1. chavezcctv

    Using mini pc for viewing BI

    Anybody tried using something like this? I'm thinking about setting up a 34" TV with one of these types to use as a viewer in a web browser. Any thoughts? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08Y17N9LR/ref=sspa_mw_detail_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&pd_rd_i=B08Y17N9LRp13NParams
  2. Travis K

    ui3 stuck on Loading Camera List

    Hi folks, I've been using the UI3 web viewer for a long time with no issues. It seems like after a recent upgrade, it broke. This broke in the last couple of weeks. My computer was having some issues and BI was principally responsible for 100% disk usage and so I tried to update and restart...
  3. M

    UI3 Frozen

    Hi all, While watching my cameras on UI3 today, all of a sudden I noticed the moving circle in the middle of the screen just going round. I closed it down and tried to open it up again with no luck, just says "can not connect". The only way I could get it to reconnect was to go on to the pc I...
  4. H

    Blue Iris UI3 behind IIS Reverse Proxy

    Hi all. Brand new to Blue Iris, coming over from Geovision VMS. We are in love with the software, but we're trying to see about securing it with AD credentials. My thought process was to set up an IIS Reverse Proxy, and then just limit that page to certain AD groups with Windows Authentication...
  5. The Inspector

    BI UI3 Talk Back

    I've looked through the help files, etc. and see that I can listed to camera audio via UI3, but I can't see where (or if) I can talk back. Am I missing something?
  6. chemistocrat

    UI3 audio issues

    Hello, So I recently bought a new computer (Dell PowerEdge T610) to offload Blue Iris to from my other machine, a PowerEdge R710, where it was running in a Windows 10 VM with 8 vCPUs. The new system has 2x Xeon X5675 CPUs, which are 6 cores each with hyperthreading for a total or 24 logical...
  7. S

    Web Server - Allow users to connect from different subnet but not WAN

    I have multiple subnets managed by a SonicWall, with full interface trust between the subnets. That being the case, I have no problem reaching the BI Web Server using the LAN address; however, in order to log in, I need to remove the "LAN only" flag from the user. My issue is that I want some...
  8. StarAPI

    UI3 MP4 Export No Video

    All: I attempted to search the site and was unable to find something similar. If i missed it, feel free to set me straight. I've previously been able to export a portion of a clip from my iOS device from the UI3 interface and view/download, Message it around, without any issues. However...
  9. GentlePumpkin

    [tutorial] UI3 Viewing Station with Android Tablet

    This is for everybody who is searching for a viable way to display UI3 on android tablets without the need to have the display always on. I prefer viewing my cameras in UI3. The Blue Iris app feels quite outdated and UI3 is an amazing alternative thanks to our forum members @bp2008 and...
  10. J

    UI3 Display Clock

    Wondering if there is a way to display a clock in the UI3 interface? I realize this request may be unusual but I had a customer ask me and I didn't find the answer anywhere. Thanks!
  11. bam2413

    Latest UI3 Update Issue *Fixed*

    I noticed Blue Iris 5 had an update the other day which included updates to the UI3 interface. Ever since I installed the update UI3 is very laggy, I now get the orange timer showing in the upper right corner indicating streaming issues and it is almost impossible now to use my PTZ. Any way to...
  12. MikeT

    cpu going up by about 20% on new ui3 connection?

    Hi guys, I have v5 running with 6 cams. I was wondering if its normal or the cpu to go up by about 20% on each new ui3 browser connection? so for example when idle (no one viewing remotely) cpu is about 20% then on 1st connection it goes up to about 38% and on next connection it goes up to 58...
  13. D

    Uncaught SyntaxError

    We are having an issue with BlueIris when being accessed from Android mobile devices. An unexpected error has occured in /ui3.htm (v 70 / Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < at http://censored_hostname/login.htm?page=%2Flibs-ui3.js%3Fv=70- [1:1] SyntaxError...
  14. martin.b07

    Anonymous Login increasing every second

    Hi folks I mentioned that my BI4 stats shows increasing anonymous logins every second from the same IP. On that IP I run UI3 in an iFrame to be shown on my smart home visualization. It's a tablet sticked to the wall and nobody is touch in it. How can I prevent the increasing logins? Thanks...
  15. TL1096r

    Using Raspberry Pi B+ / Raspbian to view Blue Iris UI3!

