1. B

    IP Camera Suggestions For App Development

    Hi, i am currently in search for an IP Camera that lets me connect to it using RTSP (or other methods) to an app i am developing in android studio. i have all ready tried two cameras first was the TCP Smart home camera which didn't let me connect to anything at all out side the app and then i...
  2. GentlePumpkin

    [tutorial] UI3 Viewing Station with Android Tablet

    This is for everybody who is searching for a viable way to display UI3 on android tablets without the need to have the display always on. I prefer viewing my cameras in UI3. The Blue Iris app feels quite outdated and UI3 is an amazing alternative thanks to our forum members @bp2008 and...
  3. AnimalHungry

    Tinycam webserver stopped streaming and won't restart

    I'm trying to use the webserver in Tinycam Pro to stream three Wyze cam feeds to Action Tiles on a Fire HD 8 tablet. I can see the three live feeds in the Tinycam live view, and I can log in to the Tinycam webserver through a browser, but there are now just grey screens where my three cam feeds...
  4. J

    HikConnect cameras just loading, stuck at 50%-60%

    Hey guys, So not sure what happened but my cameras on my Android app aren't loading anymore. They're just stuck at 50-60% but nothing happens after, both in Live View and Remote Playback. I can just access the cameras via my local web browser GUI though, and all seems fine except when I'm...
  5. Deadeye

    Hik-Connect works fine, except video playback.

    I've been working on getting the Hik-Connect mobile app working and everything seems to be working ok, but I can only view video playback when I'm on my home network (that my Hikvision NVR is on). If I leave the house and use someone else's wifi or 4G, I get a "Video playback failed. Error...
  6. denywinarto

    Having trouble remote access BI

    Just bought BI and BI app for my home cams, And ive setup port forwarding on my hg8245h. Since ive had good experience with noip, i set it as well in my router. Problem is, i cant get remote access to work from the android app, neither using ddns name or wan ip address works, - local access...
  7. Nicole0pixley

    meshare cam

    I have a meshare camera and an Android phone. I need an app to scan the QR and that uses 3g or 4g. Not wifi.
  8. Martin Paul Sr

    Chromecast working...!

    There have been a lot of complaints: When you have a Chromecast on your LAN you can see the Chromecast link/logo in the Android app, but if you try to use it you will see "Chromecast is only supported over https". It's not the app's fault, I think https is a Chromecast requirement. And it...
  9. RexLoves

    Android as IP camera on dahua

    I wonder if someone did this as my android as ip camera connected on dahua like how ip cctv camera does. Anyone?
  10. K

    Alarm input notificaton to android

    I have DS-2CD2120F-IWS camera. That camera has alarm input. I connected alarm input to door sensor and I want to get notification in hik- connect when dooropens? Is it possible? Can I do that with any other android app (most apps has only moution detection event)? Please help?
  11. D

    Android app alert playback issues over HTTPS (stunnel)

    For quite some time I've been noticing issues moving from one alert clip to another within the Android app. I had sort of ignored it, thinking it was an issue peculiar to my older phone, but after a recent upgrade to a Pixel 2 XL running the latest Android OS, BI Android app, and the latest...
  12. P

    Blue Iris detects RTSP ports for cameras, but 400: Bad request

    I have just installed the trial version of Blue Iris in the hopes that it would give me better control of the two new cameras I recently got from Banggood (China). The CMS client software supplied finds the cameras, which are hard-wired to my Xfinity router via Ethernet, and it shows the video...
  13. T

    Can't get push notifications to subscribe via gdmss

    Hi, I just started setting up a dahua system. I currently have a NVR5216 w/poe switch, 3 5231 turrets. I just purchased gdmss plus on my LG V10. I vpn'ed into my network and tried to setup push notifications without any success. I can connect to the NVR no problem and get live previews of...
  14. S

    LaView NVR owners, are you receiving notifications on iOS?

    A few months ago, I stopped receiving notifications on my iphone from the LaView Net app (it's just a rebranded version of iVMS 4500). I've been having a painfully slow conversation with LaView's support trying to get things working again. They don't seem too interested in helping me. To make...
  15. T

    Connecting WiFi camera to Android without router

    I want to build birdwatching camera. I have zoom lens from old video camera with focal length 10 to 120mm. My idea is to use cheap Chinese WiFi camera module and lithium battery pack. Is it possible to connect those module to Android directly, without router. Camera as AP or WiFi direct? AP will...
  16. C

    HikVision iVMS4500 (HD) shows behind realtime.

    Hi. I have some small Android TV boxes glued to monitors to make a permanent viewing station. What I notice is that the iVMS-4500 viewing app, when run 24/7, often runs minutes behind real-time. The Android boxes are powerful enough: 4-core 1.2MHz with 2GB ram and 8GB flash. And connected by...
  17. alexvas

    Doorbell project (tinyCam Monitor PRO + Tasker)

    Doorcamera on Moto360 using NodeMCU, AutoRemote, tinyCam Monitor PRO, and Hikvision outside dome camera.
  18. ianm

    Set Profile from Tasker on Android?

    I want to set my Blue Iris profile to "away from home" when I leave the house. Since it seems that the Blue Iris geofencing feature isn't terribly reliable, I'd like to create a Tasker profile on my Android phone to do this. Has anyone done this? How would I do it? (i.e.having created the...
  19. alexvas

    tinyCam Monitor PRO running on Android device with 24/7 recording. Cheap DVR.

    Here is a demo of tinyCam Monitor PRO ( running on Android device with 24/7 recording on motion. Username: guest Password: <blank> Ignore self-signed SSL certificate warning. Use Google Chrome for better experience. In live...
  20. J


    Hi all, I am very new to cctv cameras. As i needed a system i have purchased the DS-7608NI-E2/8P/A with a 4TB hard drive And some DS-2CD2142FWD-IS 4mm cameras and brackets. Very pleased with them The following is my basic understanding and a basic of how i have progressed with the system on...
  21. G

    Android Phone as a Camera

    I have used Android phones as cameras on many applications. Some of them work pretty well! The LG G2 has great low light and good picture quality, so I want to get them working in Blue Iris (just purchased, but had issues setting them up in the eval version also). I am using Wansview K1 cams as...
  22. J

    Generate QR Code with DS7204?

    Hi All, I had my DS7204 security system set up just fine - and I could view the streams remotely via my Android phone. Until I got a new phone. I've re-downloaded iVMS-4500 and I need to add the DS7204 device to find its cameras. I did this already, first time around, using the QR code method...
  23. R

    Just to say THANKS

    Until know Blue Iris has covered all my needs required for a system that I was looking for. Obviously I have read a lot of posts at this forum and the "help". I have used a lot of features found (profiles, PTZ autocycle, etc) So thanks again for the software, the support and this forum ...
  24. boulard83

    Cam got stuck on night or day mode ( TV-IP572PI )

    Hi guyz ! I juste started putting all my camera gear together and found a little bug while testing cam and android app. When i manually set "day" or "night" mode on the cam she stay on that mode forever, i did not found any way to put it back on AUTO other than loggin into the cam with the...
  25. Z

    Using IP Webcam with Blue Iris

    Hello, Several of my IP cameras are old Android phones. I use IP Webcam to make the phones into dedicated cameras. I am able to view these cameras locally and remotely. Unfortunately, I can't find the right settings to make them work in Blue Iris. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.