anyone know of companies in the SF Bay Area that might do this? Thanks
  2. C

    Wanted: BI Paid Consultant/Advisor

    Hi I am new to IP security, but have read a lot and am experienced in IT and DIY, however do not have the time right now to do my own full setup. Thus, i am looking for someone to work with on a paid basis to assist and/or fully implement the design/setup/implementation of my BI configuration...
  3. S

    Life of CPU if 24/7 recording with Blue Iris

    Hi, Had two questions : 1. What would an average life of CPU be if it operates 24/7 with motion detection with Blue Iris for let's say 4-8 cameras? 2. With a similar setup as above, how much electricity bill can I expect? Thanks!!
  4. E

    Advice for 50 cam Server

    I'm currently tasked with upgrading/gradually replacing the IP Cam system at work. We have two Q-See NVRs with 42 Q-See cameras. Yes, I hate it. I'm looking for advice on hardware and software to use as a replacement. My plan is to get hardware that will support about 20 cameras to start, but...
  5. DogDazeII

    a monitor upgrade?

    Hey guys, a quick question.. I've had Blue Iris up and running for a week with NO problems or issues on a very marginally powered Win7 PC... which I plan to upgrade when I get a chance to get around to it.. It's been up and working fine.. no problems with the remote access etc.. So, I...
  6. B

    Computer for Blue Iris

    looking to buy a computer dedicated to blue iris, is this one good? Will eventually work my way up to 12+ cameras. Dell Outlet Inspiron 3668 Desktop Processor: Intel Core 7th Generation i5-7400 Processor (Quad Core, up to 3.50 GHz, 6M Cache, 65W) Windows 10 Home 64bit English 1TB SATA Hard...
  7. Tuckerdude

    BI running on a new i9-7980XE (18 Cores, 36 Threads) = NICE!!!

    Hey Folks...Happy New Year to all! Got myself a new rig for Xmas and I wanted to see how BI would perform on this new monster CPU. The Intel Core i9-7980XE is by all accounts severe overkill for most applications. But during my last upgrade cycle (about 2 years ago), I went through the same...
  8. I

    Hardware Review for 7 Camera Setup + DR

    So I have a NUC setup with the following i5-4250U CPU @ 1.30 Ghz 8GB RAM 4TB WD Elements connected via USB for recording 256GB SSD for OS and Blue Iris Configuration to sit on. Windows 10 The NUC doesn't perform any other operation apart from this and running a Plex server which is not used...
  9. N

    Best ram for integrated gpu

    Hi all! I am uograding my blueiris server. I choose an i5-7400 with a te 630 as integrated gpu. So the million dollar question: how much important is the frequency of the ram? Ddr4 at 2400 la a good choice or i need a much higher frequency? Like 2600 or up? Thanks
  10. kees

    Hello need advice

    Hello All, Im from Holland and im automating the house and garden with a Fibaro system and cams. After installing some Foscams I bought one Dahua. bad choice now I needed all new cams for the quality. So I ended up with: Fibaro Home system 2 1x Doorbird Intercom Synology SS for 6 cams 4x...
  11. Overcast451

    Question on CPU

    I think this CPU will work just fine for my needs - but I wanted to ask as I'm putting together a custom DVR/Media PC. The media demands will be very very light, so I don't anticipate much CPU usage outside of recording video - for the most part. It may serve up to three DLNA stream *at most*...
  12. K

    How does Blue Iris handle motion detection?

    I have a question regarding how Blue Iris handle motion detection. For example, I now use a 8ch NVR (N6200-8E) a cheap china disk based NVR. It records the h.264 streams that it grabs directly without transcoding from the Cameras. The NVR itself does not use any motion detection but instead uses...
  13. Z

    Hardware Setup

    I know this topic has been addressed in other threads, but I'm looking for a some basic suggestions. I currently use Blue Iris to manage six IP cameras. These cameras range from old Android phones being used as cameras to mid-level Axis professional cameras. I may eventually increase to eight...
  14. remoras

    PC for remote monitoring and recording from multiple IP Cams?

    Hi people, I want to build a pc with which I'll be able to monitor and record the feeds to an HDD from 12 ip cams from various locations/cities in one screen, I'm based in Greece and my budget is around 350/400 euros or 425 US$. The use of this build will be only for surveillance and...
  15. sathed

    Blue Iris Hardware Recommendations

    So, I'm working towards building an IP camera system (all 1080p) with a total of 16 cameras. On the BI website, the requirements for "Many and/or HD Cameras" are fairly vague. For example, Intel core i7 doesn't mean much without the specs (4 core, 6 core, frequency, L2/L3 Cache, etc.). The...
  16. Marzetti

    Blue Iris Hardware Questions

    Greetings, I'm looking at moving to BI, and have a few questions regarding recommended specs and NVR’s (for our server build): · What HW specs would one recommend for 22 cameras @ 1080p and 5 FPS (approx.)? · How many cameras can BI run with an Intel Atom D525 CPU (1.8GHz, dual...
  17. I

    Hikvision NVR's RAM and CPU Spec's

    Hey Everyone, I thought it might be nice to get some hardware specification listed on the Hikvision NVR's as the sheets provided online do not provide this information. This can be useful in making a decision on which NVR to get besides the number of ports and license for number of channels...