    I want to thank @Ssayer for helping me with my setup. Shout out to @bp2008 for creating UI3 - Check out more info on ui3 if you are not familiar: Blue Iris UI3 Pi 4 came out now too: https://www.amazon.com/Raspberry-Model-2019-Quad-Bluetooth/dp/B07TD42S27 Case for Pi 4...
  16. TekAssistant

    User UI3 Login & Camera View Customization

    Hello everyone, Forgive any silly questions as I'm still learning the software. Backstory: I am helping a friend with a veterinary clinic IP camera surveillance installation. Veterinary clinics regularly board animals through holidays, etc. Modern facilities typically allow pet owners to log...
  17. mkdsn

    Conference 2-Way Audio possible via Web Interface?

    Hello guys. Im using Blue Iris to stream video content to another person which is using the UI3 web interface as another user to view the stream. I am able to stream with audio to him because my camera a Foscam FI9901EP has an audio line in. So my question is. Is it possible that he can also...
  18. digisol1

    Camera List is Empty - Camera Groups not working in Webserver

    I have been trying to get a simple Raspberry PI monitor working with the WWW interface with no luck. I wanted to get two of my Cameras to display Horizontally (on top of each other) using the original WWW interface (Pre UI2) and couldn't get it to work. So I started reading and found out about...
  19. Dazcomputers

    UI3 Download Clip

    Just want to say GREAT JOB with this web interface. I use it 99% of the time. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is how to download a clip from it using the web interface. I must be missing something I use chrome and it always comes up Failed Server problems. Can someone please direct me...
  20. Martin Paul Sr

    Automated UI3 views to TV Chromecast

    I found a way to run UI3 fullscreen live cams or index on Chromecast from the Windows command line/batch files. Sessions can therefore be auto-triggered remotely from a BI alert or even a voice command agent like TriggerCMD. I'm using a github project called CATT (Cast All The Things) which...
  21. K

    smoother playback on web ui

    I have noticed that when playing back footage in ui3 from my 4k camera, i get 1-2fps max. This is true regardless of what i downscale too. Playback from my 1080p cams is 10-15fps which is what id like to see on all my cams at home. i ask because I am in the process of implementing a new system...
  22. D

    Solved - Getting BI camera snapshot without login prompt - possible?

    Right now the following url works but only after you login to the web interface: http://blueirisserver:81/image/Camshortname It displays a nice jpg with all the text overlays. But as I said it requires you to login first. Is there a way to either allow a certain ip address to not need to log...
  23. AnyNameWillDue

    UI3 with Timeline Playback

    Any chance we have timeline playback coming to UI3, or, I am missing it somehow? Anyone using an alternate web browser viewing solution with timeline playback functionality? cheers
  24. Slate2000

    BI UI3 Clarification RE Server Status - FPS

    Would someone clarify what the UI3 (lower left corner) Server Status - FPS represents? Is it the FPS being pumped from BI to the UI3 running at the time? How is it calculated? Thanks!
  25. T

    Streaming quality on Mac OS-X with Ui3

    Hi Loving BI and Ui3! All my MS Win machines can stream using the highest quality However, on my Mac I can only use Jpeg HD, or else the view seems to load forever and then time out. Does anyone else have this issue? Or a fix? Thx
  26. Frankenscript

    Basic Q: How to listen to audio on web UI?

    Hi folks, Like the title says, I'm having trouble finding the control to turn on audio when viewing the web UI. I'm on the latest build (just let it take a recent update this morning), and my webUI is UI3 "UI3 - Blue Iris" is shown on the tab title. If I remote into the BU PC, and use IE to...
  27. O

    UI3 login error

    Hello! I seem to have encountered a strange bug within UI3... I am using the latest version of Blue Iris, and get this message from Firefox, Chrome and Edge: (Link in case it doesn't work: ) Could you or someone else help me, @bp2008 ? Regards, Oskar
  28. C

    Tinycam quit working on - Fix included

    Hey everyone. Just spent an hour in the Tinycam app trying to figure out why my cameras wouldn't show. Turns out that you'll need to uncheck the "Use new UI3 preview for non-IE browsers" checkbox on the Web Server tab in BI Options dialogue box. No worries with unchecking that box, you can...